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The 26th Day

November 26, 1996

Lucinda Nelson walked briskly past the old fashioned street lights dimly glowing overhead. It was a moderately warm night, which is not normal for this time of year. Everywhere people were out and about finally crawling out of their toasty houses seizing the opportunity to socialize. Since the weather has been bitter lately people have been cooped up at home under their cozy blankets, so tonight presented a welcome change. The very same applied to Mrs. Lucinda Nelson as she visited her good friend Mrs. Roberts. There was still a slight chill in the air as Lucinda walked the 3 blocks to her friend's house. She has left her young husband and her 4 month old baby girl at home. Her husband had urged her to go on to Mrs. Roberts's house, and that she needed a well-deserved break. She knew she needed one too, but she had a bad feeling about tonight that for some reason she couldn't shake. Yet her husband would not listen so she went no matter what terror she thought would be waiting for her when she left. On the way to Mrs. Roberts Lucinda walked at a quick pace 'but really there is no reason for alarm' her brain kept telling her repeatedly, but still it did not matter to her racing heart and sinking stomach. She got to Mrs. Roberts's completely unscathed and this soothed her previous feeling of anxiety and doubt. On the way home she felt no reason to get worked up again, so instead of walking at her previous speed filled with alarm she decided to casually stroll, taking her time and making it much more leisurely. Even she had to admit that her sweet baby girl was a handful, sometimes even more. She did not misbehave but was always curious and quite active, and sometimes rather loud. This worried Lucinda because she thought that 3 month olds were still crying all the time and waking up in the middle of the night. Yet her darling girl went to sleep around eight thirty and every morning when her husband wakes and goes to her crib he finds their child laying wide awake just staring up not making a peep. This is what really worried Lucinda because she didn't know if her daughter was even sleeping through the night or when she woke in the morning if she did sleep. She had talked to her husband but he always said the same thing every time, "Darling Lucy, do not worry yourself over these things, I myself do not, because I know there is nothing wrong with our sweet daughter. She is our personal angel sent from heaven, you should be glad, not worried that she sleeps quite soundlessly. Most children don't do this for quite some time, so we do not tire from sleepless nights, but we have plenty of it, yet I can not help from feeling restless, but that is a different discussion my darling, a very different discussion indeed." It never ceased to confuse Lucinda when her husband had said this, but she also never asked nor did she think he would ever explain no matter how many times she did. Lucinda was so caught up in her thoughts that she did not notice a sound growing louder as if coming toward her and when she realized what was happening it was too late to even scream.

The next day the newspaper read of the mysterious death of a young woman:
'Twenty-six year old Lucinda Nelson was in a questionable car accident last night November 26, 1996. We have no reason to believe it was a suicidal act because some of Lucinda's close friends say that would be above her. She also was married just at the beginning of last year and has a 3 month old child to care for. She was said to be a happy person and she was very religious. She was found lying broken and limp on the sidewalk, pale from loss of blood, yet there was only a very small puddle of it next to her neck. There are no bruises on her body but there is a single wound on her neck from where the minute puddle of blood originates. Experts say that she must have had internal bleeding resulting from being hit by the car. Mrs. Nelson who was coming back from visiting a close friend, had been wearing almost all black and so that made her difficult to see in the dark. However merrily hitting Lucinda is not what happened, the unidentified driver was said to have lost control on some black ice that had not yet melted. It appears the driver was smoking or had some other open flame while driving because upon impact on the car dash caught on fire and has burned the unknown driver beyond identification. Experts say it may not even be possible to use dental records for identification.'

Chapter 1

November 26, 2008
It's the 15th year anniversary of my mysterious mother's death. I was only 3 months old when she was killed, and I don't remember a single thing about her. My Grandmother, Edith Nelson, said she was extravagantly beautiful, very sweet, and over all others the most caring, loving mother in the world. She had a great man too, no matter what people said. My dad disappeared two months after I turned 1 yr. old. The thought that he had run off with another woman and got caught up in drugs leaving me and my sweet grandma here to deal with all his problems sickened me, but that is what everyone believed. My grandma says that's not what happened at all, but swears up and down she has no idea what really happened. I think she does but I don't ask about it because I know if she wants me to know she'd tell me.

My mind started wandering back to the date, November 26 the date of my mother's death that is also 3 months after my birthday;

August 26. Then my dad, Charles Nelson, disappeared on October 26, that's 2 months after my birthday. I started thinking about the significance of these dates all 1 month apart. My birth: my Mother's death: my Father's disappearance. I was thinking maybe this meant something. Maybe this meant that someone was stalking my family, killing us off one by one on corresponding dates. As I thought this my heart accelerated to dangerous speeds. Does that mean Gran is next, or would they just skip to me?! What was going on? What was happening to my family who was doing this? All of the sudden through all my mind ranting I hear...

"Lindy! Breakfast is ready, get it while its hot!" yelled my grandma's sweetly musical voice, I almost jumped through the ceiling before calling back.
"Coming' Gran!" When I walked out of the bedroom the smell of my favorite mouthwatering breakfast hit me like I'd just ran into a concrete wall. I recognized the smell of hash browns and sausage links, mmmmmmhhhh! I threw my messy, black, mid-back length hair in a quick and sloppy bun, and sprinted downstairs. Soon I was greedily swallowing the delightful home cooked breakfast. Sitting at our round wooden table with intricate designs carved into the edges I started to think I really wanted to visit my upbeat totally sarcastic other half of my brain Anna! Anna is practically my twin with a pretty smile and dishwater blonde hair, along with her bright blue eyes. Anna and I are so connected it is almost creepy, but mostly it is so, so funny. We say stuff at the same time in the same exact voice all the time. And we always say what the other is thinking, and even sometimes finish each other's sentences. Her mom makes fun of us because apparently we both talk at the same time and still manage to get a whole conversation out of it. I think we just talk so fast she can't keep up! I call Anna's mom mom because, well, she is a mom to me and me and Anna are so much alike it's like we were really twins but were separated at birth. That theory totally works except we have different birthdays and she is one year older than me. Plus she has a super cute twin brother already. His name is Nathan and I just can't wait for the day he decides he likes me back and we get married and have like 4 kids, but until then I can dream can't I? Hehe. And plus, if Anna and I were sisters that would make Nathan our triplet and mess up all my future plans, so I am content with being completely inseparable best friends.
"Hey Gran can I see if I can go spend the night at Anna's tonight?" I said
"Sure. Why don't you go pack your stuff and I'll call Anna's mother." she agreed.
"Gran I'm sooo good I can pack and talk to her mom all at the same time, don't worry." I said and twirled up the stairs to my bedroom.

"Well, don't try to walk and talk up there, because you'll probably fall down the stairs!" Gran called after me between granny giggles. She always has to comment on my shear ability to trip, fall, stumble, or hurt myself in any way by being all around clumsy. It takes majorly awesome skill on my part to trip over flat surfaces.

Chapter 2

The walls of my bedroom are a warm cream color. I have French doors leading into my bedroom, and the windows on the door are frosted so you can't see through them. I have a big bay window that is indented, it makes a little window seat perfect for curling up and reading books. I have an antique queen size bed with a beautiful wooden bed frame. I have 600 count Egyptian cotton sheets that are black. My comforter is also black and it has white Eiffel Tower on it. I have a Eiffel tower mural on the wall and a little iron table and chairs I always imagined the little bistros in Paris would have. I have pale pink accents throughout my room completing my Parisian fantasy.

I grabbed my Anna-overnight-bag and my little purple Samsung Strive and hit the speed dial for mom. She is number two speed dial because

Anna insisted on being number 1.

"Hello? Lindy?" said Anna's mom.
"Yep momma, Gran said I could spend the night if it is ok with you and my hobo." I refer to Anna as my hobo from time to time because when we were kids and we would play house with Nathan and he would always kick her out and call her a hobo.
"Oh you know it will be fine with her. Do want to talk to the princess?" she said laughing
"Sure!" I was always glad to talk to the other half of my brain.
"Hello, you are speaking to Madame Anna how may I be of service?" Anna said as we both laughed as she pretended she was a fortune teller.
"Hello I was needing an answer to a very important question.".
"Let me see, you seek my permission to spend the night?" I could just picture her rubbing her temples like she always did when we were growing up and she "predicted" the future. Ok so she made stuff happen after she told me about it, I was young and stupid so I thought she was magic. Sometimes she still is creepily accurate though.
"Still mind reading I see! So how about it then?" I answered.
"Sounds great but we are not home yet it will be about 15 minutes or so before me and mom get back so you can go over now. Nathan should be getting home about now so he could let you in. Ya know we really need to get you a key-" she was saying as I piped in.

perfectly fine I can wait for you, not the first time, ok well gotta pack and get to your house-" it was her turn to cut me off.
"I know you still have a thing for Nathan and all but no way am I letting you drool over him all night and talk about nothing else but my stupid brother!"
"Ok, ok I'll go now and use all my drool supply before you get there so you don't have to worry about it getting' in the way of girl time later! K?" Laughing as I devised a perfect plan, yet again.
"Sounds great and gross, so perfect!"
"Ok later Anna banana!" yet another nickname my best friend has the honor of having, right.
"Bye!" we hung up and I hurriedly threw my cute pink pajama shorts that have little green frogs on them along with a matching tank along with other random, yet totally necessary stuff in my bag and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided Nathan could wait long enough for me to straighten my hair. It was a mess so I straightened it to perfection. As I looked at myself in the mirror more I decided Nathan could also wait for me to put on some makeup. After all that was done I practically fell down the stairs I was in such a hurry. Did I mention that I'm not the most coordinated person? Anyway I half ran half walked to Anna's and when I got to there I noticed Nathan just walking up the street.

Perfect timing, yet again.

Chapter 3
"Hey Shorty!" he greeted me with a smile as he walked up and saw me standing on his front porch. "Stayin' tonight?"
"Yep!" I said with a smile and watched him search all his pockets for what I assume were his keys.
"Crap!" Nathan said aggravated.
"What?" I said.
"Keys, can't find the keys!" he searched his pockets more feverishly, his face more aggravated at his failed search.
"Well…this sucks." I managed to completely sum up the whole situation in three words.
"Maybe not completely, let's try the back." He led the way.
"Good idea." We went to the back and then out of nowhere Nathan hopped the tall white fence, then he opened the gate for me like a perfect gentlemen. I never fail to be amazed by Anna's back yard. When you walk in the back gate you pass through a pure white arch with ivy crawling on it, the blooming white flowers making it look like they took it right out of a fairytale about a princess in a castle sneaking off to a secret garden to spend the day with her secret lover, I wish. There was an adorable little wooden, heart shaped, two-seater swing under a beautiful blossoming apple tree. Little white blooms would fall slowly looking like it was snowing in this perfect little private oasis. There were also rose bushes lining the sides of the house off of the patio and pansies in the window b0xes.
Nathan ran ahead to the back door and angrily twisted the brass door handle and looked back at me, the corners of his mouth pulled down.
"We are now officially locked out. We might as well make the best of it." He declared making his way over to the little swing. "You going to just stand there, or do you want to sit over here with the most awesome dude ever? I won't bite, much." He said with a devilish grin.
"Wow, Nathan, really?" I went and sat next to him, liking how close the swing made us, and Nathan felt so warm it felt amazing to be so near him.

"So how's baseball going?" I asked him, he had been playing baseball since it was referred to as tee-ball.
"Good I like it this year, we are looking pretty good." He said and he put his arm on the back of the swing as I thought oh yes you are.
"You know you have really pretty eyes." I just realized his eyes looked liked a blue sky with a rising sun throwing rays of gold into it.
"And do you know that was totally random?" he said, it looked like he was slightly blushing then he lowered his voice along with his eyes as he replied with "You have always had gorgeous eyes."
"Thanks." I said looking down blushing deeply.
"Lindy?" his voice going up an octave, I tried to pretend like I didn't notice.
"Yes?" I tried to hide my shaking hands by folding them in my lap.
"I just wanted you to know if there's anything you need, I'm here for you and if anyone ever hurts you, just tell me so I know who to hurt. I don't think you will ever know how much you mean to me." He said slowly, my breath caught in my throat as I tried to look anywhere but his eyes.
"Thanks Nathan that means a lot." I replied dumbstruck.

While he was saying that he had taken my face gingerly between his hands, our faces were now inches apart.

His eyes started to slip closed mine followed, then right as my lips just slightly touched his, my brain finally realized what was happening. He was kissing me, the boy I had silently adored since I was like four was now kissing me. But before we really started kissing he abruptly pulled me to the ground on top of him. That's when I heard Anna yell something sounding like 'We're home!'
"Well crap, when I heard the car doors I thought it might have been them so I got down and brought you with me, hurry stand up." he said as he was standing to his feet, he reached out a hand and jerked me up as soon as Anna walked through the back door.
"What's going on love birds?" Anna said with a mischievous smile. I looked down guilty blushing like I was in kindergarten and had been caught playing footsies.
"Oh just shut up Annabelle, I mean really you just love to ruin everything don't you!" yelled Nathan as he stalked past her obviously aggravated. Nathan was the only person whoever called Anna her full name and got away with it. He usually only used it when he was annoyed or being annoying.
"You will tell me everything later." Anna commanded with her finger pointed at me and the other hand on her hip when I reached the back patio. She then turned and flitted off through the patio doors.
"Sure thing." I replied dutifully to the air she had left behind her. I went into the house and walked the familiar path to Anna's room. As soon as you walked in you saw her huge queen sized bed covered in the baby blue comforter with beautiful clouds on it. These were not the clouds you simply draw they looked like they were hand painted although it was a comforter. And her walls had a beautiful mural on the east side of a sunrise and on the west half of her room it was painted like night time, with her dazzling bed smack in the middle. Knowing Anna the walls were probably hand painted even though I never asked. Each time I walked into this room it was like I was seeing this breathtaking artwork as if it was the first time. I looked around the room and found Anna sitting in her favorite chair that hung down from the ceiling was made out of some kind of white wood (it always reminded me of the elves in The Lord of the Rings), reading her latest vampire book she was currently addicted to.

