1: A Not So Boring World

When you try your best but you don't succeed

When you get what you want but not what you need…

When you lose something you can't replace…

Could it be worse? –Fix you, Coldplay

Peyton sat silently in her seat listening to the teacher intently while everyone else was silently giggling and passing notes and playing some sort of hand game. The teacher didn't seem to mind or if she did she didn't care since it was their fault they weren't listening. Peyton wanted to take out her little black notebook and write down the juicy stuff she was hearing but suffered over it and didn't. Instead she sighed softly and closed her eyes briefly. Another boring day. Nothing ever happened in Peyton's world.

Peyton had her eyes closed when the door opened. Mrs. Miller stopped in midsentence as the kid came in. He was holding some sort of yellow slip but she did not recognize him. Mrs. Miller stared in annoyance and confusion in a moment until she remembered something guidance had told her. How silly of her. She gestured to him to come forward and he did. Everyone in the class seemed to stop what they were doing and it made Peyton open her eyes. He had pitch black hair and stunning blue/gray eyes and looked like one of those jocks with the build and all but also geeky in a way. Great, another idiot to add to the list, she thought.

"Class," Mrs. Miller said, "this is our new student." She looked at the yellow slip that the guy had given her. "Chase Michaels." Everyone smiled and made some sort of hello grunt except Peyton. She didn't exactly care. "You can have a seat next to Ms. Kelly over there." She pointed to the seat next to Peyton. Naturally. Good God. Peyton figured he would be all the attention. The school was very small. So sitting next to her would cause more attention towards her as well. It wasn't like she minded attention since she didn't get any anyways but that kind of attention she didn't like.

"Hey," Chase said to Peyton obviously trying to make new friends. Peyton was not the friend you wanted at Grenville High if you wanted a high popularity status so Peyton just ignored him. Peyton didn't want to become involved in popularity anyway. Not like she could earn of it. Chase got the clue and sighed. Mrs. Miller continued her class as the games started again but this time the girls, except Peyton, swooned over him.

At lunch Peyton sat at the empty table. She unpacked her lunch which was usually just a Cesar salad and a ham sandwich. She didn't expect Chase to sit at her table though. It earned an exaggerated, collective gasp from the girls. Her eyes held surprise for a moment but then she was back to herself. "Hey," Chase said again. Peyton didn't answer. "Why won't you talk to me?" Peyton snorted, this amused her. So she answered him.

"I don't want to ruin your life."

"How would you ruin my life? You seem nice to me."

"Pfft." Peyton masked a smile. "You just don't want to be around me, that's all. I tend to ruin peoples egos around here." For some reason Peyton wasn't really liked. It wasn't her fault she just guessed they just needed someone to tease. Peyton seemed to think of herself self-preserved. She enjoyed listening to music all the time and she wrote her own little choruses sometimes. She also enjoyed writing all the dirty little secrets she found out about her fellow classmates in a little black notebook just to buy time. Because of this her mom never thought anything was wrong at school. She was a lively person when she got to it.

"I don't mind." They ate in silence.

So, there is a new kid named Chase Michaels, Peyton wrote, he's quite a risk taker figuring he sat with me at lunch. Maybe the girls will stay away because of this. Unlikely but he is kind of cute. Oh! I also found out that Victoria still has her virginity. Ikr? Totally uncalled for. I thought all the girls, except me of course, already did. Haha.

Peyton sighed and then smiled.

Chase went home thinking about the Peyton girl. He thought she was interesting because she was the only girl who seemed disinterested in everything including him. She looked at him like he was normal…not just some pop star. Chase liked that.

Peyton's world wasn't so boring anymore. Maybe, I'll have a friend this year