There once was a cat

Named Loopy Lue

It said, "I know where I'm at!

Yes, I do!"

The little black dog

Who lived down the street

Laughed like a hog

"That sure is neat!"

He knew not what it meant

To 'know where you're at'

The thought stuck in his head

So he went up to the cat

"Little cat, who lives nearby

What did you just say?

I heard it; loud was your cry,

But what did it mean, if you may?"

Loopy Lue was very smart

Except when it came to food

He said to the dog, "I do my part,

In a circle in which we intrude."

By the tone of his meow

The dog knew then

Loopy would say no more now

And sat square as a hen

He thought of this circle

That Loopy spoke of

Like it was some kind of miracle

From the heavens above

"A circle, he says we are in

A part of our entire life.

All are included; us, our kin,

Our aunts, uncles, and wives.

But if we are so round

Like the sun in the sky

Why aren't we bound

By rules to abide?"

The dog pondered some more

But could not figure out

What that cat had meant

That fat cat, so stout

Giving up on the game

The dog went to sleep

And dreamed much the same

As any other day of the week

When he next awoke

He felt quite strange

Those words Loopy had spoke

Had something inside him change

So for the rest of his life

The dog looked around

And put up a great strife

The circle nowhere to be found.