The Island Castle

It was 31st October, 2011 and a storm was brewing. The sea was a bit choppy but the girls manning the small rowing boat were confident they could make it to the island before the storm reached its worst. The man at the boat hire had told them to be careful looking at the castle ruins that made the island famous as they were rumoured to be haunted. The girls, though, didn't believe a word of it; everyone knows ghosts don't exist and the day being Halloween doesn't change anything. Halloween was for businesses looking to make a profit.

It was half-past eight at night; the sky was already looking gloomy and the girls were starting to regret coming at night to look; it would be perfectly okay in the morning. The girls' names, by the way, were Violet, who had blonde hair with a purple hair band in, and Rosa, Violet's friend, who had brown hair with a red hair band in. The two girls were both fourteen and were both very tired and very wet, having to row the boat by themselves.

Rosa turned round and spotted something.

'It's the island! We're almost there!' she shouted.

'Good, then we can take a rest.' replied Violet sitting next to her. 'I'm aching all over.'

When the girls reached the island's shore, Violet hopped out of the boat and dragged the boat up the soggy sand.

'The boat should be okay there.' said Violet, 'The storm can't be that bad.'

'Yeah,' agreed Rosa quickly, 'Let's make a fire in the castle ruins before we catch pneumonia.'

As the girls trudged through wet sand and long grass, the brewing storm got steadily worse and they didn't notice the boat get washed out to sea.

When the girls reached the castle, it looked unbelievingly menacing. Its jagged walls looked like the teeth in a monster's mouth coming to eat you.

'Looks scary,' shivered Violet. 'Should we go in?'

'You're not scared, are you?' questioned Rosa.

'Well, remember what that man said about the castle being haunted, you don't think it's real, do you? Violet said shakily.

'What, that lot of garbage?!' exclaimed Rosa. 'Ghosts don't exist!'

'Well, ghosts haven't been proved or disproved.' argued Violet, 'we don't know.'

'Well, we won't find out from just standing here getting wet, huh? Let's find out!' Rosa said, jogging up to the ruins.

'Well, okay.' said Violet, cautiously, as she followed.

Even as ruins the castle was still tremendously big. It was a massive maze of passages, just waiting for you to get lost in.

The girls gathered all the wood that wasn't half sodden and lit it with a match.

'Oh, this feels good!' sighed Violet.

The girls were blissfully unaware of the red, glowing, ghostly eyes staring at them. Violet felt a prickling at the back of her neck.

'Huh?' She wondered aloud.

'Huh, what?' said Rosa.

They both turned around but there was nothing there. For indeed, there was nothing as the red eyes had melted back into the gloom.

'So did you bring that book on the history of this castle?' asked Rosa.

'Yep.' replied Violet, pulling the thick book from her handbag. Violet opened the book and the girls started reading.

'Wow!' said Rosa, 'It says here that centuries and centuries ago this castle was under siege. They did a sacrifice for good luck and they sacrificed a young girl with psychic powers. It worked; the enemy surrendered and they won the war. But after celebrating, the inhabitants of the castle were not happy. The all soon died of an unknown plague. Rumour has it that the ghost of the psychic girl did this and has been haunting the castle ever since.'

'That is scary.' shivered Violet. 'Maybe she is here now!'

'Don't be so superstitious!' giggled Rosa. 'The story was made to scare people, of course ghosts don't exist!'

'All the same…' said Violet and shuddered.

Just then, their fire blew out and suddenly, the room was cold. Not just physically cold but cold that even penetrated their hearts. Then they could hear a voice, a young girl's voice, whispering on the wind;

'I am coming, coming, coming to you, to you, to get you…'

Violet froze in fear; this wasn't normal. She looked at Rosa who was, too, full of fear.

'I don't like it, let's get out!' said Rosa fearfully.

They both turned and ran, out of the castle, out into the grass and shrubbery, faster and harder than they had ever ran before. When they reached the shore they searched frantically for their boat but there was no sign of it.

'There!' shouted Violet.

They turned to face the sea and saw the boat bobbing out on the waves, far out to sea.

'Now we'll never get out of here!' cried Rosa.

'Wait, I have my phone!' cheered Violet. 'We can call for help!'

'She dialled her parents' number but it kept ringing and hung up automatically.

'Guess the phone lines are down.' signed Violet. 'We'll have to wait the storm out in the castle.'

'What, in that crazy place?!' screamed Rosa.

'We have no choice.' said Violet. 'And anyway, I thought you didn't believe in the paranormal.'

