The pain hit her and she fell to her knees as Saerian's sight darkened. She saw a stone fortress and a great battle. She saw tens of thousands of Sauron's minions there, then she saw men and elves–they were fighting together. It was a long, bloody and deadly battle, many perished; men, some just boys and elves. The fear and pain she felt was too much. Suddenly there was an explosion and a large hole that allowed those creatures access. Her heart stopped–she saw Haldir.

She noticed a dark haired man yelling to Haldir. "Am barad! Am barad! Haldir–Am barad!" She turned back and saw Haldir nod, an orc plunged his sword into his side. As he fell to his knees, she saw a large uruk bring his axe down on Haldir's back. The same dark haired man who called for retreat, was suddenly at Haldir's side. The man pulled him in his arms and held him a moment, before returning to the fight. She stared at Haldir lying there...unmoving and unseeing. Saerian screamed before losing consciousness and slumping to the floor.

When Haldir heard the scream, his blood ran cold. He grabbed his sword and ran out of his talan to Saerian; his brothers behind him. They saw her crumpled on the ground, her body convulsing; she was still in the throes of the vision. Haldir grabbed her up from the floor. She continued to fight and scream. The three brothers tried to calm her but to no avail.

The Lord and Lady walked in, Orophin and Rumil stepped back. "Haldir keep holding and talking to her," the Lady told him. "She is having a vision and it isn't releasing her."

Haldir knew she had the gift of sight, but his brothers did not; he hadn't told them. Orophin and Rumil were shocked when they learned of her gift. Celeborn walked over and knelt by his wife.

Indiell came running in and the Lady called her over. She sensed what would be asked of her. "My Lady, I have no healing abilities that would aid her," Indiell stated.

"Indiell, you are her friend and her protector. You were the first one Saerian opened her heart to, the first she started to trust. Above all else, you are a true friend and that, penneth, is where your power lies," Galadriel told her.

Indiell walked to the other side of Saerian, Orophin and Rumil stood by Haldir; their hands on his shoulders. While the others tried to call Saerian, to help pull her from the vision; both Orophin and Rumil tried to figure out how a mortal had the gift.

After several minutes, Saerian quit fighting and calmed, but, she remained unconscious. Her heart continued beating rapidly, her breathing shallow and ragged.

"She should be fine, she just needs to rest," Galadriel told them. Haldir picked her up and gently laid Saerian on the bed. As he started to leave, the Lady stopped him. She saw the worry on all their faces.

"There is no need to worry. This was meant to happen and you will know everything soon," Galadriel informed them.

She turned back to Haldir. "You are to stay here with Saerian tonight, Haldir," the Lady told him. Then turning to Indiell, "You are also to stay for awhile."

Mind speaking to Indiell, Galadriel informed her, " You need to explain all you know to Haldir pen dithen. It is time for him to understand, she will not willingly tell him."

"My Lady, I made a promise to Saerian; I can't break her trust,"

Indiell replied aghast.

"Indiell, your promise is held fulfilled, your honor will remain intact. The time has come for it all to come out,"

Galadriel told her.

Indiell nodded her acknowledgment, but–it still felt wrong to her.

The Lady then mind spoke to Haldir. "Haldir, listen carefully to Indiell. Trust your heart, trust Saerian. She knew naught of who and what she is. She sees her visions as a curse. You will know what to do when the time comes. Both of your destinies lie with one another. Help her decide her true path and know this...she is the last of her kind. Be firm yet gentle, push her but gently. She will not only face trials ahead of her, but, she must face her past and THAT will be the hardest for her; she will fight you. You are to be her strength when she needs it," the Lady instructed him. Haldir also nodded his understanding.

It wasn't long after the Lord, Lady and his brothers left, that Haldir settled in a chair by the bed. He softly stroked Saerian's hair, speaking softly to her. Indiell sat in the other chair near Haldir and told him all she knew.

"Saerian's family was not her true family as she thought. Her mother was a Forest Nymph and her father was killed protecting them. Her mother died not too long after that. Her foster family suffered much hardships because of her gift, but they loved her as their own. They had to move from place to place because of it. The destruction of her last village left all her family dead except her nephew. Those who survived were taken captive, mainly women and children; very few men. They endured two years of beatings, rapes, and tortures until death freed them. A few escaped when their captors themselves were attacked. Six and ten escaped with Saerian, they were all lost along the way. Then she and the child were found near our border. Haldir, she has never had an easy life. She was ridiculed, shunned by everyone," Indiell said as the bile rose in her throat.

