_AMAR Federation

Subject: LQP-79

Summary: Deadly virus unknown to humans.

Status: Deployed

Later on, it was found that the man that chewed the other's face down in Miami was, in fact, infested with LQP-79, a deadly virus that is yet to be found a cure. Said virus corrupts the internal organs of the host, causing internal rotting and hemorrhaging. At the second stage, the rotting surfaces out, appearing as black or grey blotches in the skin. The skin may smell putrid, or may not, depending on the genetic structure of the subject infected. In the final stage, LQP-79 goes to the brain, where it damages the frontal lobe and lodges itself in it. This ceases all reasoning from the subject, leaving LQP-79 to control the subject at its will. After incubating its viral parts, LQP-79 proceeds to die, leaving the other disassembled viral parts in the damaged front lobe of the subject. After some time of vegetating, the subject starts to attack humans, and proceeding to eat their flesh off, seeing as some of the components of the human flesh help the viral parts to assemble themselves. However, the subject does not seem to attack any other animal of the animal kingdom. It has been noticed, however, that the subject eats some grasses and leaves, but only in little to no amount.

After the viral parts have assembled themselves, they take action and leave their host's body via a rotten whole at the back of the victim's head, leaving as a odourless and colourless cloud, as if they were spores. And thus, the LQP-79 cycle has begun.

As of 03-||-||||, the nosocomical virus, LQP-79, has spread up to .0002% of Earth's population, which is considerably nothing compared to the previous outbreak of virus AH1NI, otherwise know as the "Swine Flu". It is estimated that, as of 17-10-||||, the virus is to have infested 1% of Earth's population. Notice, that this virus does not appear to affect animals, as opposed to AH1NI.

The nosocomical virus out-broke last year, on [CORRUPTED DATA], after a failed attempt to create a mind controlling substance over at the laboratories of the FD Genetics, a government agency known to have found the cure to the AH1N1 virus. Upon further research, it was found that it was not an accidental out-break, but, someone broke into the facility and took a jar containing LQP-79. 2 days later, the virus was found to have infested various people around the area of Miami, Florida, USA.

The virus is not aerial, it travels through contact of infested objects or animals (including human beings). But, it does travel by any liquid means. It was found that certain areas of Miami's water sewers were infested by LQP-79. Later on, the area and the houses in that area were quarantined, until the Biochemical Disposal Team arrived and took matter into their hands. As of [CORRUPTED DATA] the area has been clean of any LQP-79's particles.

Do know that this is a privilege, and not a right to all of you readers. This piece of information on LQP-79 has not appeared on News, TV or (barely) the Internet in due of fear of causing Global Panic. This decision was taken upon the Government of [CORRUPTED DATA], and 2/3 of Earth's Governments have accepted said decision.