Episode 9: Commencement of Rage

"Finally! Took em' long enough!" Meg shouted as she fished through the contents of the large metal box on the table. "These are gonna help so much!"

Greg stood over her shoulder, trying to peer into the box. "Man, it's about freaking time they sent us the pseudo-Solblades we bought. That was almost a month ago. Our next game is next week!"

"Oh well," she said while observing the new items, "we've already used these pseudo-Solblades and a lot of the other equipment before, so it's no big deal we don't have much time practicing with new stuff."

"Umm, Sister?" Hana cautiously approached Meg. "I-I don't think it's a good idea to go through that without permission. They're for the entire team."

The three were gathered at the conference room of the shack. The metal box was lying on the table, the only object that stayed in that small section of the cabin.

"Not our fault everyone else is late! That snow didn't keep us from showing up on time." Meg took out a long, black rifle and began examining every inch of it. "Oooh, a level 3. I wanna use this in our next game!"

"Oh wow." Greg reached into the box and pulled out some kind of device. "Hey, the Captain even bought a Rei-Ki detector." The device had a simple grid on its screen and appeared to resemble a radar. "This will definitely come in handy."

"You idiot, our unit won't need that." Meg placed the rifle on the table and pulled out a black mesh bag from the box. "See, she also bought a bunch of Ear Links; four for each Unit."

"What's your point? Those just let us talk to each other; the R-detector shows us exactly where the enemy is." Greg snarled at her.

The girl just shook her head. "Don't tell me you forgot already! Remember last match: how do you think Lukas saved the Captain from that opponent who nearly knocked her out when we tried entering the fourth floor. It's obvious he could sense the guy's Rei-Ki! Why would we need a Rei-Ki detector when Lukas could just tell us where all the enemies are?"

"What? Are you some kinda idiot? That doesn't mean Lukas can sense Rei-Ki yet!"

"It so totally does!" Meg retaliated. "That, or his love for Luna gives him a sixth sense whenever she's endangered!"

"W-what are you talking about Meg?" Hana worriedly muttered.

"I hate to break it to ya Sis, but it's so obvious they have a thing for each other." She grabbed Hana by the head and pulled her against her chest, pretending to cradle her. "There, there, I'm sure you can just steal him from her!"

"Megumi stop it!" Her sister whimpered as Meg rocked her back and forth.

The three suddenly felt a cold draft as they turned to see the door opening. From outside the three members of Unit A, Luna's Unit, walked in.

"Brr… it's freezing out there!" The redheaded girl, Robin, exclaimed. She took off her long red overcoat and threw it on the sofa.

"Hey, what do you all think you're doing?!" The youngest member asked pointing at the container.

"None of your business newbie!" Greg snapped at Neil, turning away.

"We're looking at all the new equipment! Take a look!" Meg happily told them.

"The Captain and Spearhead Elserin should be here momentarily." Alexander calmly told them. "Wouldn't it be wise to wait for…?"

"Oh, oh, I wanna see!" Robin shouted as she ran to Greg's side, peering into the box. "Oh wow! Look at all the cool new toys we get to play with."

"Don't get too excited Robin." Neil followed behind her. "Captain Mariko is probably going to distribute the new equipment by whoever needs them most. Unit C is probably going to get most of them since they're the weakest of our Units."

"Your punk ass attitude is starting to get on my nerves kid." Greg said as he stepped toward him.

"The only reason you don't like us is cause you're jealous of Lukas and Luna's love for each other!" Meg shouted out to him.

Robin hugged Neil and began to pat his head. "Aww poor wittle Neil. Looks like it's true."

Neil quickly broke free and stepped back. His face was hot red. "What are you talking about? The Captain is too good for a loser like Lukas! Besides, he's not skilled enough to impress her!"

"Well apparently he is, or else Luna wouldn't have made him Spearhead again." Meg pointed out.

"That was a mistake on her part! She was obviously desperate to get a complete team roster submitted by the due date and Lukas was the only one who she could get!"

"Man kid…" Greg rubbed his forehead. "You are straight up crazy. It's obvious Lukas is more skilled than Luna. If not, he's just as skilled as her."