"Hey princess," we called Anna drama princess, or princess for short, because I was the drama queen, "What'd ya wanna do?"

"Well I don't know, maybe have you tell me what the heck you were doin' all over the ground with my moody head bro?!" Anna said with a smile I started laughing after she said it. She came up with some of the weirdest names for Nathan. I sighed at the thought of him and spilled it all.

"Ok well he couldn't find his keys so we went around back-" I started.

"What a loser can't even remember his keys, that's a sure fire way to impress a girl." Anna interjected with a disapproving sigh.

"Anyway," I continued trying my best to sound annoyed, but I'm sure the smile on my face defeated my best efforts. "We went around back and he was like are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna sit by me? And so I went and sat next to him on the heart swing. Then we were talking about how baseball was going, and then out of the blue I was like you have really pretty eyes-"

"It runs in the family, ok now skip to the good part."

"I'm getting there gosh! Does impatience run in the family too? Cuz' if so we are definelty sisters!" we both burst into laughter after that, "Anyway back to the story. Then he said you have always had beautiful eyes. Then he was like Lindy? And I was like yeah? He was like if you ever get hurt just tell me so I know who to hurt an you may never know how much I care for you, or well something like that." I finished with a smile.

"Wow I didn't think booger monster was capable of being soooo sweet and romantic, so were you still sitting on the swing?" she asked looking like she was really thinking about really hard about something.

"Yep. Why?" I answered puzzled.

"Then how in the world did you end up on the ground?"

"That's the good part!" I said with a laugh and a wink. Well my best imitation of one anyway. Honestly I can't wink worth a crap, it's sad really.


"What!?" I gaped at her wondering what it was I had done wrong.

"I just realized I need to check on Nathan! I mean all this sensitivity and caring in one day could make him explode!" she burst into laughter and I soon joined her, we laughed so hard we were in tears.

"Ok, ok tell me the rest now." Anna said.

"Well the whole time he had been talking he had been holding my face between his hands and our faces were inches apart. His eyes slipped closed so I closed mine. His lips touched mine, then I finally realized what was going on, and that's where you come in. Right as we were about to kiss little miss princess decides to pull up in her chariot and ruin everything!"

"Oopsie Daiseys!"

"Uh ya! So then Nathan, not wanting to be embarrassed by you and momma, pulled me to the ground so you wouldn't see us, then you walked out. So his heroic effort to save the kiss was totally pointless in the end. Thank you Miss Princess." By the end my voice was completely oozing with sarcasm.

"Oh you know you love me! So what was it like?"

"Absolutely perfect!" I squealed.

"Well just think when you marry the booger monster crab, then we will be real sisters, mom will really be your mom, and Gran will really be my Gran! It will be perfect!" Anna squealed.

"Yeah, too bad Nathan doesn't like me like that." I said suddenly in a sullen mood.

"Pssshhh, girl you MUST be blind. I swear that boy must have it worse than you!" Anna said with a smile.

"You really think so?" I answered suddenly filled with an unknown hope.

"Girl I know so, are you forgetting he IS my brother, and we Are really twins. I bet we have a slight mental connection right now. Oh and he tried to kiss you remember?"

"How could I forget? Let's see, with you and Nathan it is definitely mental!" I retorted laughing.

"Uh, meanie!" Anna said accusingly.

"You know you love me Princess!" I said with the sweetest fake smile I could manage.

"Who couldn't?! You know loving you must run in the family or something'." Anna thought out loud.

"Oh just hush Anna, hey I'll be right back. I'm gonna grab a pop and maybe a snack, you want something?" I asked trying to change subjects.

"Ya sure just a Dr." Anna said using the nickname we gave Dr. Pepper.

"Mmhh Kay!" I said leaving the room with a different motive than just getting a snack, in fact that was just a side stop.

Chapter 4

I headed down the ruby colored hallway to Nathan's room. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this. I stopped at the door, took a deep breath and knocked three times.

"It's open!" said Nathan from the other side of the door. I assumed he was too busy playing a new video game to answer the door, or otherwise being a typical boy.

"Hey I was going to get some drinks and snacks, and I was wondering if you wanted anything." I said tentatively as I poked my head in his doorway slowly losing my nerve.

"Um, ya that would be great. You know, I'll bet that Anna will want to be a pig and make you do all the work so maybe I should come with you and protect you from her wrath when all you bring is one of mom's Slimfasts and a nonfat yogurt." He said with a mischievous grin.

"Anna is not a pig and does not need Slimfasts or nonfat yogurts, plus I would never do that to Anna!" I said standing up for my bestie.

"Well I would!" he said walking up to me and sliding his arm around my waist so he could half drag half carry me with him down the hall to the kitchen. Everywhere his arm touched me it sent tingles up and down my back and I couldn't help but plaster a huge grin on my face. I hadn't noticed until he got up that he had been reading. A book. Yes a REAL book! Not even like Diary of a wimpy kid either; it was a real, hard back, totally big book. I'll have to remember to ask him what he is reading later.

"Did you know mom got a new boyfriend?" Nathan asked looking serious again.

"No way! Have you and Anna told her how you felt about her dating?!" Anna and Nathan didn't like their mom dating, because when they were little they saw their dad die. And every time they see their mom with someone new it just breaks their hearts and reminds them of how in love their mom and dad were.

"She is over there right now, at his house." When he said he, it sounded like he was talking about the devil. "And no, me and Anna decided not to tell mom. Even though it upsets us to see mom with someone else, we decided it must make mom happier. We haven't even met him, all we know his name. I guess her losing dad would be like….. Well it would probably be like how I would feel if…. If I…" he hesitated.

Chapter 5

"What's wrong Nathan? Come on you can tell me, it does ok, really, just say it." I said expecting him to say the name of some girl from school, and that he was hesitating because he didn't want to hurt my feelings.

"I bet losing dad felt the same way to mom as losing you would feel to me." He said in a rush.

"Oh!" I said pleasantly surprised. I had jut prepared myself for the worst and was rewarded with better than I ever could have imagined!

"Lindy, I- I love you Lindy." He said with the most vulnerable look in his eyes. I threw my arms around him.

"I love you too Nathan." I said tears running over my cheeks. He leaned back holding my face between his hands. There were wet streaks running down his face too.

Then suddenly he was kissing me. It was so amazing, it's hard to explain. This is the first kiss I had ever had, but I knew it had to be the best I would ever get, maybe if I'm lucky they will get sweeter with time. His lips felt like soft feathers caressing my lips. His arms held me firmly against his chest. He was so warm. He smelled like summer nights, right after it rained. Like everything fresh and filled with life. I had knotted one hand in his hair and it felt like I was running my fingers across silk. Everything was perfect, or at least I let myself believe it so.

Suddenly it felt as if Nathan was changing right beneath my embrace. As if he was becoming harder, colder, distant. Like he was becoming a statue of ice, solid and freezing beneath my touch. I was tempted to back up, but wary that it would ruin this perfect moment I had waited so long for.

That's when I heard it. A spine tingling gasp, followed by the musical notes of shattering glass, gently glittering to the floor, and then the sigh of a girl slipping into the Darkness.

Chapter 6


I can't believe I told Lindy I loved her just now. I am so nervous, my head and heart are pounding.

"I love you too, Nathan." She said sweetly, in a voice that only she can make sound so sweet. She sounds like an innocent little girl, letting the whole world see her pure and beautiful soul, giving her all to anyone and everyone. I was so overpowered with emotion I just started to kiss her, without thinking it through. Without thinking it through to the consequences, like I always seem to conveniently forget to do when it comes to her. The next few minutes broke my heart, and I didn't think anything would ever put it back together again.

3 hours later…

Lindy started to stir in my arms.

"Wha-" she started but ended with a gasp of exhaustion.

"Sweety, shhhh. It's alright. It's okay." I started in a calm, soothing voice. Lindy slowly shut her eyes again, and although sleep was supposed to be peaceful, her face looked tortured and anxious. I sat there with her head in my lap and wondered what she dreamt about behind those eyelids. I soon let myself get lost in the memories of all our first kisses over time. There were so many firsts, but really that was the most we had. A first date and a first kiss, sometimes I didn't even get to kiss her. Over her many lifetimes we didn't get much time at all to be together, we hardly ever had time to fall in love, but no matter how short the time we had Lindy always made it worth waiting for the next.

I looked down on her face resting in my lap and I noticed how fragile and innocent she was. It was terribly selfish of me to keep her so close but then again, wouldn't she just find me again in the next life if I left? I believe she would, I believe our souls are intertwined. Others of our kind beg to differ, but of what I know of love we must have souls. My thoughts wandered back to Lindy and how her innocence could possibly make in my world. Actually it didn't sometimes her deaths weren't by a stranger, fire, or car accident. That's why it's so important that I learn to control myself when it comes to her. The whole reason she is unconscious is because of my carelessness.

I had been so distracted by Lindy's lips on mine that I was paying no attention to who was noisily coming into the kitchen. And when I finally realized what was going on, it was too late to change anything.

My mom had just gotten home, so naturally Anna wanted to get on her good side and say hi first. Honestly it would be very dangerous for Lindy if I and she got into a serious relationship or anything like that. And so when Anna saw me kissing her, my lips making their way to her neck, she assumed the worst. She attacked and it made the familiar shattering sound of her power being released, but this, being new to Lindy (plus, being caught up in kissing, AND having no idea what was happening) scared Lindy, and she fainted. So she has been resting in my lap since then. For a while I thought she was dying, I cried my eyes out. Anna and mom left reluctantly after they realized what was really happening, but they left behind a strict warning that I knew must be followed. Now I know what must be done, to prevent this from ever happening again. I know that it will hurt me, and shake me to my core, but I have no choice in the matter. For once I want Lindy to be able to live out her live and grow old with someone, I can't do that for her if I keep causing her life to cut off short. I'm too dangerous and I have known this, yet I loved Lindy too much. I was selfish and thought that no matter what she would always come back no matter how many times she died. Now I'm thinking maybe she will finally get to rest if she has a full life, and it doesn't get cut off prematurely anymore, then maybe she will be able to be a soul at rest and not an Old Soul. An Old Soul is a person whose has been reincarnated many times; there are also Awakened Old Souls who remember their past lives. Maybe we need to awaken Lindy. Maybe then her soul will finally get to rest.

Chapter 7


I opened my eyes and was surrounded by darkness. I was lying alone, on a foreign stone floor. There were no walls, just floor going on forever. No sky, just black pressing in on me from all sides. The air was warm and sticky; it felt as if it forcing pressure onto my very being. Then the dark, barren sky was alive with words. Tons of overlapping whispers, not a single word was understandable. The sounds got louder and louder. Mindless ranting all around me, the stone beneath my bare feet was trembling. Suddenly a loud crash erupted though the entire space, surging through my body. Then in a sweet velvet whisper, a voice so sweet it was hard to bear. I looked frantically for the face, the mouth; the face the voice of an angel belonged to. No matter where I turned there was nothing, just black. Then the voice said:

"My darling Lindy, I have missed you little one. But soon I'm returning. I will take you with me; you will be at my right hand side, like it was always meant to be. I'm sorry I had to go, but that will not matter, what will matter is that you will be with me, forever. Sweet dreams my darling." And then I felt lips, as smooth as satin, sweep across my forehead and blow away as if taken by the wind. I did what only someone of great intelligence and standards would do….. I screamed.

I woke up screaming, and gasping for air. The room was dark, but soon warm hands were holding me tight, comforting me.

"Nathan?" I asked tentively.

"Yes, sweetie it's me, don't worry everything is alright." He assured me.

"What happened? I don't remember anything." I said frustrated at my unreachable memory.

"Well, while we were kissing, mom walked in and we surprised her. She dropped the vase of flowers she had, and then in turn that surprised you, and you passed out." He said slowly.

"Oh, well, I feel dumb." I replied feeling rather embarrassed.

"You are not dumb sweetie; you were just, uh, distracted when it happened so it scared you even more than it normally would have." Nathan said with finality as if he wanted no more questions on the subject.

"I think I like being distracted, no matter if I pass out." I said as flirtatiously as possible. I liked kissing Nathan and was not ready for it to end.

"Um, sure, I think the right distractions can be good. Like reading for example." he said turning his face away from me, like he could not stand to look upon my face any longer. "Well let's see, I guess I should call Anna, um she left with mom earlier, they told me to call when you woke up." he at me briefly before glancing away, and untangling me from him like I was some hideous monster and he couldn't wait to get far away from me. Then he stood up and got his phone out of his pocket, he pushed a button and walked away quickly. I stood up and went to the closest bathroom, I was anxious to see a mirror, had I changed into a monster? Or had something horrid happened to my face making Nathan unable to lay eyes on me? I quickly ran to the bathroom and then I started to feel light headed. I gripped tightly to the side of the smooth, cold stone sink in the oversized bathroom near Nathan's room. I did not want to faint again. I slowly lifted my head and gazed into the mirror. I braced myself for the worst. I started plummeting into hysterics.

