The Angel Games

(If you know what my kind of Angels and Demons are you can skip the intro)

In another dimension, there lives a species called Angels. They are basically immortals that have wings and powers depending on the type of Angel they are. The various types of Angels are separated each into their own Kingdoms, since different types of Angels typically hate each other. Angels do have one enemy other than their own Kingdoms. They are called Demons. They have powers too and their own secret weapon. Also they have their own world. Demons want nothing more to conquer the Angel World and destroy or transform each and every one of them into Demons. This history is common knowledge for both species.

Today is the day. Thousands of Angels are gathered large theater that has several balconies to hold them all. The place is dark but light comes from the many spotlights that shine onto the stage. The red velvet curtains are closed; hiding what the Angels are most anticipating. There are cameras set at intervals around the theater to capture this live on TV. Today is the start of the Angel Games; a survival contest on which twenty-four volunteers, each from a different Kingdom have to fight to the death to win. The prize is whichever Angel wins; that Angel's Kingdom will be considered the most powerful of the year. All the Angels in the crowd are cheering, excited for the most popular and best showdown on Angel television. Soon, the curtains part and the audience cheers louder when Rupert, the Creator of Angels is revealed from behind the thick curtain. Rupert is a Rainbow Angel, therefore he possesses all Angel Powers that exist and then some. He is a large man with tan skin, bulging muscles, shaggy shoulder length brown hair, a long brown heard, eyes that reflect every shade of color there is and two enormous wings protrude from his back that shimmer numerous colors that seem to blend together, until you can't tell which color is which. He's wearing a nice tailored black suit and tie, a white collared shirt underneath. He steps in front of the microphone in the center of the stage and the crowd screams even more. He clears his throat for silence and the crowd quiets down.

"Angels of all sorts, it is my highest pleasure to introduce the start of this year's Angel Games!", he begins in a booming voice. The crowd goes wild.

"Today, we will commence the competition by picking the next competitors in the Games! Bring out the Choosing Bowl!", he commands and the crowd cheers again. And two Angel walk out onto the stage, carrying a large glass bowl filled to the brim with small white slips of paper. This bowl has a name of an volunteer from each Angel Kingdom from that bowl. Only twenty four Kingdoms are chosen. They set it down gently while groaning, next to Rupert. They stand up and straighten their stiff backs. Though the slips of paper have a light weight, the bowl itself weights a few tons. Luckily, Angels are a bit stronger than the average mortal.

Rupert thanks them and then pivots back to the microphone.

"I shall now pick the twenty four Angels that have decided to sacrifice themselves for the honor of their Kingdom! They're contribution to the Games will never be forgotten!"

He dives his hand in and twenty four slips of paper. Then he reads them off one by one:

" Marcelene Dillane representing the Black Kingdom!"

"Jason Alabaster representing the Water Kingdom!"

"Darren Heartmore representing the Fire Kingdom!"

"Ima Noy-Ying representing the Ginger Kingdom!"

There is some laughter heard from the audience after that name.

"Dallas McBride representing the Blue Kingdom!"

"Xanthus Azurochan representing the Green Kingdom!"

"Vanessa Roberts representing the Lightening Kingdom!"

"Violet Motoya representing the Dark Kingdom!"

"Sakura Kagome representing the Earth Kingdom!"

"Ash Nigh representing the Grey Kingdom!"

"Geraldine Ivy representing the Shadow Kingdom!"

"Leila Vines representing the Flower Kingdom!"

"Alahnia Frost representing the Snow Kingdom!"

"Iris Harvey representing the Color Kingdom!"

"Angel de Jose representing the White Kingdom!"

"Jayden Moore representing the Mind Kingdom!"

"Samantha Miller representing the Rejection Kingdom!"

"Morpheus Draze representing the Sleep Kingdom!"

"Cecily representing the Onyx Kingdom!"

"Nicolas Spear representing the Weapon Kingdom!"

"Willow Grant representing the Oracle Kingdom!"

"Arkham Nighting representing the Light Kingdom!"

"Shane Drifter representing the Serene Kingdom!"

"And Marika Simone representing the Metal Kingdom!"

The crowd roars thunderously, enthusiastic over the new contestants, half of them cheering that an Angel from their own Kingdom got chosen. However, there is a few boos heard, mostly from those disappointed Angels that are sore losers and their Kingdom wasn't chosen or from the protestors who believe that the Angel Games is sadistic and wrong. Rupert eventually restores order and moves on.

"The Interviews of these Angel will be taking place tonight! For those of you who wish to attend, buy tickets early.", Rupert remarks. The crowd chuckles at his joke.

"Goodbye until the Interviews then!", Rupert says in departure and the other Angels cheer.


"Good. You were chosen.", my Master praises, smiling largely.

I nod in agreement. "We did take out a quarter of the slips and replaced them with my name so I'm not surprised."

"Still it could of gone a lot worse.", Master insists. "Rupert might not have picked your name then we would have to take someone out."

I nod again, knowing better than to argue. Whatever Master says is true and right. That was something he had drilled into my head ever since I was transformed.

"It wouldn't matter anyway.", I announce grimly. "I'm going to take all of them out."

*Gasp! The Games already has a cheater!

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