Death's Creed II: Flame



Cold,That's…that's all I feel

I could feel my insides numbing as the snow fell, tickling my paled skin.

How did I even get here? Why…why would my own mother…

I winced at the thought of my mother. The traitor. The traitor who said she loved…Leaving me out here to die…just like my father.

"Die! You're going to die and rot in hell!" She chortled, piling snow on top of me. I flailed under her cold grasp, struggling to escape. Within minutes, I surrendered to the fact that I was dying now. Today, and nothing was going to change that.

"Ungrateful little b!tch." she hissed, spitting at my newly built snow grave. She skipped off, laughing about how she could be with any man and have all the money she wanted.

She said she loved me…love…just a feeling…


I woke a bed? So warm…I snuggled into the pillow and sighed.

"A-a nightmare…that's it. Right, m-mama?" I murmured,doubtful of her presence.

"I'm afraid not, my child." His voice was smooth yet perilous.

Sickly sweet...

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