I didn't look any different than before, my hair wasn't even messy. That meant Nathan just can't look at me because he probably thinks I'm like incredibly ugly or a horrible kisser or something. Instantly I was crying my eyes out. I knew it was way too good to be true I stepped back and leaned against the wall. He must hate me. He must have felt sorry for me, that's why he kissed me. At the thought of that the tears cascaded down my cheeks even harder. I slid down to the floor and curled my arms around my knees. I sat there on the cold granite tile and just cried until it seemed there were no more tears inside me.

Soon Nathan walked in to see me on the floor, dying inside. Of course him seeing me like this only made things worse, I started to cry again even though I thought I couldn't anymore. I was sobbing like a baby and I couldn't stop. Nathan sat down beside me and wrapped his arms around me. He felt stiff and controlled next to me. But at the moment I didn't care Nathan was here, I loved him, and I was going to sit here and lean on him and cry no matter how he felt about me.

And no one, or thing could stop me, or so I thought.

"Are you okay now?" said Nathan after about 15 minutes of me bawling.

"I guess so." I said through some sniffling.

"Good, why were you crying?" asked Nathan with a very controlled voice.

"Nothing for you to worry about, Nathan." I said curtly.

"Um, ok then." He answered looking slightly hurt. He quickly covered it up, with the new mask of the Nathan I have never met, and wished he never existed. "Is there any thing I can get you Lindy?" he continued in a controlled voice that was alien to me.

"No." I retorted like a child who was just sent to the corner by her mother.

"Did I say something that made you upset with me?" Nathan said his normal voice seeping back slowly.

"Sort of." I said shortly.

"Tell me sweetie."

"It's kind of embarrassing." My cheeks were already starting to turn to strawberries just thinking about it.

"I won't laugh, I promise tweetie." Tweetie was a nickname he had given me when we were in kindergarten. When Anna knew something about Nathan that was funny or embarrassing, I would go tell Nathan. When Anna asked where he found out, he just said a little bird told me, hence the tweetieness. Soon my cheeks were strawberries in full bloom, flaming on my face. His fingertips brushed against my cheeks. "Tell me, just tell me it's ok." he said, his soft lips in my ear, tempting me, the touch of his lips on my ear was almost like a kiss.

"It's not like you care much anyway!" I said as I got up and practically ran away to Anna's room, before I completely broke down once again. I swear I had never cried so much in my life. I had left Nathan standing in the doorway of the bathroom with his mouth hanging open with a pained look on his face as I ran. I slammed the doors and locked them. I knew that he wouldn't follow me, but I didn't want anyone to follow me. Suddenly I noticed a slight breeze and looked over to find the largest of Anna's windows open the curtains billowing in the wind.

"Hello my beautiful." Said a deep voice as smooth as satin. I turned to see a strangely familiar face smiling at me.

I thought about screaming for help but I was mad at Nathan so I didn't want his stupid help anyway. Ok so maybe my anger muddled my good judgment, maybe more than just muddled….

Chapter 8


I watched with a tear in my eye as she turned towards Anna's room. I cursed myself under my breath myself under my breath. "Idiot! Why am I so stupid!?" I hit the side of my fist against the doorframe.

I skidded down the halls, around corners, and through the house to Anna's room, only to find an open window, the curtains billowing, in an empty room, with a single, crisp white note folded in half sitting on the bed with a purple monkshood flower entwined with a tea rose lying on top. All flowers have meanings these two meaning monkshood- beware a deadly foe is near and tea rose- I'll remember always. As I picked up the note my heart sank. I knew exactly who this was from and it definitely wasn't good.

My Dear Old Friend Nathan,

Thank you for watching over my sweet Lindy, she is in great health. Although I do not like the fact you have put her in poor spirits. I do wish she were happier right now, but I'm sure soon coming events will excite her. Of course I know you have broken my only rule by falling in love with my little one that is why you may no longer splendor in her loving presence. I might let your wonderful sister and that delightful mother of yours to continue to visit Lindy after our arrangement. I'm sorry this was so sudden, but I knew that soon she would be inseparable to you emotionally. Well farewell my old friend.

With Thanks,


The only thing I could bring myself to do after reading these words was curl up and cry. It seemed like there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop this horrible thing from happening. I had just let go of Lindy so she could life a long life and be at a final rest, and XXX was going to mess it all up.

Chapter 9


I love spending time with my mom I really do, but right now I was seriously worried about my best friend for all eternity, Lindy. I could feel her emotions and right now it was confusing and frustrating me. I t just wasn't making any sense. I could feel her stress and sadness, but she was just at home with Nathan. They were supposed to be having fun. Generally she was happy go lucky around him anyway, but not now. Then her emotions changed to confusion, followed by recognition, then fear mixed with passion, finally ending with blankness. I mean like nothing. People just don't feel nothing. Even when they think they are feeling nothing its usually just boredom. But this was completely blank, which scared the crap out of me.

I thought maybe she died, maybe Nathan has caught up again, and she was so young this time. I couldn't let this happen. I yelled for mom to come closer so I could tell her what I may be going on without freaking everyone in the mall out. As soon as I told her she just smiled. It seemed weird at first, but then I thought she was just doing for the sake of people around us. Although her emotions were oddly serene, I just decided to worry about the task at hand and think on this later, she just seemed so happy. It bothered me so I pushed it away deep in a corner in my mind.


My heart started to race, the back of my neck started to sweat, like I was terrified, but my face was smooth as it broke into a smile. The face that looked back at me made me tremble with fear and feel a love so deep I could not describe it no matter how well my vocabulary was. I couldn't explain it for the life of me. Suddenly I was falling into darkness; a sweet lullaby that was so familiar was whispered into my ears and floated through my unconsciousness. I could tell I was being moved but not sure which direction. I was completely disoriented, but it seemed as if I was being moved insanely fast. Abruptly we slowed and I smelt a heady flowery smell that I recognized but I could not tell what it was.

How could all of this be so familiar?

I was being lied down and the lullaby had stopped.

"Sweet dreams my beautiful, my darling, my Lindy." said the silky, smooth voice from my previous dreams. My dreams were interwoven with Nathan, kisses, the sweet flowery smell, and bloody torture followed by death. I tossed, turned, thrashed, and screamed, but no one came to wake me from my disturbing, restless slumber. Soon the only things left of my visions were my own broken screams and sobs.

When I woke I had the insane need to pee. The room confused me because it was pitch black. I rubbed my eyes a few times then tentatively reached out my hand. Then I realized why it was so dark, there was a curtain surrounding the bed. It was a deep red satin and let it no light. I slowly found the part in it and pushed it aside. The room was still rather dark but there were various candles around the room. As I scanned the room I gasped in awe, there was a huge balcony with amazing enormous French doors that were ajar letting the night wind blow the sheer curtains making it look like a scene from a movie. The moon took my breath away, it hung pregnant with light right in the middle of the sky.

My awe was cut short by a pang from my bladder. I looked around the room, I saw a huge set of double doors that looked promising so I very timidly cracked one and almost squealed with happiness. There was a huge walk in shower and an insanely enormous jet tub. I stepped in and my feet were warmed, I guessed there was an in tile heating system thingy. I kept walking and soon came across a lovely toilet, finally.

I decided to explore my little, ok huge room so I found all the light switches and found a huge walk in closet filled with all sorts of expansive clothes and shoes. There was some more normal clothes all had designer brands, and then there was the dresses, short party dresses huge ball gowns. And the shoes oh the shoes high heels, high tops, even a few pairs of house shoes. And the closet was full and running over! I was amazed because the closet was bigger than even Anna's room! Anna, Granny, Nathan….

I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see, I fall to my knees. Tears flood down my face, I feel hot, I struggled for gasps of air. MY head is pounding my heart is broken. I'm alone. After A long while I picked myself up and wandered about my room and went out a door into the hall. I heard voices and my first instinct was to press myself against the wall. I slowly slid down the wall trying to be quiet, the voices grew louder. They sounded familiar, yes it was the velvety voice and as I came to the cracked door I peeked in. he was sitting at a huge desk but his chair was turned around the other voice was coming from the telephone on speaker on the desk. The room was silent for a second, at first I thought the man knew I was there but then he answered the person on the other line.

"I have her yes, now just bring those retched twins of yours, it shouldn't be a difficult task, I'm sure they wish to obtain the girl again. Then get them to ditch you. You will still come here of course, but you have to act crushed but don't let them come back for you, make sure they come here. I will be waiting for you my love, Bethany." He finished and hung up the phone.

I stopped short and gasped, my mind freaked and my heart started racing, I ran backed to my room slid into the closet and slammed the door behind me. Bethany, that was Anna and Nathan's mom's name. He had to be talking about me and Anna and Nathan, but how could mom betray us all like that? The room was spinning along with my mind.

Chapter 10


I knew I had to go after Lindy even though she was probably better for her if Anna and mom went without me, but I couldn't bear to know that somewhere she was there with him. No matter if I died trying, I would get her away from him no matter what I had to do. I decided to call Anna but before I could even reach for my phone it started ringing.

"Hello?" says Anna.

"It's customary for the person picking up the phone to say that." I answer.

"Will you tell me what the heck is going on down there?! Is Lindy ok? Oh my gosh, did you kill her?! Nathan, talk to me now! Why aren't you explaining?"

"I can't say anything unless you just shut up for a minute ok. Gah you always talk so much you would think your jaw would hurt at the end of the day." I retorted.

"Ok now stop it with the snippy crap and get on with it will you?!" she yelled frustratedly.

"Lindy's gone." Is all I could say, my heart broke as I said her name. I closed my eyes and slid down to the floor.

"What are you talking about Nathan? Did she go home? Were you mean to her?! Did you tell her about what we are, what she is?" Anna rushed out in one breathe.

"No….. XXX…"was all I could get out, all I wanted to get out, before Anna went crazy and started saying all sorts of non-curse words under her breathe and started planning.

"Alright we are coming home now so we can start doing more intense planning and get things ready. And you are going to tell me how in this world you let this happen." And with that she hung up the phone. I sighed and just went back to my room, hopefully I could fall asleep and wake up and Lindy would be in my arms again. And everything would be perfect again, and I wouldn't have a care in the world. If only life was that kind.

Chapter 12


"Ugh! Why does that stupid girl have to be here? That's all that Master's mind has been on lately!" Prissy said as she entered the kitchen and dramatically threw herself into a chair at the table.

"Well she is very important to him, you've always known that." I reply as I stir the soup on the stove.

"Yeah so what even happened to her like parents or whatever I've heard tidbits of him talking about?" she started to pry.

"Well it was the master and his~" I started. "Now hold on there! I never told you anything, so stay out of everyone else's business. Now go do your job!" I yelled at her and shook my head. She was always trying to stick her nose where it sure didn't belong and in this house that wasn't a good idea. Not one bit.

"Fine," Prissy said and walked off grumbling. I got back to work, cooking up a storm. I had to prepare a giant feast for the master and get it all done by tonight! A nearly impossible task that he ensures I can accomplish. Sometimes I think he puts way to much faith in me and thinks too highly of my abilities, but I always seem to pull through for him, and that only motivates him to push me to the limit every time. I sigh dramatically as I hear footsteps, thinking its only Prissy coming to snoop some more and avoid work.

"Is everything alright, Evangeline?" said the deep whispery, velvet voice of the master.

"Oh!" I exclaimed clearly surprised by the master instead of Prissy. "Yes, Yes sir, Yes master."

"I'm sorry I asked you to prepare all this food by yourself on such short notice, I would have let you know sooner if only I knew…."

"It's perfectly fine master, I'm not totally certain I can fill this huge order by tonight…" I said doubtfully trailing off.

"That is why I came down here, I think Lindy could help you, it might help to keep her out of places she shouldn't be. Would that be alright, could you do that for me Evangeline?"

"Yes of course sir." I answer still unsure, having no knowledge of Lindy's cooking abilities.

"Also, I am thinking about hiring someone to help you in here permanently, oh and I need the dinner by 12 tonight."

"12 A.M. sir?" I asked uncertainly.

"Yes." He answered slightly impatient.

"That should make things easier on me- I mean us." I correct myself.

"Yes, I'll send Lindy down right now, thanks again." He turned to leave with a nod.

"Anything for you, master." Turning back to the stove, knowing the master has disappeared leaving only dust floating in his place.

A few minutes later I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. As they get closer they become more hesitant.

"Yes," I say as I hear the footsteps stop. I know it is Miss Lindy already without looking. "Lindy?" I say trying to prompt her into coming into the kitchen further.

"Um… well he told me to come down here and help." She replied uncertain.

"I know." I said simply.

"Um, so what can I do to help, I'm pretty good in the kitchen, when I'm not burning myself." She replied with a stifled laugh.

"Well, how bout you go over there and start cracking all those eggs."

"All of them?!" Lindy's voice rose an octave in surprise.

"Yes," I said with a sigh. "We're cookin' a feast here, sweetie."

"Oh, well, what is it for?" She asked.

"You of course." I replied. I feel like I'm talking to a 6 year old, I thought to myself. You'd think it was obvious we were making the feast for her, she is one of the most important people on the planet to the master. But maybe, I thought to myself, she doesn't know, maybe she doesn't remember this time and that changes everything.

Chapter 13


When I got home I jumped out of the car and ran straight to Nathan's room, well actually I practically ran into him in the hallway.

"WHAT DID YOU DO NATHAN ALEXANDER CHANDLER?!'" I screamed into his tear stricken face.

"I, I-..." he failed to finish.

