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Dear you,

Don't talk to me, Don't laugh with me, Don't smile at me, and Don't ask about me. It's all just a façade not worth keeping up the charade. I'm done, I'm through, it's all over this me and you. It's not easy trying to love you.



Please, please go away. Don't bother coming back another day. I'm tired of this game we play. I think I'll just run away. Away from this mess, we gave it our best, we tried I guess. Too bad it's over; our best wasn't good enough. So let's go out with a bang. One last time will you kiss me in the rain?

I wish I could say I don't miss you anymore, but it's true; wherever I am it should be with you. You should be at my side all of the time. I won't mind. I see your face all the time it's in every corner of my mind. I can't take the distance and separation. I want to go back in time and cherish every fleeting moment you spent with me.