I promise to hold you
if you start to cry,
if you whisper to me
you want to die.

I promise to wrap you
with my scarred arms,
to keep you safe
from any more harms.

If you came to me,
crying and scared,
I would hold you and
tell you that I cared.

If you whispered to me
that you didn't know what to do,
I will be here
to help you.

Even if I'm not okay,
for you, I'll pretend.
I'll help you and
your scars mend.

I'll be here for you,
I'll be your place to go.
I'll be your shoulder to cry on,
I hope you know.

If you're bleeding,
even if I am too,
I'll forget about myself
and help save you.

I'm yours forever,
but you don't know.
You don't know
you have a place to go.

I'll hide my cuts,
I'll hide my hurt,
and I'll pick you up
from off the dirt.

You'll feel alive,
you'll feel okay.
I'll be here
every step of the way.