Run To The North

I've been running to many places over the last few weeks. I've ran to the north, I've ran to the south…even to the east and back to the west. All of them are so different from one another.

The north has great scenery and always has a shining sun at the highest point possible while the south has many chilling thunderstorms that would lead to an awe-inspiring rainbow over the sky. The east has a deep forest which you could get lost in for days and the west is more like a dessert and is very, very warm.

All of the places I've visited are very humid, which leads me to expect fast weather changes. My expectations did not remain as such. Even in the north, I've found myself feeling like I'm in the south. While I visited the east, sometimes it would be warm like the west. It's a strange sensation.

I don't know why I run away. I've wondered this many times. Being in any of the four directions, the scenery around me is always magnificent in its own way. Yet I was never pleased. I know so much of the west and the south; warm yet frightening. So now that I've run to the southeast, I feel a bitter taste in my mouth. There isn't a balance in the weather.

It's not the same.

Occasionally I run back to the southwest. It's such a serene area to be in, I grew up there after all. Most people are humble and chatty over there, willing to strike up a conversation or listen to an old story. It's so easy to expect what weather change will happen once the proper circumstances have been set. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it goes beyond that and the sky pours down, but the humidity always remembers you the warmth that'll come after it.

The area I haven't explored much is the north. I've seen many glimpses of what's to expect when I've been there, though. It's very sunny and windy. It's frightening though, and not in the way that the south is. It's a zone that's never been within my reach. There are many beautiful trees, common in where I'm from, but there are also very tall buildings. As I stand next to those tall buildings, I get a sense of insecurity that tears at my chest. I come from a humble home in a small town, after all. I've never had such luxuries.

Still, even though I feel like this- inexperienced, scared, confused –I'm looking forward to see the many tourist points of the north. I hope I'll enjoy my stay.


Author's Note: Congrats to anyone that can figure this out.