Gods Heart is Breaking

God cries out, unheard by many, My Children, listen to me
You are all my precious creations, as you should be.

I love each and every one of you, Black, yellow or white
From travails of birth to certain death, a beacon of light.

Each person has praised, or cursed me in different ways
From beginning of creation, to end of earths days.

Individually or as a group, I hear it all, the joys and the cries.
I will always love and cherish even as the world itself dies

My tears fall unnoticed, spiraling earthward bound
As impending war against each other gains ground

I have given everything and asked for little in return
Is love, and acceptance of one another that hard to learn

But few of you have listened to my word or my plea
During life or in eternity, acceptance and love is the key

Take time to repair individual and worldly relations
Instead of preferring argument and war among nations

Teaching not love and acceptance, but hate and fears
Dark days approaching filled with anguish and tears

Gods Heart is Breaking Watching the mess his children are making