I was someone's friend…

I was someone's child…..

I had someone to love….

But I was taking away…

From my family and friends..

I was murdered!

~Somewhere in Londinium~

Waking up in my own blood in my home town Londinium, I knew I had survived the bloodthirsty killer. He had attacked me from behind and dragged me into the hidden shadows of an alley. I fought for my life to no avail, the attacker was a muscular man, and he was much stronger than me. He pinned me down in the dirty ground on my back, my face facing him. I tried to scream, but his cold hand covered my mouth before I should do a single sound.

In me defense my arms tried to push him of me, but all I should do was move his clothes a little in a different direction. The tears started to form in the corner of my golden eyes. The man was like stone, he wouldn't move an inch from where he lay on top of me. He looked like a man in the year of thirty to forty years old. He had shoulder long brown hair and very pale skin, like he had seen a ghost.

His dark brown eyes started to glow golden when he reached for something in his pocket. I resisted more, but started to get dizzy from the strength of the hand pushing me down to the ground and the lack of oxygen to my lungs. Slowly his hand came out from the pocket and I got it in my eye sight. In his hand he held a simple sharp knife. My eyes widened with panic and fear. He was going to kill me.

He pressed the blade at my throat. My tears started to go down my chin and raining to the hard ground, making it soft with warm tears. I tried to shake my head, try to make him stop what he was doing. I felt my pulse increase and it started to be difficult to breathe through my flowing nose. His head leaning down to my ear, his cold breath making my hair go up from my skin, and whispering in a cold dark voice.

You are going to feel the same way as I felt, and that I still do!

His head moving back, I felt the sharp knife go deep into my throat skin, making it flood blood from the injury. From left to right he did it. I couldn't move, I was losing too much blood. His face had gone down to my throat, don`t know what he did and I honestly didn't care. I should only feel my blood and power getting suck up from the ground under me, making me go numb.

Before I took my last breath take I watched the killer got to his feet and throw his knife on the ground beside me. Making it look that I killed myself. Suicide. In only a few seconds the man had changed somehow. He had now two long white fangs sticking out from his mouth, which was stained with the color red. Then I passed out.

And my life was over…..

I was murdered….

A twenty year old boy died that night…

But something else was awaked!

This is my story of Jack the Ripper!