The more he heard, the angrier he became at what she had endured. 'That is why her body carries the physical scars and her mind the emotional ones,' he chided himself, angry at himself for his treatment of her; he was no better than those who held her captive.

"Haldir, I don't think that is all. Her barriers are still up. She has learned to trust us, somewhat, but not completely. She still hides things," the elleth continued as tears streamed down her cheeks. "I do not know how she survived! She blames herself for everything–her family's death, the destruction of the village–everything."

As Indiell finished, she looked at Haldir and saw the anger radiating from him, saw the pain etched on his face. Indiell leaned over and gently touched his arm, then left.

On her way out, Haldir asked, "Do my brothers know any of this?"

Indiell stopped but didn't turn around. "No. Orophin has suspicions but doesn't know and what we do know...may not be the full extent of her suffering," Indiell answered.

"Hannon le Indiell. No wonder they were so angry with me," Haldir said.

Shortly after Indiell left, Orophin and Rumil came by to check on Saerian. Haldir was caught up in his thoughts, he never heard them enter. They watched their eldest brother a moment, disbelief that he hadn't realized they were there. When Orophin was about to speak, Rumil silenced him, pointing to Haldir, that was when they noticed the tears; they couldn't remember the last time they had seen him cry.

They knew then that what he had been told was bad, they left without him knowing. Both ellyn realized, it was worse than they had imagined; it had to be for Haldir to cry.

Haldir resettled himself on the bed and stretched out; he was deeply concerned for the young girl. He pulled Saerian protectively into his arms, laying he head on his chest; he held her while she slept. Soon afterwards, he had fallen into reverie. Early the next morning, he returned to the chair; before Saerian awoke and just before the Lady walked in.

"Go find your rest Haldir," Galadriel told him.

"I am fine my Lady. I would..." he began to object.

"Haldir! Go find your rest and then go speak to your brothers," Galadriel firmly told him.

Indiell walked in as Haldir was leaving. They looked at one another, neither spoke–they already knew. He had started towards his talan. Once there, he bathed before lying down. He couldn't sleep, he had already rested at Saerian's talan. He got up and went in search of his brothers. He found them at the practice grounds. Haldir strode over and embraced them, of course, after he made sure they were alone. He told them they needed to talk, finding a secluded place, they sat down.

"When you both verbally attacked me yesterday, I was ready to send you on a long term duty at the borders, but now, I am glad I did not. You both sensed the severity of her suffering, more so than I. I am proud to call you my brothers. You both were right, Saerian was hurt more than we thought. There is more I would tell you, but, I want to get back to her; something is pulling me," Haldir told them, the love shining in his eyes.

"Wait Haldir! We saw you last nigh but we left," Orophin stated.

"You saw what?" he asked apprehensively.

"We saw your tears and we left," Rumil answered seriously.

"Don't deny it Haldir. We won't speak of it to anyone," Orophin affirmed.

"See that you don't, you wouldn't like the consequences!" Haldir told them grinning, then seriously, "You would have cried also if you had heard all she endured, she should be dead and even that may not be the full extent of it!"

"WHAT!" both Orophin and Rumil cried out horrified. "Never mind, tell us later."

As Haldir walked away, Rumil shouted, "Haldir, though she may be mortal, if you choose her, that will be fine with us."

"She may be older than we think," he threw back at them as he loped off. He couldn't be sure, but, he had suspicions there was more to this woman than met the eye.

They stared after him, confusion on their faces. "What do you think he meant by that Orophin?" Rumil questioned.

"I don't know little brother, but, it appears he knows something we do not," Orophin answered.

Haldir smiled, he knew he had left his brothers with something to ponder. With their inquisitiveness, he knew they would be itching to find out.

Orophin and Rumil was sent out on patrol later that day, Galadriel told Haldir he would be needed there and was given leave. His brothers never found the answer to what Haldir had meant and it annoyed them.

They had been assigned duty where the child was laid to rest. When they arrived the following morning, Orophin and Rumil saw the mound was covered with unfamiliar flowers. They wondered how this was possible. It wasn't long ago that they had been there and the grass had just begun to grow. That was when they had brought...they looked at each other.

"Is it possible?" Rumil asked stunned.

"No, it couldn't be! They were just stories Naneth told us...weren't they?" Orophin said.

"We will find out when we get back," Rumil stated.

"Well, it won't be soon enough," Orophin replied with impatience.

Am barad–pull back (?)

pen dithen–small (little) one

hannon le–thank you