Sombre, pensive, disquietude
Disconnected, subtle, lewd
All emotions rolling 'round
Shattered glass on holy ground

Silver lining made of stone
Face of darkness set alone
Wings of sulphur, ashen down
Butterflies stitched in her gown

Queen of sacrilegious lies
Blood and fire stain black eyes
Lips like poison, dripping lust
Serpent tongue that whispers trust

Silken skin of granite gray
Sparkles stone when in the day
Prehensile tail and wicked strength
Ebony hair of staggered length

Sexy woman of the night
Seeking prey and seeking fight
Lay you down on holy stone
Death by sex though not alone

When her eyes light on your skin
Flames of lust lick up and in
Against her charms you've not a chance
So open wide and join her dance