"Well hello there little Matvey how are you today ?' he asked as he rudely ( and forcefully I may add) made his way through the door and into the house.

" I-Ivan what are you doing here ?" he asked timidly,as he closed the door behind the said Russian.

" please tell me your going to buy a book this time "

" nyet , is your brother in ?" he asked, ignoring the question.

" n-no he went to some party "

" ah , Da, the little Italy brothers are having a party "

' than why aren't you there' Matthew wanted to say,but out of fear he didn't.

" but, Alfred doesn't matter, Matvey will you become one with mother Russia ,da ?" he asked, leaning closer to Mathew till they were nose's length away from each other.

Matthew blushed a little like he always does when Ivan asked the has been asking that same question since , well since he saw first Matthew thought Alfred was playing a trick on him and denied the as time passed and as he kept rejecting him he could see that the Russian was really determined for the 'right' answer.

" Ivan I'm not gay" Matthew tried.

" ah , but you are , don't tell me you aren't because i see the way you look at Lars the other day ." Ivan stated childishly .

Ivan had him there, he was in fact just a few days ago checking out the Dutch was about to defend himself ,that is until his father abruptly threw open the was panting like he just ran a race in the Olympics.

" papa!" Matthew exclaimed ,half startled and half glad that he came in time.

"Matthew , my dear son , some terrible has- oh I-Ivan, please may you give us privacy ?' the french man asked.

"da, i will .please Matthew, i insist you think about your anwser more carefully , well I'm off"and with Ivan's farewell .and the creepy aura lift Matthew felt relived and more chuckled nervously at Ivan's last words and ruffled Matthew's hair.

" did he want you to' become one with him' again ?" Francis asked as he close the door that the Russian left wide open.

" Oui he did, papa please keep him away or something , he scares me"

" me too,Matthew ,me too, by the way were is your brother ?"

"at some party" he replied,with a sigh.

Francis cursed under his breath and went to the kitchen to get some he got his wine he took the glass and bottle to the couch and slump into it,soon there where sobs that echoed through the book store.

" papa? whats wrong ? and i-I'm sorry for asking but why are you back so early ?" he asked innocently but it just made Francis' cry get a tad louder.

"papa?" he tried again this time hugging I'm as he did.

"Matthew, he started after some time." I'm going to tell you a story,and its a rather sad one " he than begun to explain his mini adventure of from the time he left to the time he met that foul Francis was telling the story Matthew was paying attention to every words , his widening at the part mentioning the beast .When the 'story' was finish the whole room became silent,the only sound was Francis' sniffling.

"what are you going to do papa?'' Matthew asked after some time.

'Matthew , my love you know i love you right ?" Francis whispered as he hugged his son closely.

Matthew's eyes widen , he hoped this doesn't mean what he thinks it means is...is his father really trading him for his own life ?

"papa , please" Matthew begged as he returned his father's really didn't want to live somewhere else especially if it is an evil beast that rips families apart.

" I'm...sorry Matthew i promise ill come for you as soon as i drop you off , i promise" he said ,letting go of his son and took a swish of wine straight from the bottle.

After some more tears and doubts from Matthew ,they set off for the home of the hour worth of riding they came upon the flower field Francis had rode past continued to ride past the flower field and soon a castle came into castle itself look as if it came out a horror movie, the land around the castle ( not including the flower patch) was as dry as the Gobi. The background of the castle where dark clouds threatening to spill there was a bumpy road that lead to the horror all Matthew was terrified to even enter the property let alone live.Matthew was the first to get out of the carriage, followed by his it begun to rain and both of them ran towards the castle examine the door carefully and it was made of wood it door knocker creep Matthew out , it was a shaped of an eagle, the scary part of it was that its eyes seem as if it was silently grabbed the knocker than let it dropped against the door. He repeated the same motion until the door mysteriously opened by its self.

"creepy" they both muttered at the same time,and walked into the castle,doors closing inside was dimly lit with a few candle here and there around the winding stair case, and the entrance to what look like a took in every detail of the place from the wooden floor board to the complex designs craved into the a large being appeared from the entrance of the parlor.

" i see you haven't run after all french fry" the beast remarked.

Francis face became red when the insult was thrown at him, he honestly wanted to do something about it but what could he do? he was just a simple french man with the power of an ordinary for the sake of his beautiful face and his life Francis held his tongue.

"Oui i have, am i free?" he asked with a nervous voice.

the beast eyed Matthew for a while ,not saying some silence the beat nodded his head.

" Ja Ja , you may leave but the boy stays"

at this Matthew begun to tear up and ran for is father hugging him tightly.

"papa" he cried ,tears spilling out" i-i don't want to stay h-here"

New tears now falling from Francis face he unlatched ,Matthew and walked to the door ,closing it at an unbearably the door shut with a loud 'thud' it hit Matthew.

'My father traded my life for his'