"You're the crazy one! Luna's skills are far superior to that irresponsible idiot's! You've never seen her in action like I have!"

Another cold breeze could be felt by all six members as they watched the door swing open. Both Luna and Lukas stepped into the building. They were talking with each other but suddenly stopped as they saw their Units together.

"What's all the fuss about?" Luna asked as she took off her shoes, as well as her small white coat and scarf. She then walked over to the conference room table.

Lukas slowly pried off his shoes and hung his black coat on a rack next to Luna's, but kept his red scarf on. He then followed right behind her.

"C-Captain…" Neil stuttered with a flushed face.

Robin stepped in front of Neil. "Oh hey Cap! We were just talking about how we think you and Lukas are in…"

"We were just discussing," Alexander calmly interrupted, "which Unit leader is the most skilled between the two of you."

Luna shot her subordinates a surprised expression and then took a look inside the box. "I see. Our equipment has finally arrived."

Lukas followed suit and looked into the metal container. "Now we have pseudo-Solblades from level 1 to 3, and some other nice equipment." He then turned to his three members with a blank stare. "I take it you three were the ones who opened this without permission."

"It was this idiot!" Greg pointed to Meg.

"Hey! You were going through the stuff too!"

Luna didn't pay any mind to Unit C as they argued. She had a level 3 pseudo-Solblade in her hands, examining it to make sure it was in proper condition. In the back of her head, she was thinking about how well Lukas fought in their last game; how it seemed he was able to sense the opponent's Rei-Ki, even if it was only for a split second.

"Hmm… so you guys were wondering which one of us is more skilled?"

The team turned their attention to her, unexpected by her curiosity.

She then turned to face Lukas, simply staring at him for a moment without saying anything. "I wonder that too…"

"Um, Luna? What are you talking about?" Lukas asked with a crooked smile.

"Aren't you curious to know Lukas? Which of us is stronger?"

"I just wanna train and go home so I can sleep." Lukas replied, walking towards the sofa in the living room area.

"Captain," Neil started as he watched Lukas walk off, "it's obvious your skills far surpass that of Spearhead Elserin's. There's no need to waste your time sparring him." The taunt was ignored, as expected. Lukas jumped over the sofa to lay down as if he didn't hear Neil.

"C'mon Luke!" Meg ran behind the sofa. "Show that kid how amazing you are!"

Greg and Hana followed suit as well, waiting for Lukas to reply. He threw his hands behind his head and leaned back against the armrest. He let out a quiet yawn and then said, "I'm good."

"C'mon Lukas." Luna pleaded as she walked in front of where he was lying. "It would be a good learning experience for our subordinates. And we might have some fun!"

Lukas stared at her for a moment. The smile on her face puzzled him. She had been awfully happy and a bit more outgoing since they won their first match. He enjoyed seeing her like this; it made him happy.

"Okay…" Lukas said as he stood to his feet. He placed a hand on Luna's shoulder and grinned. "Let's have some fun."

"Aren't you excited girl?!" Vanessa asked. "It's almost been a month since you guys moved in with me, but you should be able to move back in pretty soon. I'm gonna miss having a girl to talk to!"

"Vanessa, c'mon, get off!" Courtney laughed as Vanessa hugged her. "I guess I'm excited… I'm just not sure what'll happen."

Vanessa noted the bit of worriedness in her voice. Silver Blood broke into Courtney's home a while ago and thrashed the place, so Courtney and her two siblings have been staying with Vanessa for the time being. Since that event, there hasn't been any other noted activity by Silver Blood members looking to get revenge on Courtney. The two were in Vanessa's room.

"Hey, quit being worried for nothing! Didn't Lukas say he'd protect you?" Vanessa smiled mockingly.

Courtney immediately turned red. "N-not just me! Natalie too!"

"So I take it you haven't made any progress, right?" She asked disappointedly.

"I…" Courtney stared down to the quilt underneath her. Images of the night she and Lukas went into her room popped into her head. "I apologized to him. He said he completely understood."

Vanessa lied down on the bed, stretching out her arms and legs. "I still don't get why you apologized. You said he kissed you back."

"I just forced all my problems onto him. I dumped all my feelings and he listened. It wasn't fair, what I did." Courtney told her.

