Paste your document here...The world today has absolutely no redeeming factors. It's all just dust and death. No matter where you look, or how long you search that's all your ever going to find. I gave up the sweet dream of lush vegetation, clean sparkling streams, small animals scurrying around, finding happiness, peace, or love. No I've accepted the fact that the only heat I will ever feel on my body will be from the sun's damaging rays. And that's not my first choice for a lover let me tell you. The only thing that will ever caress my body is the dirty, which makes me dirt and not even in the good way. I no longer have anything to look forward to. My life is now an endless cycle of death it seems. I kill so I have longer to wait until I myself die. Many times I find myself pondering why I keep living, keep pushing on. I have lost everyone, I haven't even seen a live human body in weeks. But for some reason I just can't let myself die. It's as if I still have something somewhere willing me to live. Maybe all this loving from the sun is making delusional, I wouldn't doubt it.