This is just a random thing that popped into my head yesterday and has taken me a day to write although it may not seem like it haha :{D It was meant to be a poem for little kids, but then turned out like this since my mind goes off on one most of the time. Anyways... I hope you like it. :{P

Daddy is a dinosaur

A dinosaur I say,

A dinosaur at night,

A human in the day,

Daddy says it's natural,

A natural kind of thing,

Daddy says he's fearful,

Of humans catching him

Daddy says "Be careful"

Daddy says "Be Kind"

To people just like him

No hearts deep down inside

Daddy warns me not to do

The horrific things he does,

Killing people who're out for him

And drinking in their blood

Daddy says he hates them

Daddy says "Beware"

Daddy goes out at night

To keep me unaware

Daddy disappears

For many different days

Changing different shapes

When night turns into day

Daddy says he's vicious

Will rip and tare your flesh

Daddy says he's poorly

Needs help from fearless men

Daddy keeps his distance

Says space won't change a thing

Daddy says he loves me,

But does he really feel a thing?

Daddy has been taken

From a curse set down by men,

People who just hate him,

For being too good for them

Daddy says he doesn't mind,

But down he truly does

Daddy is much different,

From people just like us

SO... I was thinking of putting this into different stanzas but I'm not sure yet. Let me know :{D