Hannah's POV

I still miss Hawaii. We had gotten back two weeks ago and missing everything there like crazy. When we got back home school started up again the the Monday after we got back.

The majority of things that happened when we got back were pretty boring other than one big shocker for Ben and I. The first photo-shoot that we had since Hawaii Zack had showed up he told us that he chose to do his photo-shoots here in California so he's attending a boarding school instead of flying back and forth from here to New York. Ben got worried, but I wasn't It's not like I actually cared about what Zack. I was going to be civil with him that was pretty much it.

Today was Saturday and another photo-shoot day. It was about 7:30 A.M. and I had told Ben to be at my house by 8:30 on the dot because todays shoot would be early. It really wasn't it was starting at 10:30 I just thought it would be nice to cook breakfast for him because I know he never really has a chance to eat breakfast because of his busy schedule. So the only way to get him here quick enough was to tell him that if he didn't come over at a certain time we would be late to the shoot.

I was also making our lunch so we didn't have to go out again on our break. I was making that first since I could just ask him what he wanted for breakfast and make it pretty quick. So for lunch I was making us a Bento to share considering the container I had was fairly large. The Bento consisted of Teriyaki chicken, rice, edamame, and some steamed vegetables. It sounds like a lot to do, but in reality it doesn't take long. In fact just as I snapped cover on the container the doorbell rang. I quickly cleared the kitchen counter and ran to open the door where I found Ben yawning. I held back a giggle and launched myself into his arms.

"Woah morning Han" He said while spinning me around. He set me down and I pulled away still in his arms before saying.

"Morning please don't be mad, but it was the only way to get you here" I said pulling my puppy dog eyes on him.

"Why? What did you do?" He said looking at me questioningly.

"The time for the shoot hasn't changed I just wanted to get you here so I could make you breakfast since you rarely ever get a chance to eat in the morning anymore"

"Why would I get mad at that? You know I love spending time with you and that with breakfast makes it sound even better than it already does" He said before placing a soft kiss on my lips. I pulled away smiling.

"Great then make your choice sweet or savory?" I asked having two different ideas on what to make. He put on a fake thinking look and started rubbing his chin as if to make him look like he was thinking very hard.

"Well you being here is already sweet enough so i'll go with savory" I blushed at his words.

"Excellent choice I think I have a really good idea of what to make" I said while taking his hand and leading him into the kitchen. He sat on one of the stools facing the stove while I pulled all the ingredients to make a breakfast pizza. I just used crescent roll dough the one that you get in the tube for the crust. I rolled out the crust and put in the oven to cook for a bit so that when I was done cooking the eggs and sausage to put on, it wouldn't take long for the crust to crisp up more and the cheese to melt when it goes back in the oven.

After I made the scrambled eggs, and cooked the sausage I pulled out the crust from the oven and put the eggs and sausage on it. I put a light amount of mozzarella cheese in it then layered some tomato and bell pepper slices before adding black pepper and some salt to the top and placing it back into the oven. The whole time Ben watched me intently. When he realized what I was making he looked up at me like a lost hopeful puppy.

"Breakfast pizza?" He asked. I nodded while clearing the counter again and washing the dishes. As soon as I turned of the water he grabbed me from behind. I yelped in surprise.

"Soooooo where is everyone else" He said looking around.

"Well my dad is out with Jayce for a father son camping trip and my mom took Tara with her to the office and also to run some errands..why?" I asked.

"So I can do this longer without being interrupted" He said before pulling me to him and crashing his lips on to mine. I pulled him closer to me enjoying the feeling of him being there. I never understood why movies always made it like teenagers were constantly making out...well that is until now. Wow my life seems so cliched right now. Our moment was ruined by the oven timer. It scared me and I jumped out of his arms breathlessly.

"Well so much for not being interrupted" I muttered under my breath, but Ben heard me and chuckled. I went to take the pizza out of the oven while Ben wrapped his arms around my waist again. I set the pan on the counter, started to cut the pizza, and placed the slices on two plates.

We ate in silence and finished the entire pizza in about half an hour so it was around 9:30 when we finished. I tried to wash the dishes but he wouldn't let me so I settled for putting our lunch in my backpack that had clothes that I would change into at the end of the day. Ben still had no idea that I had a surprise lunch packed for us.

After we were both all done we left my house and Ben drove us to building where the photo-shoots were being held. We went through clothing, then hair, and make up then to the studio itself. Most of the time Ben and I were in pictures together if not we are usually taking solo pictures or i'm in a group of girls posing for pictures while he's with a group of guys. We did that for about an hour had a small break then went through clothing and make up again before going back to the studio for more pictures. After that was hour lunch break a long awaited one for me at that.

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