"YOU WHAT?!" I yelled again through gritted teeth.

"I don't know what happened." After the words were out he looked crushed. Like he had lost the only reason to live, all of his purpose vanished and now he was left standing here, completely empty just the hull of his former self.

"Well I guess now we are taking a road trip." said our mom cheerfully as if nothing was going on but just an unexpected family vacation. This royally pissed me off, and then I just blew up.

"Shut up mom! Do you not understand what's going on? Now that He has her, we all know he is either going to turn her and have her rule by his side taking advantage of her power, or he could sacrifice her and try to take her power for himself! Do you not even realize the seriousness of this?! I mean this is insane you can't be serious with this crazy happy attitude you've got going on! I mean even in you had the IQ of 20 you would be able to realize the seriousness of this situation!" I started yelling again.

"Ya, he could even have her marry some jerk in an arranged marriage and and she would become Queen and make her take over the world like he has been wanting to do for half a century now." said Nathan.

"Right now that is the least thing on my mind. He could get us killed! He would have control of everything! You two seem totally oblivious that not only is Lindy in danger but we are as well! Along with at least half of the frickin' world! So now we have to go save Lindy and our own frickin' butts!" I yelled, completely frustrated.

"Oh, well I didn't think about that." Sighed our genius mother.

"Well, let's go." said Nathan like an uber eager idiot.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa mister quickie. We need a plan first, we can't just walk out of here willy nilly just making it up as we go. So here's what we're going to do." I explained a quick overall plan and then I walked back to my room and reached behind my elaborate headboard and grabbed the completely hidden statue that slightly jutted out from the wall in the shape of angel, I grabbed the right wing and exerted slight pressure upon it until I heard the familiar and comforting click. Then the wall slid away as the angel folded into its compartment and revealed my secret room. I gracefully jumped and landed on the headboard, for just a second then down to the padded floor so I would not be heard in my special place. I grabbed the latest map I had found, and was once glad for the nagging feeling inside my stomach that made me search out this map. I spread it out across the newly cleared table and gazed upon it. According to the map we were going on quite a road trip, this castle, which was on a private island off of the Pacific Ocean, was where Lindy was being kept. I quickly rolled up the map and put it in the metal map holder and put it over my back. I then walked across the room to my weaponry and grabbed my shurikens and my hunga munga (a hand held African tribal weapon with a metal pointed blade that curves towards the back and has a separate blade on the handle) along with a couple swords. I climbed out of my secret room and ran to Nathan's room; he was waiting at the door for me as I arrived in a gust of wind.

"What is it? Did you find something about Lindy? What's going on?!" he exclaimed franticly.

"Can you Puh-leez shut the heck up for a minute so I can tell you, oh my gosh! Ok I found this map a few days ago and it just so happens to be where Lindy was taken. I had a premonition of sorts, and was drawn to this map." I finished explaining myself.


When Anna showed me the map, my jaw dropped with astonishment. This place was 5000 miles away.

"How, do you expect us to get there Anna?! It's so far away!" I exclaimed loudly. This seemed impossible, just another thing I couldn't accomplish so I couldn't be with Lindy. This mission seemed impossible!

"Well Nathan, we're filthy rich, how do you think we're gonna get there? Oh! How bout we get in an airplane and fly there oh blonde one." She replied with her oh so smarter than thou voice.

"Oh, uh yeah duh I was just going to make sure you knew." was all I could say as my cheeks filled with color.

"Ok, so Sir Blonde isn't planning the traveling part of the mission, do you think you could handle that Mom?" Anna retorted assertively.

"Yes, this will be easy. Much easier than pie" Mom answered laughing light heartedly, making me and Anna roll my eyes.

"Can you handle the weapon and fighting part if it is become necessary?" Anna said while looking at me skeptically.

"Yes, I got this; fighting skills are my most prized possession." I said with a sigh.

"If I personally didn't know better I would say video games don't count." Anna said and with that we all laughed a little. Which felt good because there was so much tension, it was good to let off some of it for a change.

"Alright, so we have to save Lindy, no matter what the cost," at this every ones face was completely serious and laughing was all but forgotten, "and no matter what happens, Lindy can't find out about what we are if she hasn't already." I said, total authority in my voice.

"How will we tell if she knows or not?" asked Mom, I was glad she was finally getting how serious this really was.

"Well, I figure, if she is not running in the other direction screaming when she sees us, I guess he has yet to tell her." I say he referring to the man that has taken Lindy from me. We never speak of his name and when referring to him we let it slide off of our tongues like venom of the bitterest taste ever tasted in our mouths. That man, or should I say that snake, has torn our family apart. My father is gone because of him, my mother still cries over him, my sister secludes herself and thinks lowly of herself because of him. And I, I am chasing after a girl that would never fit in here, that would get lost in our world, but I still love her, and I will always blame him for that. I will never forget Lindy, but that isn't what I blame that devil for, I blame the snake he really is for making me this way so he will always be able to hold her an arms length away, if he has her captive or not. He made me this monster, and now Lindy could end up hurt and alone if she tried to love me back. I would ruin her and then she would hate me for sure. I could never let that happen, that is, if she doesn't hate me already.

Chapter 13


I pace back and forth, in front of the large open window in the room I'm staying in. the moon is bright and full tonight and a slight breeze is filling the room. And I have this horrible feeling inside of me. A nagging, constant painful feeling like my heart has been twisted into knots. And I can't shake the feeling that something horrible is going on. So I just climb into the huge, feathery, bed and try to sleep. But unfortunately sleep does not come and I soon find myself thinking about the feast that was thrown for me tonight. There wasn't anyone but the help there but it was still nice in an awkward when-did-I-get-so-important kind of way. The food was great which I helped Evangeline make all day. Now I am stuffed and restless, I toss and turn for a while but to no avail. I end up scouring the halls for an answer to a question that I do not know. While wandering the hallways I heard talking from a room up ahead. I flattened myself against the pokey wall behind me and slowly slid closer to the door once again. I've never snooped so much in my life.

"I don't think it's a good idea. It just doesn't sound safe." said a voice that sounded a lot like Evangeline.

"Well I think everything will go absolutely perfectly." said a much higher voice that sounded snobby. "And if it doesn't she dies so what."

"Master, I saw it, They, are coming. There is nothing we can do to stop them. They are so determined they will get her back no matter what choices we make they still triumph over us-" a very tinkley voice said quietly and eerily but was suddenly interrupted by a yell.

"No That Will Not Happen, No way! And No She Won't Die!" the dark mysterious voice of master yelled. Then suddenly I heard a huge boom and a scream and I turned and ran as fast as I could to my room, not caring who heard me. I just wanted to get out of there.

I finally made it to my room and quickly shut and locked the door behind me. I plopped down on my bed and urged my erratically beating heart to slow down. I closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep. But no matter how much I tried I couldn't keep the nightmares away. Suddenly I was once again in the pitch black being consumed by the invisible whispering beings.


We finally made it to The Island. Thank God! I have had way too much time cooped up next to my repulsive brother (what does Lindy see in him?!) and my air headed mom. You would think that your mom would be the one person to rely on when something happens but not mine. I guess so many years of pain have made her now only look at things like it's all sunny and flowery, like always looking through rose colored glasses. Nathan sauntered up to me.

"Ok we're here so what's the plan now genius?"

"To feed you to a big hairy mobster and run away to watch Lindy marry Taylor Lautner, because she prefers werewolves!" I retorted with an evil laugh.

"Ha, your sooo funny!" he said sarcastically

"I'll show you funny." I said raising my fist.

"Annabelle Ruth! What do you think you are doing? Both of you just settle down and take deep breaths everything is fine."

"No, mom, nothing is fine." said Nathan glumfully.

"No everything is perfect my best friend and Nathan's only love is being held captive, while the one holding her captive is going to not only most likely use her for his own gain," me and Nathan shudder in unison at the thought. "but also can use her to not only take us out but also rule the frickin' world! So you're right everything is just peachy keen." I said with extra sarcasm on the side.

"Oh well, I didn't think you would get so upset and just go off on me like that." She said with a pathetic sniffle.

I took one look at Nathan and said "Mom, I can't deal with you. You are the reason I went off on you not because we are upset. But you do not seem to realize how scary and dangerous this situation is so maybe you should just get back on that plane and go home, we are big kids now and we can take care of ourselves. Just go home to your boyfriend Rob, your just slowing us down." I said in a stern voice and right as I was done me and Nathan turned together and walked away. Deep inside I knew what I said hurt my mother, but it was all I could do to save her. I knew she was crying now and refused to turn back, afraid that if I saw the sheer pain of rejection in her large deep brown doe eyes I would turn and run back to her and say I was sorry and plead with her until she forgave me, but I couldn't let that happen so we marched on.

Outside it was freezing, I thought I might turn into a large block of ice and never ever thaw out. I wondered suddenly what was going on with Lindy and that was when I felt it. I felt her! Her current emotions suddenly flooded upon me, I almost lost my balance because they were so strong and had to use Nathan to steady myself.

"She has to be close; I can feel her emotions again!" I exclaimed to Nathan in hushed excitement so we wouldn't be overheard. People try to put us in psychiatric ward if they hear our real conversations.

"I can feel her presence too, ever since I let myself admit that I do love her and I can do nothing to stop it I have felt this inexplicable need to be near her. Now that we are here, that need has spiked to where it is unbearable; she is so near yet still out of reach. What is she feeling?" he said timidly.

"Well, she is terrified; I can practically feel her heart thrumming. And she is worried, I have a feeling she thinks we have forgotten about her and that she is stuck there forever. And she is filled with sadness and questions. She is very confused." I said slowly.

"We have to hurry." Nathan said and I nodded in agreement.

"If only we knew where she was….."

Chapter 14


Lying on my bed in the complete darkness of my room, a sudden wave of emotion came upon me. The feeling of hope filled me from deep within, like the light at the end of a tunnel. I was certain though that looming in front of me was a giant obstacle of pure evil I would have to overcome before I could reach the amazing light. I shuddered and decided to get up and see if I could find something in the kitchen to snack on. At this mere thought my stomach came to life, growling like a lion. I would need food if I wanted to mentally prepare myself to face the darkness that I was sure to confront much too soon. So I decided to slip out of my room and down the large, ornate stairs and into the kitchen only to find Evangeline cooking a huge feast once again. I glanced at the clock on the pale wall in front of me and noticed it was 11:30. Odd I usually never slept in that late. I decided to take a quick inventory of how I was feeling, hungry, yes, fatigued too. I decided to grab a snack and head back up to my room. After I finished I didn't feel hungry anymore but definitely still fatigued. This is odd I think to myself as I step out onto the balcony, I slept a long time how could I feel so tired and worn out? It's like after you have been sick and you are feeling much better but your body is still tired and recuperating. I haven't been sick in a long time though, and here my allergies don't even act up in the slightest. The air is so fresh and even tastes clean. So now I wonder, what's wrong now?

I suddenly had a bad feeling about this. I feel a sudden wave of dizziness, similar to the other night when I fainted. I did Not want to faint again, not here. I gripped hard to the hand rail to steady myself and wished the dizziness away. I inevitably started to sway slightly.

"No, no I can't. I have to stay conscious." I mutter to myself.

"Oh, darling! What are you doing out there, in that cold weather?!" said some blonde girl in a pressed light blue dress and apron that you see maids in hotels wearing.

"What?" I asked wondering how sane this chick was. There wasn't even a breeze and the sun felt so good. Just a few lonely clouds dotted the bright blue sky. "Are you crazy or something? Who are you?"

"OH, I'm sorry, I'm the maid." said the crazy blonde chick in front of me.

"Good for you, you can leave now, just an FYI I don't like to be randomly walked in on, I like my privacy."

"Oh my you just sound like Tho-…" she ended quickly. " The Master, you sounded just like The Master." I gave her a puzzling look. "I must go." And with that she flitted out of the room, as quickly as she came.

I made a mental note to lock the door after entering.

The next morning I woke with a strange feeling, it was a feeling of hope. And then I overheard a strange conversation that for some reason heightened that unparalleled feeling. I was once again roaming the halls of this huge castle when I stumbled upon a large richly furnished library like room. It was beautiful and full of books. Shelves were filled to each side and bookcases lined every one of the walls, floor to ceiling. In some spots the bookcases stopped for a moment and there were benches built into the wall that looked out upon huge, gorgeous windows that let in abundant amounts of sunlight. As I looked up I saw the ceiling was domed and had an amazing mural of the renaissance period painted on it. The wood everything was made from was a deep oak that caused the room to look very masculine.

Suddenly I heard two sets of footsteps coming towards the door. A man was talking and the footsteps had stopped. The thick door muffled the words so I could not tell what he was saying. On an odd instinct I was franticly looking for a place to hide. I went over to one of the window benches and pulled up on it to see if it would open and to my relief it did without a sound. I hurriedly climbed inside. My hands and legs were shaking and my heart was beating so hard and fast I was sure they would hear it immediately after entering the room.

I heard the door swing open and only one set of foot steps entered the room. They sounded louder and louder like they were coming closer. I stopped breathing altogether. The footsteps stopped right in front on the bench and I just knew I'd been caught. I couldn't move, Couldn't breathe, just listened to my erratically beating heart. Then it sounded as if the person sat down. I guessed there was probably a desk nearby that I had overlooked. Suddenly the telephone rang once, then it stopped, about a minute later it rang again. I thought that that was odd. Whoever was in at the desk let it ring twice before answering.

