Boy, I thought you were perfect.

The curve of your cheekbones

Was exquisite as Hell.

I liked the way your eyes tilted up

And creased at the edges

With your beaming-white smile.


You stalked through my dreams like an elegant tiger,

Graceful and lean and ever-alert.

Even in dreams you were perfect and smiling.

From your looks, I reasoned

That your soul was pure.

Boy, I thought you were perfect.

But then I saw you were seriously flawed.

That sun-kissed exterior

Hid darkness and gloom,

Those bright, happy eyes

Hid the weight

Of nasty



Still, I thought you were perfect,

And from your looks

I reasoned

That your soul was pure...


You went through the girls like fire through a haystack.

Searching for love,

You found only lust.

And with great pain

I saw you were happy,

Acting like a tiger

Eating up chicks.

You gave not a damn for politeness

Or truth,

And fed your smoldering darkness

With flames of blackest desire.

You killed yourself

That innocent you

And replaced him with something

Darker than the deepest depths of night...

Boy, I thought you were perfect.

And that was judging

Straight from your looks.

...But then I saw

You were seriously flawed.