'Well, of course I don't!' exclaimed Rosa. 'Let's go!' As they trudged back to the castle again the voice was still whispering on the wind;

'I am coming, coming, coming to you, to you, to get you…'

Back in the castle, the girls had found another room and huddled together.

'Night.' yawned Violet.

'Yeah, night.' yawned Rosa back.

As the girls slept, the red glowing, ghostly eyes stared at them and disappeared.

Violet woke up to a prickling at the back of her neck.

'Huh?' She wondered aloud as she looked at where Rosa was sleeping. Except Rosa wasn't there.

'Rosa, Rosa!' screamed Violet.

She spun round frantically, trying to find her. That was when she saw a blood red arrow pointing towards the door. When she got closer she realised the arrow was blood. Drips streaked down the wall and onto the floor and her feet. She jumped back in fright but the blood was warm, meaning it was fresh. Curiosity came over her fear and she followed the arrow. More arrows kept appearing, reviving her fear but reviving her curiosity too. She followed them to the castle's main courtyard. There, the arrows stopped. At first she couldn't see why the arrows had led her here but then she saw Rosa, lying the middle of the courtyard.

'Rosa! Are you all right?' she exclaimed.

But then she saw that she wasn't when she saw the blood.

It was everywhere, coming out of everywhere, out of Rosa's nose, ears, legs and torso. But there were no stab wounds, bullet holes, not a scratch. Violet saw Rosa's face was deathly pale. Rosa was dead.

Violet screamed; she had to get out, to safety, to knowledge, to where she knew what was going on. But suddenly, a message appeared on the floor in blood. Rosa's blood. It read;


Violet turned round, not wanting to see the message, or Rosa's pale face; or anything to do with this living nightmare.

And that was when she saw it.

It wasn't very tall, it was a young girl after all, but still so scary, so cold… very beautiful but in a cold icy way. It wore a white dress. But most frightening of all, you could see right through it. It was the ghost.

Violet froze in fear as it walked towards her. She was so pale, like death in human form…

'You…' it said, or rather, it didn't say, the words were sort of there in Violet's mind.

'You are the one, I sense it,' said the spirit. 'You can hear my words, it is you.'

'What do you mean I am the one?' asked Violet, but no words came out. Instead, she could feel the words go out of her head and into its.

'You are psychic; I have been waiting for you for a very long time.' It said.

'What do you mean?' thought Violet.

'You are aware that I am psychic, it continued. 'I need a psychic to replace me. Then I will be truly free.'

'What do you mean, replace you?' asked Violet.

The ghostly girl held up a ghostly dagger. 'This is the spirit dagger. I must kill a psychic with it if I want to be truly free. Tonight, you will die.'

NO, NO!' screamed Violet. 'I don't want to DIE!'

And she ran. The ghost followed her.

I don't want to die! Get another psychic!' she screamed.

'Psychics are very rare. I had to wait for centuries for one, I must have this chance.'

The white girl wielded the dagger and suddenly, the room was so cold, so very cold.

'No! Put it away! Put it away!' Violet screamed.

'You will die tonight.' said the white girl.

Violet was very frightened; she had to get off the island. She thought of the sea; she was a strong swimmer, and the mainland wasn't that far away. It was her only chance.

She ran out of the castle, across the long grass and up to the nearest shore. She reached a cliff edge. The ghost was behind her with the spirit dagger. Violet faced the sea, a small drop below her. She closed her eyes;

And jumped.

She plummeted through the icy water, before rising to the surface and swimming away as fast as her stricken limbs would let her. She carried on like this for what seemed like hours, adrenaline and fear fuelling her. She was halfway to the mainland when the wave hit.

You see, when Violet jumped into the water, was around the same time the storm started reaching maximum velocity. When Violet was halfway to the mainland was when the waves started getting big. And one of them hit her at full force. Violet went under.

She opened her eyes underwater; she didn't know where the surface was. She was sinking, sinking, drowning, drowning. She was going to die.

A white figure swarm up to her. It was the white girl. She drew the spirit dagger. So cold, so icy. And plunged it into her heart.

The investigation into the two missing girls was never completed; the officers didn't have a clue what might have happened to them. Meanwhile, a ghostly white figure of a girl has been seen in the castle and rain poured a lot over the mainland. Some said it even tasted like tears.

The boat hire man came to the police, certain it was the ghost in the Island Castle but the police dismissed the idea at once. After all, ghosts don't exist.