My Special Place

I look around me as I sit on the bench in the bus stop which is lit up by a dim orange light. The bus shelter isn't a fancy glass tube or dome, it's a simple brick structure that smells old and musty. I feel comfortable since I'm wrapped up in warm clothes and a thick coat.

With one glance at my watch and I realise it's late, but I'm not worried, nothing will happen to me, I'm protected. It's raining, but it's not cold, there is no breeze, just light rain.

Everywhere around me is quiet, there is only a couple of noises. The sound of rain gently dripping onto the concrete around the shelter and the humming of car engines that pass by slowly every few minutes.

I hear each individual drop of water reach the floor because the rain isn't that heavy, the drops are large but they are kind, warm, friendly. Its sound soothes me and its feel calms me as I reach out and catch it with my bare hand.

Why am I here?

I can't sleep, going to my special place helps me calm down, helps me slumber.

I look at the road before me, it's black but orange at the same time. The tarmac is soaking wet which makes it shine, it becomes a river instead of and the orange light from the street lamps bounce off of it, creating a sparkling orange stream.

I feel my eye lids begin to drop, it's time to go home.

All is dark, true comfort around me, silence, no sound of rain or cars. I reach out my bare arm, all I can feel is soft bed covers on top and below me. My head is submerged in a cushion of calm.

Reality begins to slip away as I fell into a deep sleep, thanks to my special place.