The white beast bound across the quickly filling crater as all three heads lunged at the undead dragon. The dragon let out a deafening roar as several of its ribs snapped under the pressure of Cerberus' jaws. Nero sat atop the dog swaying back and forth while Cerberus continued to snap at the dragon's bones. The dragon turned its attention from everything else and began to swipe and snap at Cerberus. The dog and the dragon went back and forth neither ever really gaining any ground.


Krin finally saw her chance. She used her powers and began to place the shackles around the dragon's claws. The other ends of the shackles began to burrow into the ground. Soon they began to pull the dragon down holding it in place. The Cerberus began to back out of the crater and bowed its head while Nero climbed down and dismissed the creature. Nero rushed to his sister and placed his arm on her shoulder as his body began to glow black again. The auras of the twins began to mingle into a gray mess. Krin smiled as she felt her twin's aura help her maintain the shackle around the dragon. Hurry Sorin we've got to finish this quickly.


The air was crisp that winter solstice. Renee could remember the tears rolling down her cheeks. She would probably never see her home town again. Galrain was the only home she had ever known. "So what's your name kid?" The guy laughed as they walked down the dirt road. His voice was gritty and deep unlike before. He was taller than Renee. He had silver eyes and fiery red hair.

"My name is Allesia." Renee smiled beneath her mask.

"And how'd you get your skills kid?" This time Renee scowled. She was becoming annoyed with being called a kid.

Rule 11: The best lies have a bit of truth in them. "I was trained." She'd baited the trap.

"Trained hmmm, so who trained you?"

"Well you are just the nosey little fellow aren't you?" She giggled and watched as his face turned scarlet. Renee couldn't help, but laugh at this. If only he knew who you were. At that thought she laughed even harder. The guy stopped and stared at her.

"Seriously kid who trained you?" The guy was clearly angry.

Rule 7: The angry believe the most. "I was trained by my mother before she died." Renee hung her head pretending to be sad. The guy genuinely looked sorry for her she smiled beneath her mask.

"Hey Allesia," The guy held his hand out to her and wiped away her fake tears. "Come on I'll take you out of this place." Renee took his hand.

How is this even possible? How can this jerk be so kind to me? She smacked his hand away. "I can take care of myself… Um, what did you say your name was?"

"I didn't, but you can call me, Lucas, Lucas Galderon." He smiled at her. The two of them continued down the road for some time in silence before Lucas stopped them. He looked at her. "Have you ever traveled by portal?" He seemed genuinely curious. Renee couldn't help smile. No guy had ever looked at her that way still she had to stay focused. She looked him in the eyes and shook her head no. "Well brace yourself the first time is always the hardest." His body glowed crimson as his aura flowed off him and opened up a portal. "Welcome home my new apprentice." Renee and Lucas stepped through the portal.


Sorin smiled when he finally found Tori. She was sitting in a tree that towered above the rest of the forest. She was playing a faint, fiery tune from a story her favorite book, The Legend, on her light blue ocarina. She stopped and smiled back at him as Sorin neared her. "I guess you need me?" Tori laughed lightly. Sorin simply nodded. "Well let's go then." She sprouted wings similar to Sorin's and the two flew off together hand in hand.


Xander slammed his eyes shut. Bracing for the worst he fell in complete silence waiting to hit the ground. Ten second passed, than twenty. Xander waited for a full minute before he opened his eyes. As he looked around he realized he was floating in the air, in a giant hand made of water. He looked around again and found Hiro. Hiro flashed a quick smile than brought Xander down to him quickly. "You know for someone so careful that sure was reckless." Hiro laughed. "Sorin's got a plan," He said his face now serious. "We need to hold the dragon down so he and Tori can get a clear shot."

"I guess we could always cause a little trouble for our friend." He laughed as his aura began to glow fiercely. He casually watched the half-filled crater. The sand at his feet soon turned into a replica of the crater in front of him. Hiro's body also resumed its bright glow and the crater continued to fill.


"Welcome to your new home Allesia!" Lucas honestly seemed happy as he invited her into his mansion. It was nothing truly ornate. A few banners here and there, a couple of skylights, and a vast number of paintings of unknown country sides. Allesia was disgusted by the lack of color and life in the mansion.

This guy really needs to liven up. She thought to herself. As they made their way around the corridors of the west wing she couldn't help, but almost feel bad. This guy lives here? No wonder he is so unhappy. When she looked up again he was stopped a few doors ahead and was unlocking it. When she caught up to him, Lucas smiled and pushed the door open. The inside of the room was just as dreary as the rest of the mansion. The walls were a depressing black, the bed was draped in plain white sheets, and the floor was covered in black carpeting.

"So this will be your room. Mine is three doors down on the left. If you need anything let me know and I'll see what I can do." Lucas smiled at her again. Allesia smiled back from behind her mask.

"There is one thing you could do, if it wouldn't be too much to ask." She tilted her head and shrugged her shoulder. Lucas shook his head yes. "Well it's just I'd really like to liven this place up. Make it feel more like a home."

"Well it wasn't what I was expecting, but why not. Besides all this black was starting to depress me."


That was eleven years ago. Allesia missed the early days. At first Lucas was happy. He would always grant Allesia her request, even went out of his way to make her happy and comfortable. But then there was her mission to Fireglow. After that Lucas was furious all the time. No one even Allesia was safe from his wrath. Allesia sighed and took one final look around her room. Nothing else will ever be the same. She knew without a doubt that tonight would be her last time here.


