Who are you to look at me this way

Where you fail to know what you are looking at?

Let me be

Let me just say

I'll burn all in your life in my rage

Then I'll be sure to piss on the ashes

So back off

Who would run against someone they don't know?

More like...


Inhuman forms

Here I stay

Alone and forgotten in the shadows

Feeling useless to you,

You're carrying along as if nothing is going on...

Well it hurts me and others around you

Just get real

Because this is just that

reality honey

We live

We learn

Like we eat

Then we shit...

But it is now a new story

While I would shit on your behavior

Hold tight

Because I never give up

Not when faced down the sight

You are in the laser

Aimed and fired

Dead to me now

Just screw the remaining

Live, laugh, hate, love, and so to speak shit on things...

What else?

Haters are gonna hate

The lovers will love

The creepers tend to stalk

The rapist...

Leave them there

They deserve the bullet to the head

Execution for the invasion of privacy

Sick fags with no life

No meaning on these plains

Screw their kind

They have no meaning to me

Screw believers

Imagination is never a reality

Not in a mess up world