How to Save a Life...

She's Late...again. I can't say I'm truly suprised, she's always busy with something more important than my lesson. I'm just her apprentice, it doesn't seem as though I'm anything more or less. Just a young girl wanting to know what true freedom might be like. Isis teaches me magic, when she's in the mood that is. And me? I'm just Alice...I can't really say anything more because I don't really know anything more. Isis isn't my mother or sister, in fact we arent even related at all. I only call her mistress or madame, I wouldn't want to anger her.

I was quite startled when the door slammed open and she hollered, "Alice, I commanded that you meet me in the courtyard, but forever ago! Must you live on to dissapoint me slave!?" I knew she had never told me any such task, but I looked down at the floor and apologized anyway.

I walked out of my study rooms slightly limping, pulling my laced long gloves over my bruises and brushing my bangs over my scar. My dress seemed at bit tathered now, but not much different from before. I can't say I'm truly suprised that she punished me again, I'm used to it now, but the pain seems to have its own different sting each time. I slowly followed behind her as she led me to the courtyard, I curtseyed to the Lord she was currently doing business with and sat down on the stone bench.

Most girls my age would hail from a family of barters, fishermen, or even blacksmiths, Mistress however deals in a different section of career, one that most don't usually take on from either inability or maybe even disbelief. Isis deals in granting black wishes. Granting the cold hearted wishes on someone's misfortune, bargaining heartlessness with a pay such as sex. Truly a terrible deed. I, a young girl and revealed ot these such actions on a normal occasion, I recall a time not too long ago when Mistress drank too much of her drink, and forgot me in a graveyard, where I aquired my first nightmare alive. I was raped brutally and almost killed, it still amazes me how my mistress's beatings feel much worse.

We all sat in the courtyard, Mistress and Lord making a black deal and I sitting alone to the side, simply sipping my tea. Our appointment ended when the young Lord stood and kissed my mistress's hand and left. And another one began when a man I'd never seen appeared at the gate. I looked at Mistress and honestly, I'd never seen her so frightened. The man walked over to us, kissed her laced glove on her delicate hand, and sat before us both,
"It seems as though its been a while Isis dear."
"A-a while to short I would believe."
"You always know what to say" He smirked. Mistress sipped her tea and wagged her laced fan in front of her face, she was truly upset at the prescence of this unknown man. I wonder what might have happened in their past. She stood, waving her fan in front of her face, her blonde bangs falling over her eyes and her laced hat tilting over her head,
"A-Alice...? You haven't met L-Lord Vermont now have you? M-my teacher when I was your age." His attention shifted from her to me, he stood up and next to her, facing me, he bent down and reached his hand under my chin and tilted my head up, his raspy breath huffs on my face as he spoke, "Well then, you are 'raising' a beautiful young girl, and might I say, her scars must lead to some great stories!" I didn't change my expression, I studied the older man before me, his greyend black beard wasn't very long, or round, it jutted out of his face in a rectangular manner, his top hat covered his hair, and his eyes were light blue, an icy blue that releaved chills up my back as I studied them, they seemed very cold, he seemed scarier then how my Mistress was reacting by just his prescence. I heard my Mistress walk off back into the mansion without another word, this time his smrik let out a laugh. It was Low dark and a bit scary, "Does she leave you with men this easily all the time?" I nodded a bit and spoke, "I am merely a apprentice if you will..." His hand reached from my chin to my neck, it curled around slowly and began strengthening itself.
"So let's say if I were to harm such a young girl, -his tone raises to a loud yell- Would she leave you here to die!?" I began to struggle for breath, feeling cut off from life suddenly as not just his hand around my neck, but the black aura coming from him, it was...sucking the life out of me. Isis never did come, and this was only to his appeal. Well, I certainly couldn't tell if she was here or not, I was losing my senses by the second. I suddenly heard her in her low, commanding, elegant tone, "That's enough, don't punish my student for my doings. Man up and punish the doer, not the doer's assistant." I was so actually stood up for me, I know it was a small action, but I felt a bit of admiration for her for it. He released me and i fell to the ground, my limbs wouldn't move, and I suddenly felt a piece of cold metal on my laced palm, "Tell me, Alice, if you could chose who lives between the two of you, who might you pick? Would you live on, or allow Isis to live on?" I was confused by what he said at first, but then understood, he came to kill me...and then Mistress...I wouldn't want Isis dead, even though she is a careless woman, but for all she's done for me I wouldn't kill her...I slowly but surely understood my next task, suicide... I have been asked to kill myself. Will I? I don't really have much to live for, Isis certainly won't be any different without my existence. I lifted the knife in my hand and looked at it,
"Mistress, is this truly how I will die?" I asked her, wondering how she would reply, it seems as though she was at a loss for words, because of my decision no less. I didn't have much strength, but with the bit of it I did, I raised it and faced the sharp blade towards me, I took a deep breath and quickly pulled it in towards my heart, it slammed in my chest a bit easier then I would've thought. quite unimaginable, I began to lose my own grasp on my body, I felt as though I was being pulled out of my own container, I'm...dead...arent I?