Hannah's POV

"Hannah time to get up" my mom said. I reluctantly sit up in my be only to realize I am no longer in our Penthouse apartment in New York. It had been three days since we moved back but I still haven't gotten used to being back yet. Then again I haven't been back since we moved six years ago.

Now I know what your thinking my name is Hannah a blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin girl but your are completely off. My name doesn't match my appearance at all I have black hair, dark brown eyes, and light brown skin, so basically the exact opposite of what you thought. My parents didn't want there kids to be stereotypical so as you probably guessed it my siblings names don't match their appearances either.

Back to the point we moved away when my I was ten, and my brother was four. My parents wanted to expand the family business. The business was big already, and probably didn't need to expand but they did it anyway. I didn't mind moving that much other than the fact that it kept me away from my best friend Emma, it didn't effect our friendship that much in fact we still are best friends. I actually thought moving was a good idea because it meant that I didn't have to suffer through Ben my next door neighbor's cruel pranks, and constant name calling. Now were back because my parents felt like we weren't really a family anymore, and decided that moving back would put back the family values we had before we moved.

"Hannah are you up yet?" My mom called from downstairs, and when I didn't answer she yelled "HANNAH!"

" I'm up I'm up" I pulled myself out of bed wide awake due to the fact that my brother was running down the hallway to my room yelling. "Hannah mom want's you down stairs"

"Yeah I know Jayce" I said to him then my mom said "Jayce come down, and eat breakfast Hannah you too" Jayce, and I both simultaneously say "Yeah mom" we both laugh before noticing my dad walking down the hall towards us.

"Jayce you heard your mom leave your sister alone, and go eat your breakfast"

"Okay dad" Jayce said as he stomped down the wooden staircase " Jayce how many times have I told you not to do that on the stairs" my dad said with a stern voice "sorry dad" Jayce yelled before finally getting down the steps. My dad turned to me again, and we both laughed

"Morning Sweetie"

"Morning Daddy"

"Hurry up, change, and go eat breakfast we still have to unpack a lot of boxes"

"Why didn't you have the movers do it?" I sighed when I said it "You know why we moved back here right?" My dad said raising an eyebrow at me. "Yeah but what does that have to do with unpacking boxes?" I said looking at him confused. "I thought it would be a good way to spend time together" I sighed again.

"You know most parents opt for watching T.V. together, or going to the beach" I said laughing

"I know but your mom thought this was a better idea" He said smiling I knew if I tried to fight this I would lose so I gave in. "Fine can I change now?" He nodded and walked down the stairs. I then closed the door to my room to change but after admiring my new room, my dad had all the bedrooms redesigned before we moved. I really like my room it has light purple walls, and white trim with a really cute window seat on the opposite side definitely different from how it looked when I was ten when almost everything in here was pink, and fluffy. I changed into a simple loose white tank top, and denim shorts before heading down stairs.

"Morning mom" I said as I kissed my baby sister on the forehead, and sat down at the table to my plate of Chocolate chip pancakes. I didn't delay shoving food into my mouth my mom just looked at me and said "Someone's hungry" My dad just stared at me before asking "why are you eating like Jayce when he sees candy" I rolled my eyes before I swallowed, and said "I fell asleep early, and skipped dinner last night remember?"

"Oh yeah"

My mom interrupted, and said "Honey slow down you'll make yourself sick, and you better not because we have dinner with the Parks tonight" I choked on my food before swallowing, and saying "WHAT! there not even back from vacation yet"

"There coming straight from the airport, and meeting us at the restaurant please tell me you will be nice to Ben"

"But...Fine" I muttered I know it seems childish to be made at all the things he did to me as a kid but I can't help it I was his one, and only target even when I wasn't alone. I decided that I wouldn't think about it I would focus on catching up with Sarah, and James at least they were nice to me. I wouldn't act like what Ben did bothered me I would keep my head high, and act like I was better than him that sounds easy enough. I was thinking about how he would react to me being civil to him after all these years when my dad interrupted my train of thought with "You guys ready to unpack?" I sighed, and got out of my chair it was gonna be a long day.

Ben's POV

"Ben it's time to go get your lazy ass off the chair were about to board" My sister Sarah yelled I groaned, and got up summer vacation was almost over we were back at school in a few days on Monday.


"Im up damn your annoying sis" I said irritated believe me I love Sarah but sometimes she can get on my nerves especially at times like this when i'm extremely tired.

"Shut your damn mouth up Ben! Mom said to get up were leaving in 10 minutes"

"Ooh language baby sis language we don't want you growing up to have a potty mouth now don't we" I said teasingly just to mess with her but knowing Sarah she would already have a come back waiting for me to finish talking.

"then whats your excuse huh?, and Shut up i'm not a baby I am only one year younger than you"

"So you are, and always will be my baby sister, as for my excuse for the former I blame James. you know I love you sis" I said poking her side.

"Yeah I love you to big bro" she was poking me back now.

"Ben, Sarah it's time to get in the line we gotta get to the diner by 6:00 pm, and getting into traffic wont help us if we miss our flight now and have to take the next one" my mom said to us our older brother James, and my dad were already in line.

"Okay! But wait why are we going to the diner?" I asked I was confused we had not been there in a while and usually when we did it was for special occasions when we were younger we would go all the time with our next door neighbors before they moved to New York. My mom interrupted my train of thought with "Were having dinner with the Taylor's Tonight"

I got even more confused I hadn't seen them since they moved to New York six years ago. My curiosity got the best of me so i asked "Wait why? Are they visiting or something?"

"No I forgot to tell you guys that they told me they were moving back a few weeks ago, and having dinner together sounded like a great idea so I called them this morning and told them to meet us there"

I couldn't really process all the information I was to busy thinking about one thing that slipped into my mind, Hannah the Taylor's the girl I developed a crush on when I was eight after torturing her as she would say for six years just for the heck of it but when I turned eight I did it for her attention. Thinking about that brought a smile to my face of course I was over the little childhood crush I had I could careless about it now in fact I had girls at school falling all over me but I never dated anyone I didn't like nor did I ever take advantage of them to me thats just sick so why should I care about the crush. It was still a nice memory of Hannah the way she got mad at me was just so cute to me it still is now but in the adorable way not the I like you way. I was broken from my trance by my sisters jumping, and screaming

"Oh" was all I could say, and that was clearly pointed out by Sarah

"Oh all you can say is Oh Hannah is back I missed her so much after she left I mean we still talked every now, and then through email but now I get to see her I am so happy" she then screamed once more which I may point out was extremely loud.

"Thats great Sara, and Ben you better be nice to Hannah not like when you two were kids, it was cute then, now it just makes you look like an ass" My moms tone changed from cheerful to serious in a matter of seconds she meant what she said, and I knew it.

"Mom relax I won't do any of that stuff I have grown out of it meaningless pranks, are just lame" my mom just gave me one of those mhmmm looks.

"Yeah like you Ben" my sister was trying to control her laughter as she said it .

My mom cut in and said "Kids hurry up, and get in the line we can discuss this on the plane"

My sister and I nodded I grabbed my jacket quickly, and ran out to the line where my dad, and James were waiting. As we got on our way flying from Las Vegas I was thinking I may not have a crush on Hannah anymore, or be able to play stupid pranks on her but I might as well have some innocent fun with teasing her right? If I know her she probably got over all those things, and just joke around with me I mean it has been six years right?

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