Lukas Elserin, a senior in high school, has been gifted and burdened with an unusually powerful amount of Rei-Ki, the spirtual energy within all humans, for his age. A fairly normal student, Lukas is simply trying to figure out what he would like to do after he graduates high school. Many other students with strong Rei-Ki enroll themselves as MST's, or Military Student in Training. Lukas has considered it, but doesn't know if he would like to enter Satala's military upon graduation. At the moment, he is taking regular classes just as any other student. However, there is one class in particular that is a bit different from the rest: Advanced Rei-Ki 207. In this class, a mysterious new teacher named Misayo pushes her students to their fighting limits. She has a particular interest in Lukas for some reason. Word gets around the school of how well Lukas has been doing in this class, which leads his former teammate Luna Mariko to recruit him back on her Ikusa team. Ikusa matches are held throughout the year at various locations, and now Lukas must lead a group of teammates to victory. This story follows the normal high school life of Lukas Elserin... and how certain events turn his high school life into anything but normal...

Authors Note: Hey guys! That was just a short, broad summary of what you can expect to see. Not a Prologue, merely a prelude before reading. Think of it as the summary on the back of a novel. It'll make more sense when you begin reading so go to the next chapter! Oh, and if you didn't know, you can change the text font, the background color, and the margins. I advise you make the margins 3/4; leaving them on full will be rather unpleasing to the eye, making it harder to read.

Keep in mind that I am posting "Episodes" instead of traditional chapters. This means, each "chapter" will be longer than usually ones normally are. I hope you all will still continue to read the lengthy Episodes cause they are full of important dialogue and plot! Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the story!