A Soldier's Love.


According to my sister, Paige, someone crashed into the car that Taylor and I were in.

I have a broken arm. I'll be good to go by November which is a good thing.

I have to find a way to tell Stephanie about me going to Afghanistan. I just don't know how to tell her.

If I tell her, I break her heart. If I don't tell her, I break her heart. It's a lose-lose situation.

I closed my eyes, trying to clear my mind, when someone grabbed my hand.

Stephanie's sweet voice started flowing through my ears.

"I love you Tristan. Your Dad told me that you are going to be deployed overseas in February; I don't want you to go Tristan. Because I know there is a chance that you could die," She paused for a moment "And I-I can't stand the thought of losing you."

She laid her head on our hands.

I opened my eyes, to see that she was crying.

"I love you Stephanie, I hate that I have to leave. I really do." I told her

She looked at me.

"You were awake?" Stephanie asked

"Yeah," I nodded

"Lay next to me." I patted the bed

She climbed up in the bed next to me.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you Steph," I whispered

"It's okay," She replied

"No it's not; I should've told you the minute we got together." I told her, my voice hoarse

"You have to promise me one thing before you leave." She said

"Anything," I stated

"Promise me you won't die." She demanded

"I promise you Stephanie, I will not die." I promised her

"Thank you," She murmured

I wrapped my arms around her as she said,

"I love you, Tristan,"

"I love you too, Stephanie," I responded

I laid there on the bed as she fell asleep.

Sigh. I've talked to Stephanie's brother, Ryan, and his friend, Carson, they joined too. Neither of them has told anyone, with the exception of telling me.

I started playing many different scenarios over in my head of what could happen.

"Let's do this!" Carson exclaimed

"It's all for one and one for all. Right guys?" Ryan asked

"Right." Carson and I said in unison

"So, let's go out there and kick their scrawny little behinds!" I yelled

Carson, Ryan and I ran out right into warzone and started shooting. I could see out of my peripheral vision Ryan falling down.

"Carson!" I yelled, running over to Ryan

I drug Ryan back into our base with Carson behind me.

"What happened?" Carson asked frantically

I looked all over and saw one gunshot wound.

Straight in his heart.

I checked his pulse and looked up at Carson.

I shook my head 'no'.

"All for one," Carson started

"And one for all." I finished

"Let's do this!" We both exclaimed

"For Ryan!" I yelled

"For Ryan." Carson smiled

In that scenario, we won. But we lost a man on the way.

"Let's do this!" Carson exclaimed

"All for one," Ryan started

"And one for all!" Carson and I yelled

"Stay behind cover as much as you can. I made a promise to Stephanie before we left that we would all come home alive. That's a promise I intend to keep." I told them

"Let's do this!" We all exclaimed

We went out and stayed behind cover as much as possible. In the corner of my eye I saw Carson retreating back to the base.

"Ryan!" I yelled

Ryan knows that I don't call his name unless I absolutely have to. So when I did he and I ran to the base.

"What happened?" I asked

"I got shot, in the arm." Carson said breathlessly

"Come here." I nodded towards the first aid kit

"Let me see where you got shot." I demanded

Carson showed me his wound.

"Bite down on this towel." I handed him the towel

Carson bit down on the towel as I took a rag, poured alcohol on it, and rubbed it over the wound.

Carson screamed into the towel.

"Hold on there, buddy," I told him

I wrapped bandaging tightly around the gunshot wound and used medical tape to tape it around his arm.

Carson spit the towel out.

"Stay here." I commanded him

"No, I'm not letting y'all go out there alone." Carson argued

"Don't die trying to be a hero." I scolded

"You," I pointed at Carson

"Made a promise to Brooke."

I turned to Ryan.

"You," I pointed at him

"Made a promise to Paige and Stephanie."

I looked between the both of them.

"And I made a promise to Stephanie, Paige, and Nicole."

I took a deep breath.

"We made promises to our fiancés and sisters that we would come home safe, and we will not break them." I declared

"So you," I pointed at Carson "Stay here."

"Okay but, you have to promise me that we will win this." Carson emphasized

I looked at Ryan and nodded.

"We promise." Ryan and I said in unison

"Now, go out there and kick their little behinds!" Carson exclaimed

In that scenario, we also won. But someone got hurt.

"Let's do this!" Carson exclaimed

"Alright men, we made promises to our women." Ryan started "And we're going to keep them!" Ryan exclaimed

"Heck yeah!" Carson and I exclaimed

"Now, are we gonna stay back like sissy girls? Or are we gonna go out there and kick there sorry butts?" Ryan asked excitedly

I looked at Carson then back at Ryan.

"We're gonna kick there sorry butts!" Carson and I yelled

We ran right out into warzone, Ryan in the middle and Carson and me next to him.

I shot out one round and started to reload when I felt a pain in my stomach.

"Ryan! Carson!" I yelled

Ryan looked at me, I pointed towards my stomach.

We rushed into the base.

"What happened?" Ryan questioned

"I," I started coughing "Got shot."

"Lie down, let me see." Ryan ordered

I laid down on a cot and lifted my now bloody shirt.

"Dude, I'm not gonna lie to you. It's bad." Ryan told me

"How bad?" I asked

Ryan shook his head.

I began finding it harder and harder to keep my eyes open.

"If I'm going to die," I coughed "I need to make this quick."

"Tell Stephanie, she's means the world to me and that I love her with all my heart." I told Ryan

"I will. I promise you I will." Ryan nodded

"And Ryan," I started, finding it hard to breathe

"Yeah?" Ryan asked, tears visible in his eyes

"I would be dang proud for you to marry Paige." I smiled

"Thank you Tristan," A tear rolled from Ryan's eye

"Now, go out there and kick some butt!" I exclaimed as I took my final breath

In that scenario, we won. But we also lot a man.

"Let's do this!" Carson exclaimed

"All for one and one for all!" Ryan exclaimed

"Let's kick their scrawny little butts!" I yelled

"All hands in y'all." Ryan said; place his hand out in front of him

I put my hand in on his and Carson put his over both of ours.

"All for one," Ryan started

"And one for all!" Carson and I exclaimed as we all withdrew our hands

"Stay behind cover when you reload, and avoid going out in the open." Ryan exclaimed with an evil smirk on his face

"Let's do this!" We all exclaimed

We ran out but stayed behind cover.

In that scenario, we won. And lost no one.

"He promised." Stephanie mumbled

I looked at her.

She's asleep.

I shook her to wake her up.

"Is everything okay?" She asked

"I think you were having a nightmare my love," I rubbed her arm

"Yeah, it was just a dream." She looked spooked

If it's what I think it was, then I would be too.


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