Safe and Sound

I was literally positioned in the middle of a war. A supernatural war, to be exact. With the Werewolves on one side, and the vampires on the other, I was the only one left standing to prevent an all out bloodshed.

Before you get too confused, I should probably spend a little bit of time explaining why, exactly, my existence is so important to these immortals, and why my opinion was the only thing that kept the peace…. so far.

It all started when I was a child. My parents seemed like the most normal people in the world, but it turns out… they weren't exactly people. My mother was a vampire, whilst my father was a werewolf. Classic cliché, I know. Now, I didn't find out this little piece of information until I was around seven years old, when I 'accidently' bit a boy in my class, (Let's just say it was a supernatural urge) because he was being an asshole. (Don't worry; I bit him like a normal kid! No abnormally large canines or fangs growing in my mouth) According to me, he deserved it. His name was Martin, and he was a rude, obnoxious, untrustworthy dick face that I should have thrown off a cliff the first time I met him. Hell, I deserved a bloody standing ovation, because he tasted disgusting.

I was sent to the principal's office, whilst Martin was sent to the school nurse. He was such a baby. He screamed like I had ripped off his arm! Though… we were seven…. So I guess he had a right to be a useless bogga. (Yes, I know, 18 years old and I still talk like I'm five, but that is only because I don't see the point in growing up. Everyone expects me to act like I'm 30, sorry, but I quite like being my current, immature self.) So, after my very intense meeting with the school principal, which had to be one of the most boring moments of my life, I spent the whole time nodding and humming in agreement, acting like I was actually listening to what he was saying. I wasn't, obviously, I was sent home.

The only reason I wasn't suspended for my 'despicable behavior', was because Mr. Garner, (the principle) had the biggest crush on my mom since… well, forever. I must admit, she was Gorgeous. I guess being a vampire had its advantages, because she really was one of those ageless beauties. Jillian had the long flowing black hair, and light brown eyes that would make any man fall at her feet in worship. (Little did they know, she was an evil bitch… well, to me anyway) She had the hourglass figure, which is unfortunate for me, because I seemed to have missed the boat on that one. My sisters took after her though, with the busty chest and stick thin figure, there was no way I could compete.

My father, Arayn, was as handsome as a movie star, hell; he looked like Jensen Ackles, (Which I must admit is my absolute favorite actor. He's sexy as fuck.) He has the whole, tall, fit and muscle-y look going strong. Arayn's hair was slightly longer than Jensen's, though, with light blue eyes, rather than green. I loved my dad; he was one of those carefree, loving guys that would do anything to help those in need. I like to think that I'm just like my dad, but sometimes… my mom's side comes out… unfortunately.

My parents love for each other became the most scandalous relationship within the supernatural world. This was the first time that two different species had eloped. They conceived 3 children, me included. My two sisters, Mila and Quinn, were the perfect children, whilst I seemed to be the black sheep of the family. They were twins, the exact same, yet exact opposite. Mila took after my father, she was a female werewolf with elegant, soft blond hair and bright blue eyes and she had every male she walked past turning their heads to stare after her. Mila had mated with a guy named Adrian. He was pretty cute… Okay, I lie, he is absolutely gorgeous. Mila and Adrian were perfect for each other. They were both conceited little bitches.

Quinn took after my mother. She was a vampire, Black hair and even blacker eyes, the same hourglass figure as every other female in my family, except me, of course. Quinn's personality was exactly like Mila's as well, they both believed that clothes and shoes were the most important things in the world, whilst everything else that didn't involve money came in last place, and yes, she had found her mate too. Ryaan was just as attractive as Adrian, with the same brown hair, though possibly a bit lighter than Adrian's, and where Adrian had blue eyes, he had the typical brown. Ryaan had a softer personality than Adrian, he was a lot like my father, which was exactly why the first time I met him, I told him to run, hard and fast, away from the bitch that was my sister, and, unfortunately, his mate.

I'm not going to lie, I was jealous of my sisters. They were so alike, had so many friends, got so much attention… and here I was, a social leaper. I was the brains of the family, also… the daughter that looked as if she was adopted. I… don't know where I got my looks from exactly, with the fiery red hair, and grayish-green eyes… it was obvious I didn't belong.

So there I was, seven years old, being taken home from school. Once we had arrived at our ever so humble abode-not- my parents explained to me what our family was. What our world was. I absorbed every detail they announced, waiting for the chance to ask them the question that had been bugging me since the first sentence, 'we are supernatural beings' left my mother's mouth. (Nice way to state it, I know.) My chance came at the end of their explanation.

"So…. What am I?" I questioned in an innocent tone.

My parents looked at each other, to me, and then back again. They seemed to be debating in their minds, like the looks they shared were equivalent to the spoken words I so needed to hear. I had already guessed as to what their answer would be from the way Jillian had referred 'we' to our family. The way she said it… even at the ignorant age of seven, I was a lot smarter than anyone gave me credit for, and I knew she had not been referring to me.

After what seemed like an eternality, my father said, "Ari… we don't know what you are." My mother rolled her eyes.

I stared at them, trying to understand what they meant by that. Of course… I knew, I just didn't want to believe it.

