3: Not In Good Hands

Day 'n' nite

I toss and turn, I keep stressing my mind, mind...

I try to run, but see, I'm not that fast -Day 'N' Nite by Kid Cudi

Chase continued to read Peyton's book when she wasn't around, starting from the beginning of the year. Some things were just her opinions on junk like who was dating who and all but some things were interesting. Peyton had scribbled down some vile stuff but she was also nice about some things. But then Chase found the article that made him feel genuinely sorry about her:

I've figured out why I act so differently from the other kids. Why I'm so silent, why I fume a lot or why I'm talkative. I found out a few days ago. Now I think my family hates me. They just can't be the same around me… Mom acts like a mom would but I just think she does that so her ego won't be hurt. Ally thinks I need aids or something. It's not like I have MPD. They just think I do…

It was written previously but not too long ago. It was dated the day before Chase came to her school.

Anyways, nothing really happened today.

So Chase did what he wanted to do. Give it back.

Unfortunately, the book never got to her. It stopped the route in math class. Chase had accidently left it under his chair on the metal tray. He didn't notice it though until he confronted Peyton. But Morgan did. Morgan had been a boy crazy girl since her best friend got her hooked on Korean drama and left her distinguishing if a guy was hot or not. For Chase, Morgan thought he broke the meter.

"Huh," Morgan had grunted looking at the little black notebook. She had thought she had seen the thing before but she couldn't quite remember. So she stole it. But she didn't get to look at it…yet.

Peyton kept stressing and cussing a lot. She glared at Chase whenever she saw him and occasionally made a remark about giving the notebook back. Chase ignored her though because he was frantic to get the little black notebook back to Peyton. He was convinced Peyton was literally going to kill him.

Peyton was starting to lose it.