It had been a long journey towards home. When the hero could finally see what she was striving for in sight, she couldn't help but gawk at her beloved city. Fifteen years have passed since she last saw the beautiful city of Algenteria. In excitement, the hero immediately galloped towards Algenteria.

She was finally going to go home.

When she reached the city's gigantic gate, she breathed and relished the smell of home. She then dismounted her horse and walked towards the city guards.

"Hold. Where is your pass?" The guard says in authority, raising his hand.

The hero then wondered if she managed to keep the blasted thing after so many years. She reached towards her pouch and started to feel for a familiar emblem that hadn't been touched since she left. Surely enough, the dust gathering thing was there and she gave it to the guard.

"It's quite old and I'm not sure if you use it anymore. I 've been gone a while." The hero replied.

The guard was surprised to see the pass in existence. He looked the hero in the eyes and then he laughed. "I have not seen this pass in over ten years! You ser, have been gone for quite a while."

"Fifteen years to be exact. Will I be able to pass with this?" The hero asked, worried.

"There's no problem with your pass, I'll just replace this with a newer one. Might I ask for a name?" The guard asks.

"Devasti Rassfeld." The hero replied curtly.

"All right Ser Devasti. If you would come back here tomorrow I will certainly see to it that you have that new pass."

"All right. You have my thanks for this. Curiosity struck me… who is the current ruler of this fair city?" Devasti asks.

"That would be Empress Ayexev Montklein. I thought the whole world knew that ever since the hero defeated the Dark Sage a long time ago."

Devasti chuckles a little. "It's nice to see that the city is in good hands."

"That is true. We have flourished under her rule."

"I'm pleased to hear it. Now I will be on my way… I believe my house has missed me and so have I. Good day ser." Devasti replied curtly and took off.


"Your grace, there has been rumors of certain nobles suffering under your rule plotting a coup." A young confidante tells her empress.

"Let them come. I shan't be daunted by these little men." The empress replies in a stagnant tone.

"As you wish your grace, shall I order an increase in security?" The young confidant asks.

"No. As I said, let them come. You will suffice as my guard." The empress replies.

"Then I will make sure not one blade touches you."

The empress let out a sigh. "Might you have an idea as to who these nobles might be?"

The confidante hesitated and formulated how her words would come out, "The ones under my suspicion are the Oswell house and the Alevi house."

"I see they have been quite known for doing dealings behind my back. If you get ahold of evidence surrounding their plot before they execute this… there won't have to be any form of bloodshed." The empress continued.

"They still dispute about Ser Rassfeld's mansion."

"Let them babble as fools should. I haven't the time for petty people. I know that Ser Rassfeld will return." The empress sighed. "You may take your leave Ser Sigurd."

"Your grace I will stand watch at your door tonight. I bid you a fair evening."

As the door closed Empress Ayexev stood by the window looking at the very kingdom she rules. She became thankful. Thankful because she has been blessed with so many people that support her. As tonight might be her last day to reign. The empress unsheathed her sword.

I might be a little bit rusty since I haven't had the time to use it for the last five or so years… ahh well… I will at least go down fighting for what I believe in. – The empress thought to herself.

At the moment, Confidante Sigurd continued to fight bravely as more and more troops closed in on her room. As the louder the sound of fighting became the more tense the empress became. When her confidante burst out of the door along with two men she immediately killed the one to her confidant's right and her confidante immediately got up and recovered. She then took the offense on the remaining coup member and beheaded him.

"Your grace… huff… it's a waste that you had to… huff… kill tonight." The young confidante says, gasping for breath.

"It is indeed a waste." A third voice boomed from the door.

Both the empress and the confidante were sure that that was all of them. Then the empress became wide eyed. "You're…"

"It has been a long time Ayexev."

"Ahh… I believe you should be busy with your young one over here." He chuckles.

"St-Stop..." The young confidante suddenly felt her head pound and her heart race.

"I will take my leave now Ayexev. Farewell." He then waves his staff and vanishes.

"Your… grace… please take my life." The young confidante asks, crumbling to her knees.

The empress could only grit her teeth and clench her fist at her helplessness. "Ser Sigurd… I commend you for your bravery and your dedication to the throne. You shall be hailed a hero in death."

The empress then poised herself for dealing the final blow against her confidante. Sigurd slowly began to stand up to welcome death but…

"Woah… Hold it there 'Xev." A woman hooded in a dark cloak says, parrying her blade against the empress'.

The empress' eyes were filled with joy when she recognized the voice that came from the stranger. She breathed out a relieved sigh. "You're always late you know."

"Sorry, you'd think I'd get rid of that habit by now. Heh." The woman in the cloak chuckled. "All right it seems you're in pretty bad shape there… how about thi—"

Sigurd attacked without warning, her eyes completely devoid of humanity as if they were replaced by stones. The cloaked woman calmly parried the wild attack and subdued Sigurd. The woman then chanted in another tongue and produced light from her hands.

"This is going to hurt… a lot. Bear with it." The cloak woman says, pushing the light into Sigurd's chest.

Sigurd screamed in agony. Her body twitched and a misty darkness seeped out from her mouth. The cloaked woman then stood up and continued to chant, dispelling that dark mist from Sigurd's body.

The empress moved towards the cloaked woman. "How is she?"

"She should be fine now. I've managed to dispel it. She'll wake up later… by the gods am I tired." The cloaked woman groaned.

The empress then proceeded to embrace the cloaked woman. "You don't know how much I've missed you Ser Rassfeld."

"Nor you I, my love." Devasti replies, kissing the woman who became the sole reason for her to keep going.

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