Exile and Battle

I could feel my eye twitching as I was yet again forced to dodge around an old man's hand that attempted to grope my rear. Why was I subjected to the low-lives of this city? I should be in my home, feasting with my kin. Not in a scum-ridden city, filled with men -and sometimes women- attempting to grab your chest and ass. After "accidentally" stepping on a guys toes, I pushed my way into the dank air outside. Why is Midgard so disgusting? Stepping over yet another beggars legs, I pulled my messenger bag close and tightened the ropes from my sword sheath. If you haven't already guessed, I am not human. My name is Hyrna. First daughter of Thor and Sif. First child overall. Second daughter: Thrud. First and second sons: Magni and Modi. The brothers that will inherit Mjollnir. The godly powers I gained included the speed of lightning and the Swordsmanship of ten armies. Somehow I gained the power of electricity. I can move it freely around my body and even force it from my custom-made silver claymore or my fingers.

"Well hello there, young lady!" My thoughts were broken by the appearance of two men blocking the path ahead of me. By Asgard, they stink! "What's a kid like you wandering around here on your own? Something bad could happen!" Don't flinch, don't flinch, don't flinch. One of them then lent forward and sniffed my long golden hair. By long I mean waist-long.

"Hey! You two, leave her alone!" Now the entire street of Mortals had stopped to watch. Behind the men, a girl stood there, breathing heavily but looking determined. A pair of oiled breeches covered her legs. Her shirt was nothing more than what these mortals would call a 'sack'. Her hair was the color of fresh blood and only reached to her shoulders. No shoes. As I guessed with these people. Well, I must look severely out of place. Spiked pauldrons were tied to both my shoulders, pure white wrist guards and knee-high titanium boots were my pieces of armour. Since I plainly refused to wear any kind of dress, my father found me a pure black shirt and pants to wear, with Mjollnir stitched on the back of my shirt, thanks to mother.

"Hah! What are you going to do, brat?" an uncertain look went around the crowd as she paused, freezing in fear. The speaker's gruff hand went around my throat and squeezed, cutting off my air. "If you want to save this girl, why not come over here and do so?" this time, her body shook violently. I felt my eyes widen as she ran forward, her arms malforming into that of a Lycanthrope. The only thing you could hear was: 'shit.' before she punched straight through the man's chest. A dull splat on the wall behind confirmed that she had in fact, punched his heart out.

"That." She said.

The silent one, now looking extremely terrified, ran down the street. I placed an arm in front of the Malformed being.

"I got this." in one swift motion, I pulled Jordis -my sword- from the sheath on my back and let the sweet tingle of electricity flow through my bones. Much to the Mortals amazement, I made it to the man in mere seconds and killed him in one swift strike to the neck. The entire place became an eruption of people scattering from view, throwing prayers to Grandfather Odin for me not to harm them. Please.

"This way!" with barely enough time to put Jordis away, the same being that unnecessarily helped me, dragged me through an alleyway just as men dressed in Armour showed. "That was pretty impressive. Magic users aren't common around here." What the- how dare she!

"You do not know what you speak of, Mortal!" I snarled, yanking my arm from her grasp. "You dare mistake me for a being from this world?!" I felt pain explode in the small of my back along with the sound of liquid coating the floor.

"There they are!" instantly, I fell forward. Only the Malformer's arms kept me from hitting the ground.

"By Asgard and my Father's name, you will pay for that." summoning power from my energy reserves, I stood up and faced the armored idiots. "I will send you all to Lyngvi and sacrifice you to the demon wolf Fenrir!"

"Have you been touched by the gods, girl?" oh, that does it. Gritting my teeth against the pain, my fingers gripped tightly onto the shaft sticking out of my back.

"What the heck is this?!" there were 5 of them. I can handle that.

"You crossed the line when you even dared to bring harm to the first child born of the God of Thunder and the Sky." A shape formed into my hands, nowhere near what I wanted to to be. Although, that alone sent them running with their tails between their legs.

"Cursed powers...I should have been able to make...a..."

"Goddess! Stay with me!" randomly, the ground met my face and a pair of hands rested on my back, steering clear of the wound there. I clung tightly to the arrow that had caused this mark. Any weapon that you have been injured with, if you can keep it, do so. "Goddess? Stay away from the light!" please, gods don't die that easily. Strange shapes flitted around my vision, forcing me to shut the world out and rest.