"What is it." said a deep whispery voice that I had heard few times out loud but many times in my dreams. It was the master. The phone was suddenly put on speakerphone and I could hear every word spoken on either end of this strange call.

"The twins are in town darling. They are on their way to you." said the feminine voice on the other end of the line.

"You have done a great job my love, my Bethany." said the master.

This struck me fast and hard. It was Anna and Nathan's mother. It couldn't be just a coincidence that they happen to be twins and that sounded like their mom on the phone and her name was Bethany. This meant a lot of things but the two that I can't stop thinking about was: Anna and Nathan are here, wherever that is, and are going to come for me. And that their mother was working for this vile man and now they are walking into a trap, and I'm the bait. My heart stopped, I would be why they died.


I had a horrible sinking feeling deep within my stomach when we finally reached the back fence of the huge estate that belonged to XXX. I shoved the feelings aside thinking it was nothing but just anxiousness to hold Lindy once again.

"OK, you know what we are doing right?" My sister Anna said. I am actually very grateful for her right now, and how she is excellent at coordinating things, whether it be parties, moving, finances, or rescue missions that may or may not involve deathly fights to the death. To ask for assistance call 123-555-2222222 or email Ihopethisjokeisfunny .

"Yes I get it, for the ten thousandth time." I whine.

We hop the fence, which is a good thing we have more strength than the average human because it was a very high fence made of brick. It looked more like a wall but is called a fence because people like to be technical or whatever. So after hopping the wall (yes I went there) I quickly scanned the area and noticed it was deathly quiet and not even a gardener was anywhere to be seen heard or smelt. Anna and I exchanged worried glances.

"Well, here goes nothing!" I said. My excitement was on the climb as we walked up the maze of stone paths. I was itching to see Lindy and to hold her again. I also couldn't wait to get my hands on the deranged man that took her from me in the very beginning, XXX.


I had with me my hunga munga and an amazing set of 17 throwing knives, and 7 shuriken Nathan has brought along a light weight sword, a bow with a 3 dozen arrows, and a set of 15 throwing knives as well, one for every year of Lindy's life. I had no doubt he hoped to use each one on XXX but he also knew he could very well die today. He would not die in vain. If I couldn't save Lindy I would kill XXX and that would suffice my mother could arrange for her protection. The thought of my mother brought tears to my eyes but I wouldn't let them roll down my cheeks. I know I hurt her but I had no choice, how else would I have gotten her to leave her only two children so they could go try to cheat death once again against the evil man who ruthlessly murdered her own husband? I was surprised she didn't protest at all when Nathan and I walked away, that didn't seem like her at all. What kind of mother in their right mind would let their kids walk away to do something like that without a word? I snapped out of my deep thought just in time to notice two large men guarding the back doors of the castle.

"Nathan, get in that bush." I said in a harsh whisper.

"Why?" he whispered back, then he followed my eyes to the two large guards. "Oh" he continued in hushed tones.

We crouched down and waddled over to a nearby bush with dark green leafs and tiny, gorgeous, coral colored blooms all over it. I checked it quickly before leaning into it, no thorns. Nathan got out his bow and swiftly shot two arrows directly into one of the guard's chest. As soon as his first arrow was released from his hand I had reached inside my jacket and flung a throwing knife and it hit the second guard right in between his eyes.

We scanned the area and found no one else around but us and two dead bodies. We then ran to the backdoor.

"Ok, I'll climb up to that balcony and you go through the doors." I said wishing there was a way we could not split up but knowing it was our only hope to get to Lindy first.

Nathan nodded in response his mouth a tight line. I got out my grappling hook and took a few steps back until I could clearly see the banister of the balcony and started swinging my hook over my head to gain its momentum. I released and then as it was falling to the floor of the balcony I pulled. The hook caught on the wrought iron railing I started climbing. Even though the balcony was three stories above the ground I made it up in less than 10 minutes. I heaved myself over the rail and straddled it so I could untangle the hook. As soon as it was free I was quickly looping up the cord and hooking it back onto its spot on my belt. I looked down at Nathan and nodded then dismounted the rail and casually walked through the grand frosted glass doors and into a huge dim room. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust, it was so bright outside. I took a quick glance around assessing my surroundings and noticed this was obviously a bedroom, maybe even the master. There was a set of dark wood doors that went from floor to ceiling. I assumed they led to a bathroom or closet. There was a large fireplace with a marble mantle and hearth. There was furniture about that I didn't pay much attention to. It was not important to me in the least, just possible obstacles. There across from the fireplace was a huge four poster bed with a dreamy canopy and a small figure breathing rapidly sprawled across the middle. I got so excited I almost squealed. As soon as I saw her I knew it was her. Lindy.


I quickly retrieved the two arrows from the guard I shot down and the knife from the other and wiped them on the grass. I then strolled through the backdoors like I owned the place. I was fearless and bullet proof. I hope XXX remembered that because if not this was gonna be a boring trip. Suddenly I heard booming laughter and froze to locate the source. There not 10 feet ahead of me was a set of thick oak doors slightly cracked open. I stealthily moved closer not wanting to be heard because this could be a very good conversation to eavesdrop on. Most of what I heard was XXX going on and on to someone about how great of a job they did. Who knows what he was talking about? But really who cares?

"You should consider acting, really those bratty twins believed every word darling." He was saying. I stopped breathing. Twins: me and Anna. Something is not right. I peeked around to see through the crack and I lost it. XXX was standing there making out with my mother. He had been talking to her, she tricked us. She set up everything to make us come here alone and without alerting anyone. She is killing her own kids. I lost it and pulled out my sword from its sheath at my side and barged through the doors. At first I thought they hadn't heard me then XXX pulled away from my mother and smiled maliciously. My mom went hysterical.

"Oh Nathan! Your safe I was so worried as soon as you and Anna walked away he captured me and brought me here and has forced himself upon me!" she said through sobs and tears streaming down her face.

"Shut up! I heard everything. You are a liar and you are going to get me and Anna killed by leading us here! How could you?!" I said tears welling up in my eyes but I wouldn't let them roll down my cheeks. I wouldn't cry for two people I despised.

XXX pulled a knife from the desk behind him and put it to my mother's neck.

"I'll kill her; I'll do it if you don't do exactly as I say. You understand?" I nodded. "Good, put your sword away." I did as I was told but then I pulled out my bow and was about to get an arrow when my mother screamed.

"No! NO! Do what he says Nathan!" she wailed. When she saw that I wasn't stopping with loading and aiming my arrow she switched tactics. "You wouldn't kill me no we are lovers. You love me! You do! I love you! No Don't-" and with that I let the arrow fly. It hit her in the chest and she landed in a heap on the floor, her blood a small fountain growing fainter and fainter while her body went paler. I let no emotion show on my face but my heart had just exploded in my chest my body went numb. I was determined to let none of this show; I would not let XXX get his satisfaction out of getting to me.

"What a pity, I loved that rug. Oh well." XXX said with a slight shake of his head as he nudged the dead body with the toe of his shoe. At the nudge of his shoe her body turned to ash like so many others of our kind I watched die because of XXX. I let another arrow go and XXX reached out and caught it.

"Take him away." He said with a wave of his hand and then two oversized men grabbed me from behind gagged me and used some sort of smelling salt to knock me out.

I woke in complete darkness somewhere damp. All I could hear was a constant drip from somewhere.

I screamed.


I heard a commotion outside the kitchen and stuck my head out of the archway just in time to see two of the guards dragging an unconscious boy across the floor. Oh no. I deeply admire them for such a fearless attempt at rescuing that poor girl, but unless they are bringing in a swat team the size of New York they are on a suicide mission. Don't get me wrong XXX was doing me quite a favor when he let me come live and work here for him but still he is a horrible man. If I had another choice I would have taken it, but my 4 babies were starving. I remember the night when we came here, I was 6 months pregnant and my oldest was only 6 years old. Sicilia asked me, "Mommy, why are we following this man?" it was hard to explain that the reason her belly was empty all the time was because their daddy left us and I couldn't get a job. Following XXX was our only chance at survival. All my babies died. The black plague was horrible and they were still weak. I still miss them, I think about them every single day. They overtake the largest part of my mind throughout the day. I still have the nightmares after so many years. It's just like when their deaths were fresh and ragged in my mind. It was like having a huge gash right over my heart, I'll never be quite right. Never back to mint condition.

I imagine Nathan, the twin I saw dragged across the floor, was already feeling the cut being made. In my mind I see XXX wielding a long jagged dagger, slowly dragging it across his chest going deeper and deeper, only adding to the previous lines. One for the boy's father, another, I have just learned, for his mother, by the end of the night I'm sure there is to be another for his sister, and the last straw being Lindy. That is the last cut that will kill the boy. Although that is just his mental self, he will be kept alive for a long time making the pain worse and worse as time goes by, instead of easing it as time is supposed to. Sometimes it's better just to die, to have a final peace, to see your loved ones again, and rest knowing they can't be taken ever again. But I doubt XXX would ever let him have the easy way out; death. That's when I realize I won't let that happen to this boy, I can't let it happen. I would help him in any way I could even if it killed me, which it most likely will, and I will welcome death gratefully. I know what it feels like when you can't just die and you have to relive the pain all over again every time you wake up. Even when you sleep the memories flood your mind, some nights they might even be good memories and in your sleep you are happy, then you wake up and cry, when you realize it was only just a dream, nothing real. You seem to have nothing to live for, and every reason to die, but you don't, you don't die. You continue on in a haze until the haze becomes a fog, then you can no longer even sense the light. Your life just becomes a huge black abyss. You are just floating through the motions not wanting to even think, numbing your mind. You don't think your life will ever be important ever again, and you have no more purpose. I believe that helping this young boy will be the last purposeful thing I ever do, and maybe the key to my release. The key to my death.

The plan was to first, find Lindy and Anna. Which as easy as it sounds would definitely be easier said than done. It looked as if we were stuck in the kitchen, guards patrolling the exits. I knew of a secret passage that I never told XXX about. When he first bought the place he told all of us servants to scour our area of work for secret passage ways, doors, hide outs, cubbyholes, everything and anything that could be secretive. I had just decided to keep mine secret, and now I'm glad I did. There is a bay window with a seat and on the side of the seat is a small opening that took years to find. The door is rather small and leads to a crawl space that quickly opens up into a narrow tall hallway. After years of wondering around back here I have learned that at the end of the hall way there is a split, one leads to the garden in the back and the other up a staircase. The staircase empties into yet another hallway; this hallway conveniently leads to the large bedroom where Lindy is staying. While I was deep in thought I forgot about the bread I had been cooking, I started smelling something burning I jumped up and scurried to the stove. I pulled out the bread and see it isn't burnt very badly at all. Then the door opened and startled me a little.

"I hope I didn't startle you Evangeline." said the ever familiar velvet voice of the master.

"No, just startled me a bit I almost burned the bread. I'm just a little out of whack today." I reply trying to stay calm.

"Well I am going to leave this thing here." He motioned to the guards with the unconscious Nathan. "If he wakes go ahead and feed him, and get him some water but don't let him out of here. I'll post guards at both doors to help out. We have confiscated all of his weapons, and he is rather weak so he shouldn't be a problem."

"Yes sir." I nodded and turned back to my cooking. I listened as they dragged him across the floor and dropped him on the hard tile. I winced. Poor boy, he would definitely have some bruises. After about a half hour he started to stir I finished up everything I was doing so I wouldn't leave anything on the stove or in the oven. I brought him some bread and a small piece of meat along with a glass of milk. I set everything on the table so I could help into a chair. I watched as he ate greedily and didn't say a word. As soon as he was finished he got up and headed for the door.

"No!" I said he stopped and looked at me, "there are guards that way." He nodded and started to continue for it. I ran to him and grabbed his arm; he gave me a funny look.

"I know you want to get to Lindy and I know a way, you are weak and have no weapons. You can't fight those burly guards. Follow me." I climb into the crawl space with Nathan behind me then I close the door tightly behind us and we are enveloped in darkness on all sides, a suffocating blackness that slowly closes in around you. I lit a torch and handed it to him and nudged him to walk forward, I told him that we would turn right at the split and go up the staircase. He simply nodded, in this confined space it was as if I could feel his heart beating incredibly fast, but maybe it was just mine. When we finally got to the door that opened to the bedroom we stopped, Nathan turned to look at me he looked pale.

"Do you think anyone else is in there?" he whispered in an barely audible voice.

"No. Do you?" I whispered back. He shook his head and started for the door and slowly pushed inside. There was someone else in the room.


We were sitting on the bed; Anna said that Nathan was going to come for us soon. That's when we heard a cry, a desperate scream, and a large commotion. We looked as each other, both of us obviously thinking the same thing, as we looked back to the door and rushed to stand up the door opened. A blonde woman was standing there a devilish grin on her face but a tear in her eye.

"My name is Prissy and I will be taking care of you today." She said with a sick smile. Then she laughed, a helium filled sound that sent chills down my back. She slowly took a few steps towards us then sharply turned, and ran back to the door. She locked the door with a brass key and dropped it into her bra. She turned backed to us and then continued towards us again with something that was obviously trying to mimic a runway walk. When she reached us she looked straight between me and Anna. She slowly turned her head to look at me. The only thing in my mind at that moment was how pathetically dramatic she was failing to be. Then as fast as the thought entered my mind she reached up and slapped her palm very hard against my face. It was so hard, tears sprung into my eyes. Before I could even whimper Anna attacked Prissy. She was so fast, even though I knew she wasn't exactly human, it still surprised me. She threw Prissy to the ground and straddled her. Prissy looked like she was having a seizure and she tried to throw Anna off. All of her struggles were in vain. Anna lifted up Prissy by her hair, they stood up, and before Anna looked over her shoulder at me, I was coming towards them. When I reached Prissy's pathetic, wriggling figure I punched her square in the face. Anna dropped her, and if my punch wasn't enough her head's impact with the cold, hard floor knocked her out. To my left I heard a shocked gasp. I turned sharp and my jaw dropped. Standing in front of a hole in the wall was not only Evangeline but also Nathan. I shot like a bullet across the room and into his arms. Before his arms were even around me the tears flooded over. He held me tight and lifted me off the ground spinning me in a circle. I pulled my head off of his shoulder to look at his face. He had tears on his face too. He gave a throaty laugh which made me smile.