Vanessa just sighed and stared at the ceiling. The two girls just sat quietly for a moment, thinking to themselves.

"It was nice though."

"Hmm?" Vanessa glanced over to Courtney.

She was fiddling with her thumbs, and her cheeks were slightly red. "It was nice… pretending that the only thing that mattered was me and Lukas… even if it was only for a moment.

Vanessa just stared as Courtney quietly spoke.

Courtney continued, "I… I know he was only comforting me because he saw how sad I was… but I didn't care. I wanted to be with him. I wanted to forget about everything. I wanted… I wanted him to hold me." She turned to Vanessa, her expression sad and confused. "Is... is that wrong?"

"No." She shook her head. "It's completely fine."

The two Units met outside the cabin. Everything was covered in about three inches of white, fluffy snow. Since there weren't any trees in that break of the forest, the sun shining from above made everything seem brighter than usual. Lukas and Luna stood a few meters across from each other, while the two Units were far off to the side.

"Luna, are you sure about this?" Lukas shouted to her. "We should use pseudo-Solblades."

She smiled at him. "You said we should have some fun. Besides, we haven't seen each other's Solblades in quite some time."

"This is crazy." Meg exclaimed, waiting in anticipation for the fight to begin. "I can't believe they're going to actually use their Solblades!"

"It was the Captain's idea." Alexander replied. "It seems Spearhead Elserin is still a bit hesitant."

"What's even crazier," Robin began as the others turned their attention to her, "is that I don't think anyone has ever seen Luna's Solblade, other than Spearhead Elserin and Spearhead Cornelian."

Neil shook his head. "Not true… I've seen it once before."

"What!? You?" Greg asked in shock. "Why would the Captain show it to someone like you?"

"She didn't…" He replied watching Luna stare down Lukas. "It… it was a couple years ago, before this team was made. Luna asked Syrus to join the team… the team that Lukas wanted to make. He didn't want to because he didn't like Lukas. So they agreed that if she could beat him in a sparring match he would have to. I happened to pass by the field they were fighting in, and saw Luna beat him. Ever since then I wanted to train under her. The strength she displayed that day was unbelievable."

Hana glanced at Lukas and noted the worried expression on his face. "… The team… Lukas wanted to make?"

Neil continued, "It's true that I don't like him. He's lazy, sets a bad example for his subordinates, barely tries yet excels in everything he does, and is skilled but he doesn't properly use that skill. But, none of those reasons is why I think Luna's skills are better than his…"

"Fine…" Lukas moaned, rubbing his forehead. "Let's get this over with."

"Alright then, let's get started." Luna slowly placed her hands out in front of her; she cupped both her hands, pressing her fingers together as if she were holding a cylindrical container or bottle. All of a sudden, she began to glow a beautiful blue. The aura around her distorted the air as it flopped about her body. "If you don't manifest your Solblade Lukas…" Luna slowly said, "I can't guarantee you won't be badly injured after this. I would hate for you to go back to the hospital again."

"Haha, whatever you say." Lukas placed his hands at his waist, his right hand over his left, readying to manifest his weapon. I still can't sense Rei-Ki, so it'd be foolish of me to try and fight with just my fists against a weapon like hers.

The aura around her suddenly disappeared in an abrupt outburst of energy as she whispered, "Transpire…" She then viciously tore her hands apart from one another as if she were tearing one's body in half with nothing but her bare hands. As she moved them apart, her Rei-Ki energy began to twirl around both her hands until a flash of white light revealed what was left. Luna raised her arms in front of her to show her Solblade: both her hands were covered in a silver metal glove. The gauntlets went from the tips of her fingers to her forearm. It was as if her fingers were turned into small, razor sharp weapons… and all ten of these weapons were pointed at Lukas.

"That's it?" Greg quietly said noting the size of Luna's Solblade.

"Don't underestimate the power of her Solblade…" Neil replied.

The metal of Luna's gloves clattered as her fingers moved past each other. "You ready?"

"Transpire." The handle of Lukas's Solblade manifested into his hands. He slowly pulled out the straight edged katana from its scabbard. From the white blade to the golden tassel hanging off the handle, the entire sword shimmered against the bright sunlight.

