His voice was smooth..like velvet. He seemed to be staring at me. His face was amiable,and precarious. He smiled, noticing my stare.

"Ah, Good Morning! My name is Vinyx, and what might your's be koritsáki?" He sang. It was a little freaky, coming from him. He was menacingly tall and looked like he wouldn't hesitate to kill me within a second. So I did the one thing, any other twelve year old girl would do.

"Stranger Danger!" I shrieked, bolting away from him. I could hear him sigh, as the door slammed shut.

"Now, now Jade. You shouldn't run from someone who saved you. That's quite impolite." He tutted, shaking his head and pacing towards me.

"Get the HELL away from me!" I roared, as he approached.

He smirked. Not. Good.

"Isn't that rather unsuitable for a young lady of twelve to say? hmm?"

"How do you know me?!"

"I know much. For I am Vinyx. You should trust Vinyx. For Vinyx has saved you." He tilted his head slowly, mesmerizing me and drawing me into his trap.


"Do come sit…"