Dark Orchid
Sexy in the mist
of morning traffic,
we jostle together,
a choreographed
exchange, we speak
in sips of coffee, the
tap of our fingers
against the screen of
a cellphone, suddenly
luminescent in the dark,

the bright light of you,
hungry on my mind,
heavy like a brick in
my stomach, words
come out in huffs and

the dark orchid
swallows the light
of summer up in
languid gulps,
she is a ravenous
queen against the
window glass,

we kiss
in parting,

saunter into
our secondary words,

in rejoining

the living livelihood,

watch my headlights
blaze into the early lateness
of night, the train
into the city an iron
stretch fisting across the
landmass of our dreamscapes,

darker orchid,

staring at the droop
of a petal suddenly
changed to the world,

we kiss