This is a poem that i Posted on facebook a couple days ago so i thought might as well post it here to. Hope you like.

Theres no hate behide this at all. I simply thought it up out of know were and it just sounded good in my head. i truly think us as a race can be kind and loving people but then i look at history and think, "Man we suck."

What makes us special?

What makes us special? Is it the fact we walk on two legs? Is it because we build structures while nothing else can? Or is it because we can show love and compassion to others? It's none of these that make us special no it WAR!

WAR! Make us unique different from everything else. We kill for no reason. We kill others for not believing the same things; we kill others for thinking differently. WAR! Is what defines us. WAR! Has shaped are world not peace. WAR! Has made who we are not love. WAR! Makes us who we are: liers, cheaters, killers... us. There's no changing it. It's who we are. War... The first thing we turn to not the last. War... A permanent solution to all our petty problems.