Storm clouds gathered in the sky overhead, a strange sight, given the light blue coloration of the surrounding area above. Lightning flashed from the grey sections, granting an eerie feeling to the island below, as the blue of the sky gradually faded and was replaced by the inky black of the storm. Trees thrashed in the winds, and the water glowed, almost as if something were underneath it, lighting it from below.

Two figures stood on the coast of the land, near the electric-glow of the water. Both held blades in their hands, prepared for battle. It was obvious that the two were not companions, as one was grinning widely, in an almost psychopathic manner.

"It's over with Therman! You've lost! Don't you see? With every passing moment your mission fades… and once the last inkling of blue in that sky is gone from sight, you will die with it!"

The other man glared, brandishing his sword in a defensive stance, ready to attack at a moment's notice. "Then it would appear I have nothing to lose."

The psychopath sighed, the maniacal grin still evident on his face. "Why must you always be so stubborn? All along you would never quit, and look where that got you? You're standing on your deathbed, and you still won't drop your sword!"

The man, Therman evidently, gave a small half smile. "A man can lose his sword, and still use his hands to fight. A man can lose his tongue, but write what he desires to say. But when a man loses his determination, he loses the very ability to do anything to keep moving. As long as you have determination, it's never over."

A demented cackle rang through the air at that remark. "How ironic, that the man who never gives up will die of his own stubbornness. Had you joined me when I offered, you wouldn't be in this scrape. No matter… I'm sure the Leviathan will enjoy your pitiful determination."

As soon as the man ended his speech, an ear-piercing roar, louder than any jet engine, proved his point as a massive beast rose from the sea, howling in rage.

Its skin was a dark blue, nearly black, and leathery. Seven heads sprouted from its body, some with one horn, some with two, adding up to ten in all. Teeth ringed all of its jaws, row upon row of them, like a gigantic shark, awaiting the chance to feast on its prey. Razor-sharp claws adorned its feet and arms, and spikes ran down its neck. Grey spots appeared on its skin periodically, much like a leopard's. All in all it was a terrifying beast, capable of instilling fear in the hearts of even the bravest of warriors. Therman gazed in awe and shock at the creature, no, the monster that stood before him, gazing at him from a massive eye not unlike that of a snake.

"Good lord man… have you gone mad?!" he shouted to his enemy, who stood to the side watching in gleeful anticipation.

"Don't ask questions to which you already know the answer dear Therman… and now, I believe I promised my friend here a decent meal." The beast roared in confirmation before one of its heads soared down, attempting to devour Therman. It almost succeeded, but he rolled out of the way last minute and scrabbled to his feet.

"Give it up Therman! You can't win this fight!"

Therman glanced around frantically. There had to be something he could do. Anything! It was then that he noticed it; A small, glowing blue orb in the middle of the beast's chest.

"No, but I can put it off for a while." And with that he threw the blade at the orb, and as soon as the weapon sliced through it, a massive ray of blue light began to shine and pulse from it as the beast howled in agony.

"Fool! Do you have any idea what you've done?!" the psychopath asked. Therman glanced at him before turning his attention back to the beast.

"I'm sorry. I guess I was too stubborn to ask." He taunted, and with that last quip, it exploded. Not the beast itself, but the orb., and once it did, the beast fell back into the ocean, healing itself once more, hopefully for years, decades, maybe even centuries to come. The clouds vanished in an instant, and the wind died down gradually, but when the island was examined, only one man was lying there, unconscious, by the coast.