Luna watched as Lukas readied his sword in front of him. "Let's see just how strong my partner is." She quietly said.

"Five minutes." Lukas shouted to his Unit. "We're going to spar for five minutes, so keep track of time and let us know when it's up."

"Y-yes Spearhead!" Hana obediently replied, pulling out her cell phone. She touched the screen, navigating to her stopwatch, and then signaled Lukas she was ready.

"Alright Lukas, I'll begin." Luna lifted one of her hands up and pointed a single finger at Lukas. She then swiped her finger down to her side, without moving from her spot.

Here it comes! Lukas quickly jumped into the air as a completely invisible force charged toward him. As he landed on the ground, he glanced back to the spot he had jumped from; a tree was slashed cleanly in half. There wasn't even a sound; just a line that had appeared on the tree and then the two tall parts slowly crashing down to the earth.

The two Units stared in shock at the scene; Luna had cut a tree in half, a tree that was over a hundred feet away from her, by simply waving a single finger.

"Wow, great reflexes!" Luna complimented Lukas, raising her hand again to prepare for another strike. "I'm surprised you knew when to dodge, considering this is our first time sparring. Maybe it was just dumb luck."

Lukas stood to his feet and brushed off the snow from his legs. "Jeez dummy, what if I didn't dodge that?"

"Then I'd miss you." She giggled quietly. "Let's see if you can dodge my Ventus Spiculum when it's five times stronger!" Luna swung her entire hand in front of her this time instead of a single finger, as if she were scratching the air itself with her claw-like hands.

This girl is too much… Lukas swiftly began to run. He noticed as he was running the trees far behind him were falling one by one. If her invisible attack hit him, it would probably, at the very least, tear off a limb.

"Ventus… what?" Megumi curiously asked. The others were still far to the side, watching the spectacle play out.

"Ventus Spiculum." Neil explained. "If you didn't already know, if a Solblade has a certain technique or attack, whether it's unique to the Solblade or not, it usually has a name. That is the name of Luna's attack. I haven't figured out how it works yet, but as you can see it's ridiculously powerful. She can cut through trees without even trying."

"You're smarter than you look." Meg replied. "She even has Lukas on the run…"

Luna has shown me her Solblade only once before. While I know how it works, I'm not too sure how I'm going to stop her. Lukas abruptly stopped running and began to charge for her. "Oh well, running in circles won't stop her."

"Reckless as ever." Luna lifted her other arm up toward Lukas and began to twirl her fingers about in a rather elegant manner.

Thin, glowing lines appeared in the snow from the aftermath of her attacks. Lukas quickly jumped left to right, using the lines growing toward him in the snow to indicate where her attack would come from. Suddenly, he felt something tugging on his sword, stopping him in his tracks. He looked up to Luna to see her hands; it was in a closed fist, like she was holding onto his Solblade from all the way back there.

"Looks like I caught you." She shrewdly stated.

Lukas glanced down at his sword. He noticed there were a few bright, white strings coiled around the blade. The strings led back to Luna's weapon and into each of her fingers. Each string was barely visible from how incredibly dense it appeared, and the sun's bright light added with the snow all around made it near impossible to see when moving.

Luna pulled on Lukas's weapon. She watched him resisting her, pulling back while trying to keep his ground. "If I take your weapon, this match is over."

He was now holding onto the handle with both hands, and while his feet were firmly stationed in the ground, the strength of her pull was incredible. His feet began to give way, moving forward in the snow ever so slightly. "It's true that the strength of your attack is incredible Luna. But, that's not why your Solblade has so much destructive force: it's the speed of your weapon that gives it so much strength."

"You've analyzed my Solblade well Lukas." She complimented him as she grabbed the invisible string with her other hand to pull. "But what's your point?"

"Meaning, all I have to do is counter with an attack just as fast or faster than the speed of your Ventus Spiculum." Lukas's Solblade now began to glow an amazing white light. He slowly lifted his sword up and slashed down, breaking free of Luna's grip.

You broke free?" She asked surprised.

"I've only recently learned this technique so I've been dying to use it in a sparring match." He positioned his sword behind him with one hand over the blade. "This is just a basic attack, but it should do fine."