"I missed you so much baby, never run off with a strange man again." He joked.

"Hmm, I don't plan on it, you smell too good." I smiled up at him. He took his hand and gently placed it on my cheek, then slid it up under my chin. He tilted my head back slightly so I had to look him in the eyes.

"I love you, remember that." He said with finality.

"I know, I love-" He cut me off.

"No, do not say it. Not right now." He turned towards Anna and let his arms drop from me. I felt my whole body slack. Something had changed in him. With no emotion he said "Anna, mom's dead."


The world stopped spinning, and the room started, my heart sped but my breathing ceased. My mouth tasted tart, my world was deceased. I think I almost fainted, my mind went black. Nothing could be worse than this; there could be nothing more I would miss. I knew it wasn't a joke, yet I wanted to believe it so. My brother just stared at me while I shook my head no. It couldn't be true, I wouldn't believe it. The tears in my eyes wouldn't leave it. My face soon flushed and I surged with anger. Some one here was very soon to be in danger. No matter how long or how hard I must try, the one who killed my mother would soon die. I balled my hands into fists and demanded, "Who did this?!"

My brother looked down to the ground then up at me again, "Who do you think sis?"

In my heart I knew and this confirmed it, "Oh believe me X, you have earned it."

I screamed and walked to the door no one could stop me, not anymore.


I knew my face must have completely drained of color. Not only from the news, but also at how emotionless Nathan was. Even Evangeline was visible shaken. Tears streamed quickly yet silently down my face.

"Anna she was here, we sent her home, but that was just her plan. She was bringing us to our deaths; she was letting X use her. She wanted to be his one love, even though she knew it would be Lindy. She had been planning this awhile; she was going to not only watch us die, but also help to kill us. Now don't think I'm saying XXX shouldn't die, or that I don't want him to suffer a thousand times over, I'm just saying let's do it for Lindy and not for that fake of a mother we had." As he was saying this he started transforming into the Nathan I knew, the Nathan I loved. Anna didn't slow down at all, over her shoulder she yelled, "I don't care why he's dying, I just know I'm killing him. At least it will be constructive yet destructive." And she stormed out.

"I would go and try to stop her, but I don't think an apocalypse would stop her now." Nathan said and I nodded and then grabbed Nathan's hand and started for the door. He didn't budge and I tugged on his hand more, nothing worked. He cocked his head to the side and stared into my eyes with question. I sighed and said, "Well if we can't stop obviously we have to help her!" then he understood my actions completely then he heard a huge crash and soon he was pulling me, out the door and down the halls. He slowed down at the top of the stairs and we looked horrified at the foyer turned battlefield scene in front of us. Anna was nowhere to be seen but she was definitely just here.

"We couldn't have been more than 10 minutes behind her!" I cried out taking in the wreckage. Nathan looked around shaking his head, his mouth hanging open in disbelief. There was a crystal chandelier shattered on the ground still rocking slightly, tilted up from dead and broken bodies. The bodies looked like XXX must have called reinforcements, but that didn't stop Anna it looks like it didn't even slow her down. Part of the banister of the stairs towards the bottom was broken off in the back of my mind I was wondering where it was. As we descended the stairs further we found the missing piece of banister impaled in a fallen guard's chest protruding grotesquely from both sides propping up the upper half of his body as if he were convulsing. More wreckage greeted us as we reached the bottom of the stairs. Chairs were flung around broken and smashed, tables over turned and in pieces, rugs torn, glass shattered, and bodies strewn about. Blood was everywhere, in pools on the floor, droplets splashed on the walls, and splatters dripping slowly from the ceiling. We heard yelling just beyond a large set of doors I slowly looked towards Nathan whose face was stone. He maneuvered his body in front of mine while still holding my hand and we made our way across the foyer trying our best to avoid wreckage and dead bodies as much as we possibly could. Once we got to the doors we noticed they were ajar so we burst through them rather dramatically. What we found inside I was definitely not prepared for, which probably made it easier for captors.


As I stormed out of the bedroom leaving Lindy, Nathan and Evangeline behind I knew I was being unreasonable but I still didn't care because He just needed to die, I didn't need yet another reason. Dad was enough, Dad was the first reason, he killed him and I saw the whole thing, I had that in my brain forever. I could never forget it no matter how hard I tried. Now I hold tight to the memory hoping to let it fuel my anger, my rage and give me strength. I jumped over the banister of the second floor and landed in the middle of no less than thirty guards. I had built up so much raw anger inside already that when I released my power all but five were dead, chairs had flown across the room tables flipped over and the chandelier crashed landing on two of the remaining men all in a matter of two minutes. That had to be a record but then the three remaining men charged at me with swords drawn. These weren't regular swords each was different and all were foreign to me, which never happens with me and weapons over my long lifetimes I have studied all manner of weaponry, but these were something of a new technology I had yet to face and I doubted they were going to stop so we could have a Q and A session. I flipped backwards and landed on the bottom step of the stairs but one of the men had already calculated my move and was coming at me on my right side I gripped the banister hard and yanked a good 4 feet off and then launched it at the man charging at me. He was instantly impaled and flew until he hit the far wall and came to an abrupt landing on the floor. By now the other two men had regrouped and where now coming at me head on. I jumped up and used my hands to push off the wall both of my feet connected with each of the men's throats they fell backwards as I was now falling forwards. I rolled as I landed and stood and turned ignoring the pain in my legs from the landing. If I hadn't rolled it would have been worse. I stood on my hands and then brought my feet down hard on the men's skulls, partially crushing in their faces. I then simply stood and turned continuing on into the doorway where I heard XXX's laugh coming from. When I entered the room the first thing I saw was XXX laughing and clapping, his eyes gleaming with knowledge, the second thing I saw was my mother's dead broken body crumpled on the floor only a few feet in front of me. My eyes burned with rage as tears spilled in a continuous stream down my face.

"You killed her." I whispered.

"What was that love?" The sick smiling man said.

"YOU KILLED HER!" I screamed at his face, the tears pouring faster as realization hit me harder. It was just adding fuel to the burning flame of my rage.

"Oh see I'm sorry but your mistaken Dearie." his smile growing wider, "It was not me who killed your poor mother," his face was full of mock sadness and regret now as he spoke. "it was actually that untrustworthy snake of a brother you have. That's right Nathan did this, now how does that make you feel?"

"Liar." I spit back at him why would Nathan kill our mother? Then I remember what he was saying about her being a traitor, but yet I still refused to believe anything XXX was telling me.

"Afraid not, I can tell you have your doubts I'm lying. I'm not, just ask young Nathan. Oh what perfect timing!" he gestures towards the door and I spin around and see Nathan on his knees being forced down by a large guard and Lindy in the arms of another guard struggling to free herself she couldn't even scream because the man had a huge hand over her mouth. I didn't even hear them come in I had been so wrapped up in what XXX was telling me that I wasn't even paying attention to my surroundings, a fatal mistake.

"Nathan, he said, he said you killed mom." I stuttered over the words and looked him in the eyes the guard had already gagged him but the answer was in his eyes.

Yes I did.

The world came to a halt and I stumbled backwards I watched Lindy's eyes get huge at the accusation then angry, but once she saw my reaction she stopped moving, quit struggling to get free and just hung limply her eyes staring vacantly at the back of Nathan's head.

I spun back around to see XXX flying at me I ducked and rolled to the right just in time, or so I thought, he managed to land and grab my foot at the last second which jacked up my roll and caused my head to slam against the hard wood floor giving me a concussion. The room spun back and forth but I shook my head and willed the room to stay still and it did just in time for me to see Nathan suffer a heavy blow to the head that knocked him out. The man holding him just let him drop limply to the floor after he bound Nathan's hands behind his back.

"Now I think for the ladies we will use this" XXX said as he shoved something under my nose and the world went black.


Something wet dripped on my forehead and slowly slid down the rest of my face. My eyes fluttered and I was aware that I had a horrible pounding headache and a ringing in my ears. At first I was confused and scared but then it all came rushing back and tears streamed down my face. My head was pounding more than ever and worry gripped me. Where were Anna, Nathan, and Evangeline? I sat up and surveyed my surroundings as best as I could in the very dimly lit basement like place. Actually it looked like a dungeon; this was a very old castle so I'm sure that's exactly what it is. Well I'm glad the creep finally found a use for the old dungeon. I looked around and in the corner was a huddled up body.


I started to move towards him but suddenly felt weak and lay back down. Lying there I remembered Anna's face after she asked if Nathan killed their mom. Suddenly I didn't want to be anywhere near him and I bet that is exactly what XXX wanted. I turned to my right and there was Anna and Evangeline, I breathed a sigh of relief and tried to sit up and move again, this time towards Anna's cell and away from Nathan. I ever so slowly and carefully made my way over to the thick bars separating the two cells.

"Anna?" I whispered, I looked back over my shoulder at Nathan's body in the opposite corner and hoped he wouldn't wake up. "Anna?!" I whispered a little bit louder. Her body stirred I waited a minute because I was sure she would experience the same things I did. Unlike me however she sat up quickly and snapped her head around when she saw me patiently waiting she relaxed a little well until her eyes shifted over to Nathan's body in the corner then her eyes flared and she crawled over to me.

"Oh good your awake." I said trying, and failing, to divert her attention.

"How can you stand to be in the same cage as that… thing over there?" she asked obviously disgusted.

"I can't and I'm sure XXX wanted it that way. Maybe he was afraid you would kill him so he put me with him because he wanted you two all to himself."

"You're smart Lindy." She decided.

"Lindy?" came a very tired injured voice from the corner of my cell. I didn't know what to do I slowly turned my head. My heart froze.


I woke up to the girl I love and my sister talking about killing me. What a lovely thing to wake up to from unconsciousness. It was already just lovely that my head hurt extremely but then not only my sister but also the only girl I have ever loved want me dead. Oh and we are in a mildew smelling, poorly lit, damp dungeon.

"Lindy?" wow did my voice really just sound like that? I tried clearing my throat but it didn't really do any good, so I just sat up. The first thing I see is Anna hugging Lindy through the cell bars and glaring at me. If looks could kill, I definitely wouldn't be here to deal with this mess. I look at Lindy who is looking at the ground in front of me and shuddering. She thinks I'm a monster.

"You lied." These words doused in venom shoot at me from my sister's mouth. "You said XXX killed mom, you lied and you're a monster." Her last words feel like a punch in the stomach.

"I…I'm sorry. I know that doesn't come near to an apology but she was trying to kill us Anna! All three of us! XXX was going to get rid of her as soon as he was done with her anyway, which was coming fast, the only reason she was still alive when I got there was because he probably hadn't got to use her for…you know they were already making out. Don't make me say it; it's our mom for God's sake! I know it's unbelievable but it's true Anna, Lindy please believe me. He had a knife to her throat I wasn't going to let him use her against us, not when she didn't even love us. It wasn't worth it so I let go of my arrow." I stopped and finally let one tear roll from my eye but I told myself that it was for them hating me and not for mom being dead. Fact: it's hard to lie to yourself; and believe it.

"Come here." Was all Anna said, so I crawled over to her and sat on my knees. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me against the bars. I kept my stare with her even.

"I am going to kill you." She said through gritted teeth.

"I deserve it, do it for you, for Lindy, for….your mom." I said not faltering at all. That seemed to be the last straw for her and she reached for my neck and closed her death grip around it, choking off my air. I let my eyes slip closed as my body fought to live.

"NOOO!" Lindy screamed as she flung herself at Anna's arm. My eyes flew open and Lindy was staring down at me with tears streaming down her face.

"I love you." She said, my heart soared, those three words made me for sure she believed me and forgave me.

"How Could You Say That?!" my sister spat at us. "He Deserves To Die!" she continued pure rage burning in her eyes.

"I believe him and I love him." Lindy said simply.

"Then you deserve to die too." Anna replied simply and stared ruthlessly as Lindy started breathing in short rasps and her eyes grew and transformed into waterfalls.

"You don't mean that. You can't." Lindy choked out between rasps.

"With all my heart." Anna said quietly and went to the corner of her cell, farthest away from us.

"Shhh, Lindy it's ok she's just upset." I whispered into Lindy's ears as I rocked her back and forth. Lindy hiccupped, crying continuously. I wondered how many times she had cried these past two days. Or has it been three now? Nonetheless how could she even have any tears left? Suddenly Anna throws herself against the bars she thrashes trying to break them. Lindy screams and runs to the far corner of our cell I am right behind her. Anna yells and wakes Evangeline. I feel bad for Evangeline because it seems like Anna has gone insane. I don't know what to say, what to calm Anna or Lindy down so I just hold Lindy and watched Anna yell and scream through the bars. XXX wanted this; he wanted her to hate me. I killed my mother because I didn't want XXX to use against me, to have leverage against me, but he succeeded. He predicted me doing that which made Anna hate me. Without her help I doubt we will ever escape. Maybe she will just beat XXX to the chase and kill me herself. Maybe I can use Anna's fierce desire to kill me and Lindy both. I started yelling.

