n the small town of London there was a French book seller name Francis, and Francis had two sons named Matthew and Alfred. Alfred and Matthew always get mistaken for each other because they are twins, now don't be fooled Matthew and Alfred have very different personalities. For instance Alfred is an out going child who doesn't mind tells you what he thinks of you. On the other hand Matthew is a shy quiet boy who rather read a good story than do anything 'heroic' as his brother put it was a normal day for this family ,Matthew tending to there book store ,Alfred creating some kind of mess, yes sir it was normal alright that is until Francis had an announcement .

"Matthew, Alfred comes here please "

Matthew put his current book down, and Alfred came zooming to the room.

"Yes papa ?' Matthew asked

"ya what's up pops ? Getting another girlfriend again? " Alfred asked, not meaning to come off as rude( but some how he did ) .

Francis dramatically held his hand to his chest

' you womb me love I only started going out with Joan a week ago and she hasn't given me anything yet if you know what I mean " he said with his every present smirk .

" ya ya dad anyways what's up?"

" im going to a book convention and I want you guys to hold the fort down while I am gone ok ?"

" yes! " Alfred exclaimed " im in charge"

"Matthew ,your in charge" Francis said before he left the room.

"aww why am I not in charge ! "

'Alfred do you really have to ask that question? Last time you where in charge the house was set on fire !' Matthew replied softly.

" I was going to save you mattie ! the hero always does hahaha!" he proclaimed as he jumped off the table he was suddenly on.

" Al can you please not-"

"alright kids im off ! " Francis announced as he walked out of the house nonchalantly.

there was a moment of silence.

' well im off ! " alfred announced as he starts to walk out.

" were are you going Al ?"

" to a kick ass party of course ! have fun with your weird bear and books be back by 3...AM" and with that he left his brother all alone in the book store.