Well, it's been a while since I posted a story and I've got some weird inspiration goin' on right now. But I guess that's kinda given with what this story is about. Anyways, here's what's going to happen. I'll write a short chapter, and post two or three different paths you can take. Then I will write the next chapters with only one choice being the surviving one. (maybe the most popular, maybe another to keep you all guessing;) But feel free to read the other chapters, cause you never know which one will continue the story!

Anyways, to the credits. The game series Sagittarian by Lorestrome. I love this guy's games! Go check 'em out!

For now, the short intro! :D

It started as a small virus in a small town. No one knows where it came from or how it started; prehaps as an animal's disease, maybe a child's mistake in science, maybe just the universe finally deciding that it had enough of mankind's stupidity. Whatever the source, it mattered not. The fact that all of the human race was being infected and turned into the 'walking dead' was the serious concern.

It started in the cities and spread quickly, lying dormant for many weeks before showing the first signs of infection. After that, however, it was obvious who was infected. The skin fell from the bones, maggots and other decomposers moved in, and the dead formed an insatiable appetite for human flesh. They seemed unable to make sounds besides the groans and moans usually associated with 'zombies'. Every die-hard fan out there soon found the apocalypse wasn't as glorious as they envisioned as they felt the first signs of infection or were eaten alive by the hordes of dead.

But not every person was condemned to die. Some escaped infection through unknown miracles and managed to find ways to protect themselves. But the fight for survival wasn't won yet. This is where our story begins. Will you survive..?

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(Notice: This is not an official test of if you would survive a zombie attack. You may or may not survive under these given instances. Do not take my word for it when the dead come for you. Follow your instinct and you'll (maybe) make it.)

A Short Guide Before You Read

Chapters will be posted as 1.A *Title*, 2.B *Title*, 3.C *Title*, etc. to follow the separate choice paths. Many will dead-end and one or two will keep going. This is for you to figure out which is which.

The number is the plot/chapter sequence from your previous choices. Ex: 1.A ; 2.A ; 3.A
(Helps me/you keep up with what chapter to read)
he letter is for the choice you made in the former chapter. Ex: 1.A ; 1.B ; 1.C
(To choose which path choice you take)

(In later chapters, I will add extra letters before the numbers (Ex: 1SB A ; 1WT A ; 1DC A). This is following the path you chose in one of the former chapters. Don't let it confuse you too much when they appear. The rules all remain the same, just with an extra choice so you can follow your path separately without the confusion of the others.

*Warning: Many chapters will be very short. Get over it. :)

Now read on, if you dare...