A loud bass was bangin' miles away. I know that's Dylan and Aber. You seriously can't miss them. It'll be really hard to.

I sigh and grab my things off the kitchen table ready to get into Dylan's car. I set the security alarm and walk out the door. I smile as he turns the corner of my street.

I run to his car rather than have him pull into my driveway. "You still haven't told your parents that you're riding to school with us, have you?" Dylan asks as soon as I open the door. The Lonely Island's Boombox seem to pour through the speakers and into the soundless world around us.

"Of course not! My parents hate ypu guys with a passion!" I buckle my seat belt and straighten my back. "If I did, then that means I'll have to ride the fuckin' bus! Anf that ain't happen!" I assure my friends.

"Why?" Aber asks dumbfoundly. Dylan and I exchange looks with each other and then at Aber.

"Because! You know how we get when we're together!" Dylan barks. "You have smart parents, Asa." Aber assures me. I chuckle a bit.

We were inches away from a stop light. I quickly pull out three pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses.

"Quick put these on." I order handing both of them the glasses. "Why?" Dylan asks slowly pulling up at the stoplight. "Just do it! I snap putting on mine. "And roll down your windows!"

They put on their glasses with a role of their windows.

"Threw It On The Ground" poured into the next person's car. "Um... can you turn that down?" The voice was very familiar. "Helll no." Aber adds the emphasis on the L.

"Dylan, Aber, Asa is that... " I cut off the voice off. "Dylan, go! That's Mr. Resh!" Dylan speeds off in his Infinity. Luckily the light just, JUST turned green.

"Holy shit! Holy shit!" Dylan panicks. "What the hell is wrong with you, Aber! Mr. Resh will kill us. He will literally light our asses on fire! You know what he says! 'Don't you go rounin roun to re ro'!" "What does that even mean?!" Dylan shrieks. "Nobody knows! He's cra—"

"I know what it means." Aber cuts me off. "I never told you guys this but, you know my brother? Jamie? He had Mr. Resh once. 'Don't you go rounin roun to re ro means means he'll fight back. He won't hesitate because he's a teacher." Aber begins to shiver in fear.

I crack my knuckles. Usually the way people do in movies when they are about to fight. "We fight back. Harder. I mean much harder. Harder to the point where at war with the bastard!"

Dylan pulls up into his student parking space and there stood Mr. Resh with his arms crossed.

Dylan rolls down his window. He sticks his head out the window. "Get the fuck out of my way! What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

Mr. Resh mutters something but nobody could understand what the hell was coming from his mouth.

"What the fuck is he saying?!" I shriek. "He's saying 'Don't go rounin roun to re ro'." Aber informs us.

We all stare at Mr. Resh in silence. "Run 'im over!" Aber suggests breaking the silence. "What?! Are you crazy?!" Dylan barks.

Dylan turns around and accidentaly puts his foot on the gas. The car suddenly hit a huge bump. We reverse and hit the huge bump again. We look at each other and get out the car.