I know this chapter is really short and still following Lorestrome's plot, but it will start to change. Just hang in here with me and we'll find out where this goes together. For now, keep sending in replies to get chapters sooner. And I've made a new decision. Now, wether or not I get many replies, I will post a new chapter every Friday. I may have things come up every once in a while, so if I may not post but I will try to within the next day or two.

Chapter 3, Choice C: As you watch, your neighbor falls to the group and you are left with a feeling that you should have done something. Before you look away, you see the attackers fighting over pieces of the body, stuffing their mouths full of flesh and eating ravenously. You feel sick, closing the curtains and turning away. You aren't sure if you should stay at your home or head somewhere else. As you hear more sounds outside, you decide to
A) stay. (Go to 4A)
B) leave. (Go to 4B)
C) look outside to see what's going on. (Go to 4C)