Every human has a dark side

Hidden in the back of the soul

Sleeping soundly in the darkness

Where it want to be

Hidden from the human world

But that dark side comes out every hundred year. For human it has no effect since they don`t live so long, but for an un-dead it is hell.

Yes, that night in that alley in Londinium I died in the hands of a killer or murder you can say, but he was no ordinary murder.

He had already died before he killed me.

Yes, you guessed right. I was murdered by a vampire and now I also got the cures to carry.

I knew I was dead when I woke up again with the knife beside me lay shiny in my blood that had spread around on the ground. I felt so cold and lifeless. I had no pulse and my hands were as pale as the man that killed me.

Most people think that would be wonderful to be a vampire and live for eternity. But you have to consider you are all alone and have to feed on human blood, maybe your family or friends. The vampire that cursed me was nowhere to find, so I had to figure out how to survive by myself. I did not won't to become a monster. If I should choose I would rather die, and then live like this.

When I was little I heard many stories from the town. It was about mythical creatures like ghost, demons, angels, werewolf and vampires, not that I believed them, but it was maybe wise to think back at them now.

You have maybe heard that vampires never sleep, that is not exactly the truth. Vampires can sleep for eternity if they want to. Like if they wished they died instead for become a monster. The only thing I have to do is make a potion, with some nasty things in it.

If you drink it as human you probably get sick for a week, but if a vampire drink it, they would fell in an eternity sleep. Just like a dead human. And so I did. I walked from the alley where the human me died. I felt lost and dizzy not knowing where I went. Some second, minutes, hours later I found myself standing in front of my house, which I used to live in before I died. It looked familiar and scary at the same time.

Finding the key in my bloody pocket, I unlocked the door. It was as I left it a day ago, making me fell at ease. Locking the door behind me, I turned the light on with my lighter that I had on my small homemade table.

The small, but cozy house lit up. I should see a mattress where I slept for twenty years. A tree dresser to put my clothes and above a small mirror. On the other side I had some coking thing. Beside my was the homemade table with the light on it and behind me was the door to the outside world.

I made my way towards the mirror, only to get shock when I looked in it. My filthy clothes from work were stained with blood. I had two scars on my throat, where the blood flooded out from. I took a bowl of water and washed myself up.

The scars were almost not visible anymore and it is just some hours old. After finishing cleaning, I sat on mu mattress. Thinking through this mess.

What to do now?

To live as an un-dead


To die as normal humans do


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