A.N This character has no name, and you will never know her background story, or her life. But this is a small bit of it that you need to read, because maybe it will change how you act towards others.
The words in this story are true, except for the ending.
So read and learn.
WARNING: Depression. Might be Triggering.

She sat against the wall, hands shaking as she tried to hold it steady.
She was failing, she couldn't lose the wieght, and everyone could tell.

Brandon crept behind her: "You know you're fat right?"
"Yes," she whispered.
"And you know I'm thin?"
"And you wish you were thin like me?"
She didn't answer him, though she wanted so badly to be thin like him.

She was disgustingly fat, and nothing would fix that, it was hopeless to try any more.
Hopeless,pathetic. worthless.
She was worthless and stupid.
Why did she bother.

Tommy smirked at her, "You're so pathetic. No wonder everyone hates you."
She let her hair fall forward to hide her face.
"Why are you even here? No one would care if you died."
She knew he was right.

She'd failed at everything.
She steady her hands and pulled the gun to her head.
She wouldn't fail this.

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