When Jenn came to she was a bit disoriented. She managed to stand herself up with the help of the tree she was leaning against. She could hear the battle off in the distance. Jenn looked up to the sky searching for a sign. At that exact moment Sorin and Tori flew overhead. Jenn took this as a simple yes and began making her way to the battle.


As Sorin and Tori neared the battle they landed in a small tree. The crater was almost completely filled at this point and Xander was readying his masterpiece. Tori drew her bow and notched a single arrow. Her yellow aura began to glow as she lined up her shot. Sorin's aura flowed off of him and intertwined itself with Tori's arrow. "We only get one shot." She told him. Sorin knew she was right, but one shot was all they needed to destroy this dragon. Tori made a massive inhale and held her breath steadying her hand. Sorin caught Hiro's attention and signed for the ok. Hiro nodded back. Sorin increased the intensity of aura flow to Tori's arrow. The intermingled auras began to glow an intense orange. The two let the aura build and build until finally the arrow took flight. It flew through the air crackles and sparks trailing behind it. As the arrow neared its mark Xander ready his spell. The arrow found its mark and sunk into the bowels of the dragon. For a second nothing happened, than a single spark started a chain reaction of progressively larger explosions. A small explosion at first. As the inside of the dragon began to blow into large chunks of flesh and bone, Xander released his aura into the earth around him and a giant dome sprang up covering the crater-lake. When the explosions stopped Xander lowered the dome and collapsed from pure exhaustion. Hiro barely caught him and propped him up. As the others got to Hiro Krin immediately went to work healing him. "Sorin where is Jenn?" Nero asked suddenly.

"I left her at the edge of the woods lets go get her really quick ok." Sorin and Nero headed off into the forest.


When the two boys returned with Jenn Xander was just waking up. They were all completely drained of energy. They laid on the ground just resting in the warmth of the high noon sun. Time passed slowly as they each took turns at the watch while the rest just slept. The day was rather uneventful until about midnight. Hiro was on watch by that point. The night was fairly quiet so he generated the small bit of aura he needed and walked across the surface of the lake out to the center. The moon light reflected perfectly off the smooth still surface of the water. Hiro allowed himself to relax for just a few moments and enjoy the scene. The lake he had created was crystal clear, the forest chirped and hummed with the night time life, and the moon was outlined in a strange blue glow. That's when Hiro noticed it. The blue light wasn't the moon. It was him. He placed his hand on his chest grabbing his star jewel around his neck. He pulled it out from beneath his shirt and was shocked by odd glow it was emitting. The center was snow white and then pulsed outward growing dark as it traveled towards the tip. Suddenly the water around Hiro began to part forming a spiraling staircase down to the bottom of the lake. Hiro tried to yell for the others, but nothing worked. He tried to go back to shore, but a barrier stopped him cold. He was worried, but decided to head down the staircase. The walls of water that flanked the staircase were smooth and crystal clear the same way the lake surface was. Several minutes passed in complete silence as Hiro descended. Suddenly he heard a scuffling noise. Hiro pushed forward the natural light of the moon slowly fading slowly. Just as he reached an area of pitch black he heard the noise again only this time it was louder and sounded almost like a voice. Hiro followed the voice through the pitch black for quite some time before a faint light blue glow appeared in the distance. Hiro approached the light with caution and before he knew it he had entered into a strange room. It was decorated rather nicely most of the furniture screamed of regality. The odd thing was that the whole room was all white. The room was mysteriously lit by an unknown source. In the center of the room was a small white column with a star standing on top of it. The star around Hiro's neck began to glow violently. The jewel began to pulse quicker and quicker as Hiro got closer to the column. Hiro's aura began to glow brilliantly blinding him. When the flash died down and Hiro could see again an old man was standing front of him smiling. The man had olive skin and clear sea-green eyes. His hair was silver and his bread was unkempt and untrimmed. He wore a light blue t-shirt and a pair of loose dark blue shorts. What really caught Hiro off guard though was the man had no shoes, and golden tridents tattooed on his fore arms.

"Thank you Hiro for releasing me from my prison." The man said. His voice was deep, yet soft. Hiro stood there dumbfounded. "Oh where are my manners, my name is Argos, Lord of the Ocean and Master of the Seas." He smiled again.

"T-the Argos, as in one of The Seven Argos?" Hiro's jaw dropped to the floor. He couldn't even begin to wrap his mind around what was happening.

"Yes I am one of The Seven, but it's no big deal Hiro." Hiro tried to pull himself together. "Hiro by bringing the Star of the Sea home to my temple and returning its rightful place you have freed me from the Hollowed. I don't know how much time I've got left so listen carefully. You need to free Hawke. His temple resides at the top of Mount Tsubasa. The Hollowed will try to stop you and your friends, but you must not fail."

"Who are the Hollowed? Wait Mount Tsubasa? What does all this mean?" Hiro couldn't even begin to understand what was happening around him.

"I don't have time to explain, but I can give you a small gift." Argos placed his left; index, middle, and ring, fingers on Hiro's forehead. Argos' began to glow all shades of blue. It flowed seamlessly off of Argos and onto Hiro slowly enveloping him. "This is a special gift Hiro. I've given you complete control over water magic Hiro use it wisely. I must leave now, but we will meet again." Hiro watched as Argos walked away. When he finally disappeared from sight Hiro blacked out.

AN: Aideo PhantomWolf I finished I hope you enjoy it cause I loved writing it. And as always Rissa sends her love.