"But… you know what Mila and Quinn are, why am I so different? How can you not know?" I could hear the devastation in my voice, no matter how hard I tried to hide it. My sisters were only four years older than me, surely my parents were lying. They had to know at least why I was so different, why I was so… human.

What if I was just… normal? What If I was neither a werewolf nor vampire, just a boring mortal? Realization hit me at that moment. My sisters had never gone to public school, they had been homeschooled. My parents always said it was safer, and now I understood why.

They had been wrong though, thinking that I was a mortal. Turned out, I just had more control over my powers than the rest of my family. Mila couldn't hold in her first shift… or any after that. At the age of five, she was running in full wolf form by moonlight, she wasn't able to reign in her speed, agility or strength, and therefore, she couldn't attend a mortal school for the consequences of what might happen. Quinn was no different. She had the same advantages as Mila, but also the same consequences. Where Mila would turn into a furry beast if her agitation towards something or someone got the better of her, though you would think it would be more dangerous for her to go to school, Quinn turned out to be the one my parents fretted over more. Anything could and would set Quinn over the edge when she was young and ignorant of her power; she had no idea how to control herself. If she were in the same room as another, with even the slightest hunger, her fangs would grow to above an unnatural length, and she would not be held back.

When I had reached the age of five, and my parents still yet to see me show any ability within the supernatural field, they sent me to school, believing that if nothing had shown so far, then nothing would.

While I sat and listened to my father explain that there was nothing wrong with being a mortal, that it didn't make me weak at all, I couldn't help but let a slow smile stretch across my face as I realized just how oblivious they were.

In the times that I had been in school, I had shown many supernatural abilities… my family just seemed to be ignorant to the fact that I was different. When they assumed I was mortal, they gave up any interest they had left in me (except my father, of course, but he just stopped looking for the abilities, he didn't stop paying attention to me like the rest of my family). But oh, how wrong they were. I was stronger, faster, better in every way, than anyone of my family members. I had raced alongside my family through the trees outside our home without their knowledge, and I had beaten them to their destination, every time.

I learnt new abilities frequently, taught myself to control them, how to use them, when to use them… But I never told my family. My first shift was at the age of seven. After my parents informed me of what we all were, I became curious, trying to convince myself that they were wrong, I wasn't a mortal. I had always known I was different, and I wanted to tell them that, but I also knew that now wasn't the time. I would wait, improve my abilities and show them what I could do.

So from the small age of seven, I started sneaking around more. Walking out the back door early in the morning, leaving notes to my family to tell them I would be at the school library then going for a run through the overgrown forest in our backyard. I would come back late at night, explaining that I had been studying, I would leave the house and tell them I needed a walk. Any excuse to get me out of that house to test my power, was an excuse that I took advantage of.

I grew up hiding my secret, running in my wolf form through the shadows. Double the strength, speed, power, agility… double everything.

I wondered often whether there were others like me, somewhere out there. I wondered what they would be like, how they were taught. I would lay in fields of grass and daydream of what the others would be like, what I would do when, if, I ever met them.

My parents informed me, though, that they were the only couple within the supernatural world that was of different species yet in love. I would shake my head and walk away. Maybe they were the first, but there is no way in hell that they were the only ones. I vowed to prove that.

Mila and Quinn still believed me to be inferior to them, because I was a 'mortal' in their naive eyes. If only they would take the time to see that I was very much supernatural. I was a hybrid.

They took their turns trying to make me feel like I was useless and alone. In some ways, they succeeded, but not in the way that they were hoping. I already knew that I was alone; there was no one that I knew like me, but I took shelter in the fact that I was not weak like they all believed.

So that was how I spend the next eight years, sneaking around through the darkness that became my life. My life… until the age of fifteen.

This was the time that I realized I wasn't wanted. My family held to the fact that I was a person, a normal human being, a mortal. I wasn't, but by this stage, I refused to tell them. I realized, going to a mortal school, that a child's family should love you for who you are, and not for what they wish you to be. Besides my father, no one within my family loved me for either. Who I was, to them, was a mortal that had no place in a supernatural family; I was a monstrosity, a mistake that should have never happened. Who they wanted me to be was one of them, an immortal, but they couldn't change me into either of their species, and if they couldn't love me for who they thought I was, I knew that if they were informed of the truth, it wouldn't be love, it would be curiosity as to what I am, and love for the attention I would bring to our family. I would never have a place in this family, I was different.

So, I took the chance to become independent. I informed my family my plans, and I left through the front door.

Though my family was wealthy, because they thought of me as a mistake, they lent me no money to help me on my way, though my father did try, my mother seems to know everything when it comes to Arayn, so his attempt of assistance didn't get very far.

I had always been closer to my father though. Arayn was the only one that accepted me for who I was, but because I know him so well, I also knew that he can't keep a secret to save his life, never has, never will, and so I kept him in the dark along with the rest of my family. It was the right thing to do, I knew that.

So I left my past behind me, and looked forward to the future. I had saved enough money to be able to finish my education, to rent my own apartment, and to live my own life. This wasn't what I had been hoping for when I pictured my future, but I guess it was what I got for being who I was.

This… became the start of my new life, the start of a war, and the beginning of my previously nonexistent love life. If only I had stayed at home, with my family, safe and sound.