Adam and Steve

Should be allowed to wed

To hold hands together

And share the same bed

Adam and Eve

Would be much the same

Tend to each other

Have love sparked by a flame

Is it not God's wish

For a man to be happy?

And love not to be missed

No mood to be crappy

Jesus himself

Said not a word

Against all this love

Between men, absurd

Two women are fine

Men in dresses, too

That takes a hard spine

And love has no clue

What gender you are

Has never mattered

Happiness shouldn't spar

When love is a ladder

When you get to the top

You feel so elated

God let you come this far

And may love never be sated

Acceptance is the first step

To live in a perfect world

Where if two people met

No one cared what gender they were

People's minds are so narrow

It makes everyone corrupt

Rotten to their bone marrow

No thoughts to interrupt

If you saw two people

Out on the street

Holding hands, or kissing

With passion and with heat

It is the same for them

As it is for us

Why is it bad

If it's Billy and Gus?

Poison the minds of children?

Don't make me laugh

The things on TV these days

Make even babies gag

Adam and Steve

Are similar to us

The same as you and me

Don't throw them under the bus.