I look up and see red, white and blue
Wings folding and spreading into my field of view
Fluttering delicately while the harsh wind blows
They are strong together but divided they fall
When one rises up they all follow closely behind
When one falls down they swoop to the ground
It is like our country after tragedy blows through
Disaster shouldn't stop us;
Neither should our cold winter rues
For if the butterflies keep flying,
We should stand tall
And spread our wings wide
They may be delicate but they can take a hit
And when those butterflies are called to the mountains,
You may doubt their strength to fly
But we are them and they are we;
They'll fly up past the heavens' summit

This is one of my poems from Allpoetry as Starsign, so please don't think I'm plagiarizing! I couldn't use can you see the lights there because it was too long, but besides the name, I am the same person!