Young boxer dancing in the ring

Do you know how much pain your hands can bring?

Do you think of his safety as you go to fight?

Putting on a show under lights so bright

Your big, puffy gloves don't really soften the blow

With each punch your power grows

Never do you apologize

You just stare with cold, hard eyes

Bloodied up and bruised so bad

The sight makes you very glad

You're such a physical human being

You'll never get the emotions you're seeing

You don't understand what love truly is

All you know is lust and a tryst

All you bring is pain and fear

Making people shed lots of tears

Pain with your fists or pain with your words

It's the same because they both hurt

You break his bones and you break my heart

Why don't you ever get smart?

You punch his head to knock him out

And I fall down, "I love you" flying from my mouth