"GUARDS! GUARDS! HELP! That Girl Is Insane!" I scream. That only makes Anna scream and thrash even more. But sure enough a large guard came rushing down a stairwell to our left.

"What are you yelling about down here?" said the deep voice of the guard.

"That girl has gone insane, I'm afraid she will hurt Evangeline. I'm sure XXX won't be very happy." I say, trying to devise a way to trick this guard.

"Very well, Evangeline come her." She slowly stood and walked toward the guard. Anna threw herself in front of Evangeline and thrust her arms through the bars clawing for the guard. The guard sidestepped and pulled something from his pocket. Anna continued to scream and reach through the bars. Suddenly he slammed something into her neck. Anna's body went slack and she fell to the floor. There was a syringe sticking out of her neck, as Evangeline passed by she carefully took the syringe from Anna's neck and handed to the guard as he opened the cell door.

"Thank you Evangeline, this way." He but his large hand on the small of her back and led her up the stairs, at least she was safe now. Or at least I hoped so.


That Nathan is a smart one. Although I'm not sure XXX will let me work for him more, at least I'm out of the disgusting cell. I still feel bad for Lindy and Nathan and even Anna, even though she has lost it. I'm not sure she will ever be right again. She has lost so much, just like me.

"Well well well, look who we have here. Or should I say What we have here." Said

Prissy as she spat at my feet.

"Prissy! Don't spit on our guest!" the master exclaimed and he shoved her aside so hard she fell to the ground. She whimpered dramatically causing the master to roll his eyes at her. Now he walked closer to me, I was tempted to look away but instead I looked him straight in those cold eyes.

"Why did you betray me? After all I did for you. I know I didn't save your children, but I saved you, isn't that what really matters?" he said puzzled. My eyes grew wide. He could have save my children? If he had they could still be here today! Why didn't he? I could care less if I lived I wanted to save them!

"You… you could have saved them?! They could have lived if you helped them? WHY DID YOU LET THEM DIE?!" I screamed.

"What a pity, I didn't know you cared so much, otherwise I would have I guess. They were just snot nosed brats. I did save the new born I just didn't tell you." He said with what almost seemed like mock sympathy. I gave him a puzzled look.

"You saved one? Where is she?!" I was getting excited tears were welling up in my eyes.

"Well she has been waiting to see you for a long time now, Guards bring in Mindy." At that two huge guards walked in shoulder to shoulder so I couldn't see what was behind them. They each step away and revealed a figure in a deep red cloak with the hood up. I was shocked the figure only looked to be the size of a 5 year old.

"Mindy?" I say remembering the name the master had said earlier. Her intended name had been Kay. She looked up and lifted tiny delicate hands to remove her hood. I almost screamed when she did. She was stunning, not cute like most little girls. She was hundreds of years old, but trapped in the body of a 5 year old. Her eyes were a deep red, and her smile was wicked.

"Hello Evangeline." The foreign tinkley voice said. My heart broke, of course how could I have expected her to call me her mother? She just met me. But I could tell already that this was not my Kay. This was a monster. This was evil.

"No, that can't be my daughter. That is not Kay." I wouldn't believe anything I produced would be that evil. The small monster flicked her floor length ruby hair.

"No, your right I am not your Kay. My name is Mindy. But yes you are my birthmother. Although I do not look much like you, I see some resemblance. XXX, master can I finish my task now?" she sounded impatient. She put her little hand on her hip and looked at XXX.

"You must be patient darling Mindy. Let her explain her actions, it may make me change my mind." XXX said matter-of-factly. I was so confused, what task? My mind was racing along with my heart. This did not sound good. I doubt her task was for us to have some mother daughter bonding time.

"NO! I want her now!" Mindy screamed at XXX but was looking viciously at me the whole time.

"Evangeline, explain to me why you helped Nathan reunite with his sister and my beloved Lindy?" XXX asked ignoring

Mindy. But I couldn't speak, the way she watched my every move, the way her eyes lit up when sweat started rolling down my neck and face.

"Fine then." XXX turned to Mindy, "Have fun, try not to make too big of a mess." With that he turned and walked away. Mindy smiled wide and then rushed at me. I think I screamed, but it was hard to tell. My last living child sunk her sharp teeth into me repeatedly. The last thought I had was Babies, I'm coming home.


Sitting in the damp cell curled up with Nathan, I realized this may be the last time I get to hold him. I squeezed him tightly and nuzzled his neck with my face. Anna had been lying in a heap in the floor of her cell for a long time now. Evangeline had left before I even got to thank her. Thinking about her I started to worry, something wasn't right. What was going on with her? I had a feeling the master wasn't going to forgive her. I started shaking.

"What's wrong Lindy are you cold?" Nathan asked moving me to look at my face.

"No, Nathan what's going to happen to Evangeline?" he looked thoughtful at my question.

"I don't know, maybe she will get a second chance, he seems fond of her." That did not ease my fears.

"I don't think the master will give anyone a second chance." I said, the look on Nathan's face looked pained.

"Lindy Never Ever call that snake 'the master' ok?" Nathan said sternly.

"Well what do I call him then?"

I guess I understood why he wouldn't want me to call him that, he did kill both of Nathan's parents, kidnap me, and make Anna go insane.

"Call him XXX. You really don't remember do you?" I was very puzzled at his question. I had only ever been told to call him the master.

"What do you mean?" Nathan sighed and looked away from me.

"It's always easier when you remember, I don't know what it means that you don't this time. Something isn't right, maybe that is why he is trying so hard to keep you this time." Nathan looked very thoughtful. I think maybe everything was finally getting to him and he was going crazy. I slid away from him a little then I stood up to stretch my legs. I heard a noise and turned towards Anna's cell, she had started to stir, I started to run towards her but stopped short. She would probably reach through the bars and kill me if I got too close. I watched as she sat up slowly, unlike earlier. Those drugs must be very strong. I saw Nathan stand up out of the corner of my eye. He slowly made his way over to Anna. He stayed out of her reach. She turned towards him, her hair in her face.

"Anna, I think we should tell her. She didn't even remember his name. I think it means something, that she didn't remember. What it means, I don't know. But I think that is why he is trying so hard this time. He has been planning this for awhile, I can tell. It all seems too perfectly planned. We need to tell her." Nathan told her. Tell me what? Why am I so important? What happened to my normal life?

"Show her." Anna's voice was hoarse, Nathan nodded and came closer to me.

"Lindy, this may be scary at first but it's the fastest way to show you, to remind you." He came to me and held my hand and sat down bringing me with him. I am freaking out. What in the world is he talking about?

"Now I'm going to try to give you all my memories of you and me." I nodded, ok this won't take long. A nice walk down memory lane through our childhood would be nice I decided.

"But Lindy it's complicated see, you're very important, and powerful. Your soul is strong; you have been reincarnated countless times." He stopped and looked me in the eyes. For some reason it didn't seem stupid, or like he was lying. Somehow it made sense to me.

I have never really believed in many supernatural things, but that belief has changed radically throughout these last few days. I'm not sure what Anna and Nathan are, but it's not human. I don't know why I am important and why I have been reincarnated, but I have a feeling I will soon find out. Nathan put his hand over my eyes and then whiteness exploded from them. Visions from my many pasts flooded to me. Then more of my own memories joined the ones Nathan was giving to me. I was remembering. I was awakening. I remember the most crucial thing. The first time XXX found me.


The black plague has taken a toll on the family I have lived with since birth. I am only a maid for them but they are so nice. I even told them of my visions. I have had the visions from a very young age. I have always been terrified of them, my mother told me not to worry about them, they were only dreams. I didn't believe her because you don't dream while your awake, and what I see comes true. I saw that she would leave me. A man came to visit with the man of the household, Lance. The man noted on my mother's beauty and he charmed her. She left with him that night, leaving me with Lance's family. I was only 6 years old then. I didn't miss her, I literally saw it coming. I have grown very close to the family I'm with, sometimes I forget I'm the maid. Lance's wife is beautiful, her name is Beth Anne and she has taken care of me like a mother would. And they have a daughter and a son, the daughter's name is Rehanne. We have grown up together and have been best friends for years. Then there is Nate, I love him, but he doesn't even talk to me. It makes me sad to see him leave with other girls, looking for a bride for when he comes of age, which is very soon. I don't know what I'm going to do when he leaves, with his new bride. I hope that his parents wedding gift isn't me, as their maid. I don't know how I would be able to live with that, not only knowing he loves someone else but having to watch it day in and day out. I hope Rehanne will take me with her one day. She has seen several suitors as of late. There is one in particular that she has taken a likening to, but he isn't what her father would approve of for his daughter. Although he is an extremely attractive and relatively young man at that, he is not to the noble standard Rehanne's father wants for her. See their family is one of the highest of the noble families of this region. They have been for many years, and they plan to keep it like that by marrying their children off to even higher nobles. That would not be achieved by letting Rehanne marry this boy, he is not even in the noble class, but he is better off than most in Florence. Every night Rehanne tells me about him. She says his name is Domencio and he is the most charming man she has ever been acquainted with. She tells me stories of all the times they spend together, mostly in secret of course. Her father has only allowed her to be out with him a couple times, yet she goes to him almost every night. As soon as I put out the last candle she steals out of her window and into the night. I wait there until she returns with a story so fantastic I find myself putting myself in her shoes. In my mind the adventures are mine, and every night I run to Domencio and he holds me tight. His gruff face scratches my cheeks, neck, and shoulders as his lips graze my skin. We spend hours together walking with only the light of the moon. He takes to our secret place, the beautiful wooded meadow with a gorgeous still pond. At night the place practically glows with magic. He tells me stories of the faeries and creatures that make this wood come alive. Our time together is never long enough because it's not our time at all. It's their time, and then Rehanne is done with her story and o put a hot pan under her covers as she crawls into her bed and she slips into slumber with a smile. I dream of him, no not Nathan or even Domencio, I dream of my suitor the dashing man that will steal me away from this place, on a beautiful steed. Together we will live out a fairytale ourselves, no fantasy I have ever had would live up to our reality.

Tonight was the worst night of my life. After all day I cleaned and prepared the food for dinner, I found out that Nate is bringing a guest to dinner. Normally this wouldn't be any sort of a problem, but it wasn't a regular guest. It was a girl that Nate was seriously thinking about marrying. I was mortified, I had no idea he had already decided! I didn't even get a chance to do anything! So now I have to serve her and him while everyone talks about them and she, and never I, and I have to look happy about it. No matter how hard I try, I won't ever look happy I know this for a fact. They will just have to settle for me not speaking with a blank face. I went to Rehanne and she sympathized with me. She understood what I was going through, Domencio was being forced to go out with other girls by his father. They still expected him to get married soon, and since Rehanne was deemed unavailable to Domencio by her father, they expected him to move on to the next. Domencio did not like this at all, so Rehanne begged her father to let her be with Domencio but still he said no. We talked about this for what seemed like hours. Then we had to go down to dinner. I served and stood off to the side as I listened to them talk all about this girl, named Pricilla. Apparently she was fantastic by herself, but what really sold her was her father. He was high in the government and the church. It seemed their father couldn't be happier. Maybe this would help Rehanne and Domencio. I tried to block out what they were saying but her tinkling voice was just so piercing. As the night went on the only thing I could do was think of the man who walked with me in my dreams. In my dreams I was no slave, and this man took me far from here and the things that tormented me. But unfortunately my dreams were out of reach. Why would a man want me? Well it seemed I would soon find out. After the dinner was over and the hag that was Pricilla was gone I found myself cleaning in the kitchen.

"I greatly appreciate your excellent service tonight." A deep voice startled me from the doorway. I jumped, and turned quickly, I was once again lost within my daydreams.

"Oh Nate, you scared me!" He just grinned with a nice laugh. He looked so good as he leaned against the archway. I caught myself just staring at him, so I looked to the floor.

"Is Rehanne here?" I wondered aloud, not sure how else to start a conversation.

"She snuck out to be with Domencio." He lowered his voice and glided across the room closing the space between us. I gave him a surprised look. "Yes she told me, well actually I found out. I found Domencio and her kissing before she snuck back in one night. I told him if he touched her again I would slit his throat, but Rehanne wasn't too happy about that. She explained what was going on between them, and begged me not to tell father. I sympathized her; I wouldn't want her to have to marry someone she didn't want, like I have to." He shook his head. I was confused.

"What do you mean, like you have to?" He looked at me his eyes grew dark.

"Pricilla is nothing like the girl I want. The girl I want is simple, and far more beautiful than Pricilla." He said her name as if it was venom.

"Wow, I had no idea, I thought you, you loved her." I couldn't look him in the eyes any longer; I didn't want him to see my yearning for him.

"Well, I must be a pretty good actor." He said with a wink. "We need to talk." With that he turned and walked out of the kitchen, out of curiosity I followed him.

He led me to a little oasis of sorts, far from the house. The area was dead silent. He turned toward me slowly and motioned me to sit on the small stone bench. I looked around the little enclave as I sat. There were beautiful magnolia trees around and several large flowering bushes. With the full moon shining down everything had an extra beauty to it. Nate paced for a second thinking, his face scrunching up like it usually does when he concentrates. My eyes followed him back and forth in a sort of trance. I took him in greedily, trying to get my fix before he was taken away from me and given to that other girl. Finally, after what seems like forever, he comes and sits down with me. The bench makes us extremely close.

