Sagittarius and the Stars

When the Sky Father created the world, he created the men and women, the pants and animals, and the night and day. Sagittarius was one of those men, being a mighty hunter. His skills with a bow and arrow were unmatched, no creature of day could escape his aim. However, during the night, the creatures could escape him. With no source of light, Sagittarius's aim was weak and his shots cursed to miss.. He was mocked by the creatures of the dark who escaped him every time.

"You missed yet again!" scoffed The Bat.

"Stick to the day time! You might hit something." The Wolf Laughed.

Refusing to swallow his pride, Sagittarius came up with a plan. He crafted special arrows of fire and shot them into the night sky. The arrows burned brightly and he called them 'Stars'. He made many shapes with these Stars as he lit up the sky, which is why we can see pictures with them. With these stars, he would be able to see in the dark and hunt the creatures who laughed at him.

With his final shot, he made a Star that would forever lead a creature in one holly direction. This star would forever be known as the 'North Star'. The Sky Father, however, was far from pleased as he came down from his kingdom within the clouds towards the hunter.

"Sagittarius! You have angered me by creating something within my sky!" In a fit of rage, the Sky Father grabbed Sagittarius, set his entire body on fire, and threw, with all his might, the great hunter into the sky, becoming a picture of stars himself.