Prompt 1: Wishing Well

Chapter 1

I began to make my way back home, highly doubting the wish would come true. After all, magic didn't exist, right?

I woke up the next morning to find bright light shinning in my eyes. With a groan, I blinked, rubbed my eyes, and uprighted myself. A note fluttered to the ground, and I bent down to pick it up. In flowery script, it read:

Your wish has been granted. Or should I say wishes?
On your nightstand, you shall find 4 rings on a silver chain. For your wish to come true, hold onto the ring and make your wish. By placing the ring on and wearing it, it will create clothes and an appearance for either the timeline or place you wished.
When you wish for the wish to end, hold onto the ring, and say 'there's no place like home'.

Kidding. Too cliche. Simply hold the ring and picture the time and place you wish to go. Once you are there, the ring will loose it's power. However, you are welcome to keep it as a reminder of your journey.
Speak to none of the well, or what shall happen. First off, they won't believe you. Second, your wishes will happen in reverse and great misfortune will befall you. The Fates have specifically chosen you. I suggest you do not play with them.

One last word of advice. I suggest you use the very last wish to return to your home. Specifically ask to return to the exact same place and time. No one will be the wiser.

Have fun, my dear.

Messenger for the Fates

P.S. No wishing for world changing things such as 'world peace'. In fact, the Fates chose you partially for that reason. They knew you wouldn't wish for something like that.

I blinked slowly, trying to take it on. Stumbling slightly, I reached my nightstand, and true to the notes words, I found a silver chain with 4 rings. Upon seeing the colours of the stones that lay embedded in the silver rings, I let out a soft chuckle. The colours were a dark green, yellow, blue, and red. Hogwarts.

With a sigh, I slipped the chain over my neck and headed off towards the bathroom to wake up. I wasn't about to rush into things. No. That would be stupid. There were so many things to possibly wish for. I would have to be careful with my wishes. Very careful.

The First Wish

I smiled as I thought of my friend's words. Alissandra and I have been complaining once again, about how we had been born in the wrong decade. How I longed, many times, to have been born into a high status, European family during the Victorian Era.


The next morning, I woke up from a very pleasant dream. My wish had come true in that dream.
All of a sudden, I felt a slight weight on my neck, and I smiled softly. Holding onto the ring, I whispered softly, "I wish I was born into a high status family in 1895. I wish to be erased of my memories, until I reach 15, when my memories will slowly seep back until I am 17.
Aikaterina, can you take my rings disappear, until I regain my memory, and then return them to me, along with this note?" I quickly penned a note, explaining everything.

Opening my window, I held both the rings and the note out of the window. A soft whisper-like wind passed over my hand, and I could have sworn I heard a soft voice in my ear whisper "Have fun, sweetheart", before the note and the chain disappeared, and I felt myself black out.

A/N: Okay. So, first off. Aikaterina means 'pure' in greek. Second, this is for school. You are welcome to offer constructive criticism. However, I do not wish for you to comment that the plot is childish or any type of flame.
I myself do not particularly like the prompt, but I did not choose it.

This is the prompt:
You've just had one of the most terrible days of your life when you stumble upon a wishing well. While you don't typically believe in such things, you need a pick-me-up. So you toss a penny down the well and make a wish. Lo and behold, it comes true. Write this scene.

I am working with what I have been given, while (attempting) to keep it school appropriate. In fact, while I may continue it online, I may not hand in anything else for school then what I have here. The plot to this story is long. Very long. I ill not finish it, but I may continue it. Online that is...

Okay. Enough with my ramblings.

Another note: This is extremely short. On the internet. On my computer, it is 2.5 pages.