There was a small rose

By the edge of the sea

Not much to behold

But meant the world to me

Next to this plant

Was a grassy hill

To the ocean, it slants

I'll miss it, I will

Our time together

Truly was great

Through all kinds of weather

And the memories we made

The best that we had

Was by that rose in the grass

Where you took my face in in your hands

And kissed me at last

I miss you so much

Why did you go?

That day after lunch

Maybe I'll never know

After we ate

You went on home

I got a call very late

But it was from your mom, Joan

She was crying very hard

Over that phone

I thought you were smart

But you left us alone

You took your own life

By a knife to the wrist

I would have been your wife

Know you'll be missed

The ache was too great

I went to the hill

By the memories we made

And of myself, to kill

The rose was all wilted

I couldn't bear to look

I had left it neglected

But of your life, you took

What drove you to do it?

I will always ask

The absence hurt like a bitch

My life was half-assed

So on a sunny afternoon

I held a gun to my head

I'll see you very soon

My tears, my life, my thoughts, all dead

The day turned to night

And that's when I saw you

Oh so beautifully bright

I took your warm hand

And followed you into the light