"W-what are you talking about? There's no way you can block all my Ventus Spiculum at once!" Luna raised both her arms and slashed the air as her deadly blade-like strings rushed toward Lukas.

"Fleo Lacer." Lukas quickly swung his sword horizontally as a thin, white beam of Rei-Ki energy flung forth. It ripped through the air with incredible speed, making a howling, high-pitched screech as it flew toward Luna.

The strings from her Solblade flew out the way as the force from Lukas's attack dragged them along back toward its wielder. Luna stared at the brilliant light as it came closer toward her. Unexpectedly, as the beam of energy was about to reach Luna, it disintegrated and faded away into nothing but a rush of cold wind that slapped Luna right in the face. She was taken aback; that attack, one she has never seen before, was able to stop her weapon and it nearly took her head off. She couldn't help but just stand there, staring back at Lukas.

"T-that's five minutes, sir." Hana told Lukas.

Lukas sighed in relief as he placed his katana back into his scabbard. The Solblade disappeared into thin air and he began to walk toward Luna. "That was fun Luna. Glad you talked me into it."

"Why, er, how did you stop your attack like that?" Luna asked, still in disbelief.

"I didn't stop it; by the time it reached you it was too weak to do anything." He explained, now standing in front of her. "Fleo Lacer is an attack that has a low amount of destructive force, but an incredible amount of speed; similar to your attack, in that regard. I just calculated how powerful it'd be by the time it reached you, so I knew it wouldn't have done anything."

Luna's Solblade vanished into the air as well. She stared at Lukas in complete astonishment. He… he calculated the strength of his attack, the speed at which it travels, and the distance between where we were standing… to determine if that would hit me or not all in those few seconds? The girl let out a long sigh before looking back up at Lukas with a smile. "I'm really glad you're back on the team Lukas."

He smiled back at her and replied, "Yeah, me too."

Before anyone else could say anything, they heard an angered voice rip through the air. "What the hell is going on here?"

From within the forest Syrus came walking toward the group. He quickly made his way to Lukas and Luna, and his three Unit members followed quietly behind him. Units A and C also gathered around the three leaders.

"Syrus?" Luna saw he looked rather upset. "What is it?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Syrus directed his words to Lukas, who returned a rather surprised look. "Are you some kinda idiot? What if that last attack hit her?!"

"Calm down man. I knew it wasn't going to hit her, or else I wouldn't have fired it."

"But what if you were wrong and it did hit her?!" Syrus retaliated. He stood between Luna and Lukas, as if he were shielding her from Lukas. "You dumbass; an attack like that would have nearly killed her!"

"How disrespectful…" Lukas sighed, looking past him at Luna. "Even if it continued to charge toward Luna, I know she would have been able to stop it. She's more than capable."

Luna just stared back at Lukas.

Syrus clenched his teeth. "Are you implying that I don't think Luna's capable?" He snarled at him.


"How dare you!"

"Syrus stop!" Luna ran in front of Syrus just as he was about to step toward Lukas. "I'm the one who asked Lukas to spar with me."

"That doesn't matter. His constant nonchalant attitude will be the death of this team. He needs to learn how to control his strength."

"You of all people are lecturing me about control? That's a good one." Lukas retorted.

"You're wrong Syrus." Luna quickly stated. "Lukas is the one who saved this team when Kane decided to leave. Besides, Lukas was the one who made this team!"

Syrus remained quiet, turning his back to the two. "You must have forgotten what he did to you before quitting the team."

"Syrus, there's no need to…"

"You know, I'm getting a bit tired of you always bringing that up." Lukas uttered slightly angered. "I'm here because I want to make up what I did to Luna. The only reason I'm back on this team is for her. Two years ago you didn't want anything to do with this team. If that's still the case feel free to leave."

"What?!" Syrus roared, quickly turning around. "The only reason I'm on this team is because of Luna! I've stuck by her side since day one! You on the other hand quit the team and didn't speak to Luna until she decided to talk to you! The only reason Luna asked you to rejoin is cause we were desperate and needed someone, even if it was someone like you! Don't you dare talk to me like that you fucking coward!"

