A pathway of purple
A river of reflections divine
I swim on my back
Gliding through the cool water
My eyes looking up at the trees
Cotton candy as a protective canopy
To filter the harsh light into feather-soft luminescence
The sun a star endowed with much power
It may burn out the beauty
If it's not careful
But while it shines peacefully,
Eden's hall is alive
With the sound of trickling water
And the sound of me slipping out of the river,
To step onto the path and begin running
My footsteps echoing around
My shadow leaping from bush to bush
As I rush to see what's at the end

This is one of my poems from Allpoetry as Starsign, so please don't think I'm plagiarizing! I couldn't use can you see the lights there because it was too long, but besides the name, I am the same person!