"Ok, so I have a confession, but it doesn't really mean much at this point." He says in a rush. Confusion is painted on my face as I stared at him. Nate heaves out a sigh.

"Lidia, I love you." His blue eyes are burning a hole right through me. I can barely breathe; so many things are running rampant through my mind. I start to hyperventilate.

"Lidia, Lidia! Are you ok, what's wrong? Lidia please, say something to me!" Nate starts shaking me violently.

"I-I" I sputter, forgetting how to form words. I just stare wide eyed at him. Finally I figure out how to speak again. "Really?" is all I can say, I have no idea what this means for him and his betrothed, for me. My head is spinning; he wouldn't joke with me about this would he? He must be joking, how could he not be? How could he love Me of all people? I'm just a servant, just an orphan, unloved, unwanted, Lidia.

"Yes, beautiful, I adore you. That's why I've been ignoring you lately, thinking maybe I could forget my feelings, and make father happy. But he told me today that when I leave to a new house with Pricilla that I could take you with me, that you have been a good servant and it would be their wedding gift to us." He shakes his head, my face has crumpled, I was right. He was taking me with him, where I would be tortured every day, having to see her with him.

"But, I've decided that won't happen." He says firmly. I give him a puzzled look.

"You don't want me?" I can feel my eyes dampening. Nate takes my face in between his hands roughly. I feel at home there.

"No, not like that. Not as a possession, not a servant. I want you as my queen, my wife, my all." his hands drop from my face. He turns from me and starts to walk way shaking his head. I slowly rise and walk after him.

"Nate," he pauses, I continue to close the gap between us. "I, you know this can't work. There is nothing that you could do to convince your father to allow you to marry me instead of Pricilla." He eyes take on a mischievous glint to make his cocky half smile.

"Well ma' lady, I have two horses and two companions waiting just beyond the edge of that forest. If you're ready, and you trust me we could leave right now." His smile grows at my obvious excitement.

"Really?! We could go now? Well could I get one thing from my room before we go?" there is only one thing I want, one thing I wouldn't ever leave behind.

"Of course, so you're coming with us? Oh Lidia, just be silent in the house I will wait right outside. Hurry please." He half leads half drags me back to the house, it takes everything in me not to giggle. Once in the house I become very serious, my heart is pumping hard, what happens if we get caught? What will we say? I make my way to my room and shuffle around my things until I find it. When Nate's family took me in I only had one possession, a copper chain with a small golden rose on it. It was beautiful, I have always hidden it, just in case they tried to take it away, and sell it. I fasten the necklace being my neck and feel its foreign weight against my chest. I scurry silently back outside. Nate notices my new addition. He gently touches the rose.

"Beautiful, like you." And with that he takes my hand and we run, run from this city, the house, the parents that raised both of us, and everything that once matter to us. We break through the edge of the trees laughing and smiling at each other. We stop running and walk hand in hand to the clearing with the lake. It's the place that I have been told about a hundred times, and visited in my dreams countless others but this would be the first time I get to be there and really see it. But when we enter the clearing it's more like a nightmare. All I see fire and the body of a mangled boy, a girl wailing, and Nate's grief stricken face.

"Run." Nate tells me and I do. I run and run, away. I run away from our adventure, our future, away from Nate and my dreams and back towards the house. Tears stream in waterfalls from my eyes, no sound escapes my mouth. In a daze I find my way back to the room I shared with Rehanne. Yes she was the girl screaming and weeping at the clearing, and the body, it must have been Domencio, oh no. I should have stayed, I'm a coward. I ran when they needed me most. I don't deserve Nate, or Rehanne. They are too good for me. I am just a gutless, unlovable orphan servant girl. And that's all I can be.

The days blur to weeks and then months. I do my servant duties, I don't really speak. Rehanne hasn't said anything in months now. She refuses, when Domencio died, so did a part of her, the joyful part of her. Nate is never here, and when he is he won't look at me. Something happened that night, but I was never told. Pricilla hasn't shown up again but late at night Lance and Beth Anne sneak out. I wonder if they try to convince Pricilla's family to give her back to Nate. I hope he finds love with someone, even if it is with her. No suitors have come for Rehanne, and if they ever did I'm sure she would turn them to stone with her glare she is so fond of these days. Even though the days blur something was different about today from the moment I woke up. It's probably almost been a year since the incident now. The house was eerily dead silent. I dressed as silently as possible and poked my head into the hallway. No one was there that I could tell. I held my breath and listened. Silence for as far I could tell. I went ahead and did my chores and started cooking dinner. No one was there throughout the day, and it was close to midnight before anyone came. Lance was not with them, and they all had moistened eyes and sniffled. They didn't eat or talk just went straight up to their rooms. I cleaned up and went to my shared room; Rehanne was curled up in her bed, softly crying. I couldn't stop myself, I went over and sat on the bed next to her, and rubbed her shoulder gently while she cried. Soon there was a shape in the door.

"Rehanne?" a hoarse whispered filled the room. It was Nate we walked over to us. I could barely see him in the dim candlelight I had yet to put out. He had tears drying on his cheeks. Without a word I wrapped my arms around him, he leaned into me and cried. We sat like that for a long time, Rehanne and Nathan crying me trying to comfort them. I wished I knew what happened but I'm not going to ask, they will tell me when and if they think I should know.

Finally after several hours Rehanne fell asleep, and Nate pulled away from me, he started to get up, but paused. He leaned forward and kissed me. It was a kiss filled with sorrow; it was so tender, so broken that I could almost feel a tear forming in my eye. He moved to my ear.

"Thank you. I love you Lidia." His voice was barely audible. He walked out of our room. I climbed into my bed across the room. I drifted in and out of a dream-like state. Suddenly I was wide awake, my eyes shot open and there was a man standing over me, staring at me. I started to scream, but with inhuman speed his hand covered my mouth. He stared deep into my eyes and suddenly I couldn't keep my eyelids open for a moment longer, and the world went black.

I opened my eyes slowly. I was in a cell in the floor leaning on Nathan. I looked into his eyes, eyes I had looked at for hundreds of years, they were so beautiful.

"We have to get out of here." I said. All of us were filled with a certain sense of urgency now. Something crazy bad was going to go down if we didn't escape this drippy smelly cell and kick some serious bad guy ass. Now the only problem was, how?

We heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs, I wasn't sure if we should fake being asleep or just stand there. We ended up doing the latter. We finally saw the large shadowy figure the footsteps belonged to. He must have been about 6'5. His chest was exposed because he only wore tattered pants, which I thought was rather odd. Who walks into a dungeon half naked? His skin was oily black, he looked of African descent. When he got close to the bars he smiled; this instantly creeped me out. Then he outstretched his hand as if he wanted a handshake. Nathan moved over to him and slowly shook his hand.

"Hello everybody." His deep voice rumbled through the barren dungeon. "I know this isn't the best way to meet but well," he lowered his voice to a barely audible whisper, "I want to help you get out." This took a moment to really sink in.

"Why do you want to help us?" Anna spoke up from her neighboring cell.

"Yes, yes I do." His eyes reflected the flame of a nearby lit sconce.

"But, why?" Nathan said positioning himself in front of me in a very defensive stance.

"Because I am sick of the monster that keeps me here," he paused to spit, a look of disgust plastered on his face, "you seem like the only people that possibly can kill him." As he explained this he slipped something from the waist of his pants. He outstretched his hand to show us what he held. Lying in the palm of his oversized hand was a medium sized key. He slipped the key into the lock and jerked it hard until the cell door pooped open a little bit. Nathan cautiously slid the cell door open all the way. The looming man did the same to the cell keeping Anna contained. We all hunched close together and discussed escape plans.

Once we had finished our plans we were about to get started when I finally couldn't stand it any longer. I had had this weird feeling since he walked into the dungeon.

"Um, what is your name by the way?" I tried to keep my voice nonchalant.

"I am called Thomas." His deep voice sent my mind flying backwards to Scotland in the Victorian era. I lived in a lovely house; my father was an important political figure. We had a stable with several horses, my father loved to ride and train them. We had several stable hands, but there was one in particular that seemed…different. He was very nice, and he was teaching me to ride. The other stable hands were quiet and polite, but I wouldn't ever think of them as particularly nice, they just did their job. But he was different, his name was Thomas. I became friends with Thomas as I matured; he was an excellent listener and always seemed interested in my life. It was great until one night a man came and slaughtered all of our beautiful horses and stable hands and tried to kill our family, my mother and father escaped with me. When we returned we saw the bodies of all of our stable hands and horses drained of their blood. All of the bodies were accounted for, save one: Thomas.

I could feel my mouth hanging open and my eyes bulging.

"Thomas, Thomas is it really you? I knew I recognized you after all this time!" I was practically vibrating with excitement.

"Wait, no, why are you awake? This is not good, not good at all…" Thomas began to pace. I was so puzzled, wasn't he glad to see me after all this time? I could feel my eyes dampening.

"We wondered the same thing, at first she was completely asleep and didn't even have any sort of idea about us like usual, then I was able to completely wake her up all at once. I think something is different this time which explains why XXX is going to such great lengths to keep Lindy." Nathan explained.

"I wish I knew why this time was different." Anna finally spoke up, she had been oddly quiet.

"We will talk about this more later, I hear someone coming hurry back in your cells!" Thomas commanded in a hushed voice. We scrabbled back to our cells and closed them but did not lock them.

Thomas was right someone came down the stairs, it was another guard.

"Thomas, the master wants us to clean up. Mindy made quite a mess out of that cook." He chuckled, but my heart froze. Evangeline. She must be dead now, I don't know who or what Mindy is but I have a feeling she will be a problem. Evangeline was great to us, she helped reunite me and Nathan, but I cannot mourn her now. Right now is a time for fighting, for concentration, now is the time for revenge.

It seemed like forever before Thomas yelled down to the dungeon that the coast was clear. We opened our cells as quietly as possible and crept up the stairs. Nathan led us and Anna took up the rear. They decided this would be safest for me. Once we got to the top of the stairs my heart was beating crazy fast. Adrenaline was racing through me; I was practically breaking a sweat already. Thomas met us at the top of the stairs and guided us through the house. As we rounded a corner three large men blocked our path. Anna went flying down the hallway and knifed the first man with the weirdest looking knife I've ever seen. Then only moments behind her, moving way faster than humanly possibly I might add, Nathan threw two knifes into one guys chest, then Thomas attacked the third guy totally bare knuckle and took him down then borrowed Anna's funny looking knife to make sure he was dead dead. Nathan scooped me into his arms and then broke into a run followed by Anna and Thomas. I guess I'm the only human in this escape party. We burst through the huge backdoor and straight through the huge garden without slowing a bit. I snuggled my face into Nathan's chiseled chest so I didn't have to look at the creepy statue again. Even though I remember all my lives it still totally creeps me out. Soon we stop in the middle of some town square with nice cobblestone.

"Ok, I know someone I think you should meet. Someone who could really help with your endeavor to finally get rid of XXX." Thomas seemed very confident.

"Really, You know someone who could help?" Anna seemed very skeptical.

"Yes, but can we take a car? It would seem a little conspicuous for us to run 200 miles at 60 miles per hour to the average human wouldn't it? I, mean people are already staring…" Thomas smirked a little.

"Yes I think a car would be nice, not saying being carried is bad or anything." I smiled at Nathan who looked like he was blushing.

"Ok, maybe it would be a good idea to get a car-"Nathan was cut short by a limo rolling up next to us and stopping. We exchanged glances and the limo's window rolled down. We couldn't see anything through the darkness of the interior, my heart rate started to increase intensely.

"Need a lift?" it was one of the most beautiful voices I'd ever heard. It was clear and strong, it reminded me of melted chocolate.

"Perfect timing, Sir." Thomas did a small bow thing that blew my mind a little. Who bows to a dark talking window? Ok so yeah of course there was a person, but still who bows to people anymore? Thomas proceeds to walk around the back of the car and open the door.

"Well, aren't you going to get in?" he said with a smile. We didn't really know what to do. I looked at Nathan who was looking at Anna; I guess she was in charge. Anna shrugged and proceeded to get in the door Thomas was holding open. Nathan grabbed my hand and led me into the car.

Once we got into the car it took my eyes a moment for my eyes to adjust. When they finally did, I tried to do a quick but thorough scan of my new surroundings. I say tried because as soon as my eyes hit his face I was frozen. He was beautiful, maybe the most beautiful person I'd ever seen. And his eyes, they were just incredible. They almost seemed to be changing colors over and over, I couldn't look away, no matter how hard I tried. The beautiful man laughed, tingles spread over my body when he did so, it was the most delightful sound I thought I would ever here. Suddenly Nathan's hand squeezing mine became forefront in my mind; it was starting to send a pain shooting up my arm. I looked at him with tear welled eyes. His face was very hard and, he didn't even look at me when he mumbled out a sorry to me. This really enraged me, I didn't understand it but it didn't matter. I jerked my hand from his and crossed my arms across my chest. The beautiful man just continued to laugh, which made me forget why I was angry. My face transformed into a mask of confusion, nothing was making sense. Then ever so slowly, the world faded farther and farther away. I was swept away by whispers again.

My slumber was filled with pleasant voices that never made any sense. I was suddenly aware of movement, my movement, well not so much my movement as my body being moved. Was I being carried? I was becoming more and more aware of my surroundings but I just couldn't open my eyes. I smelt lilac very heavily in the air, wind blew against my face in a very refreshing way, and something warm was pressed hard against me.