"I don't give a damn why she asked me to rejoin the team!" Lukas yelled back. "Whatever her reasons, I wanted to make up for how I let her down! You constantly reminding her of it isn't exactly helping so shut your damn mouth already!"

"How about you fucking make me!" Syrus's voice boomed as his fist swung straight for Lukas's face.

The boy swiftly caught the punch with one hand and then quickly kicked Syrus in the stomach, sending him flying backward. Syrus rolled over the snow but hastily jumped to his feet.

"Lukas! Syrus! Stop it!" Luna shouted at the two.

"You're gonna pay for that Lukas." Syrus snarled, as he dashed for Lukas. "I don't need to use my Solblade to kick your ass!"

"I was gonna say the same thing!" Lukas did the same, sprinting forth toward Syrus.

Syrus was able to get a blow in before Lukas as they reached each other; he delivered a heavy slug right into Lukas's gut. Lukas bent over, letting out a slight groan. He didn't waste any time though and returned a punch to Syrus's face. The two exchanged blows left and right as if neither could feel pain; they were just about evenly matched.

Luna felt completely useless. What… what do I do? She simply watched as her two friends traded punches and kicks back and forth. The three Units also just watched in confusion.

"Do you remember what you did?!" Syrus roared as he grabbed Lukas by his shoulders. "How you threw away the trust Luna had in you?!" He rammed his head onto Lukas's forehead.

Lukas stumbled back, slightly dazed, holding the top of his head with one hand.

Syrus threw a punch at a stunned Lukas. It cleanly flew right across his face, sending him flying back onto the ground. Syrus jumped down onto Lukas's back, shoving his head deeper into the snow and dirt. "The way you abandoned her… the sorrow she felt in vain for someone as arrogant as you. You left her side without a second thought!"

Lukas felt Syrus tightly gripping the top of his skull. Syrus lifted the boy's head and then slammed it back to the ground. He lifted it again, and then slammed it to the earth again. "You don't think I gave it a second thought?" Lukas managed to mutter out, trying to lift his head off the ground. "I gave it a lot of thought… and I decided leaving was the best thing for the team!" He suddenly lifted his body and Syrus stumbled off of Lukas and onto the ground.

"What a fucking load of crap!" Syrus quickly got to his feet, positioning himself to begin fighting again. "You ran away from the team! You ran away from Luna cause you couldn't bear to see how you hurt you; cause you couldn't protect her like she always protected you!"

Lukas's eyes suddenly widened as he recalled what he had done to Luna. He stared at the ground while recollecting his thoughts.

"I've known Luna just as long as you had." Syrus told him, breathing heavily trying to catch his breath. "While you were at a different school from me and Luna, I always saw her hanging around you. And do you know what I saw? A pathetic Lukas being bullied and picked on by older kids."

Lukas was breathing heavily as well. His was still staring vacantly at the ground. He couldn't stop thinking about the past; how he was always being picked on; how he always got into fights; and how he didn't have any friends… until he met Luna.

Syrus continued yelling, "You were a weakling back then Lukas. You relied on the strength of Luna to protect you from all those bullies! Every single fight you got into, you'd always get beaten up because you wouldn't fight back; and then Luna would come and save you. You're fucking pitiful Lukas!"

Luna noted Lukas's sudden change in behavior. He simply stood there, his mind off someplace else. That isn't true Syrus… Lukas wouldn't fight back cause I made him promise he wouldn't unless he had to. Syrus doesn't know how much Lukas fought before we met… he doesn't know how much pain it brought Lukas. I'm the reason he was always getting beaten up… he wouldn't fight back because of that promise. So… I decided… when Lukas didn't have a reason to fight, I'd be the one to fight for him…

"How does it feel Lukas?!" Syrus roared, slowly walking toward Lukas. "How does it feel to know that you had to rely on the strength of your close friend but when it was your turn to protect her, you failed miserably?"

"That's enough Syrus!" Luna shouted toward him. "There's no need to taunt him like that!"

I… I feel weird… Lukas tried moving his eyes, but they stayed glued to the ground. He wasn't sure what was happening, but a wave of intense anger suddenly came out of nowhere.

"I want to know Lukas!" He continued walking toward him. "I want to know how you feel! You weren't able to protect Luna! And who knows how many other people you've let down!"

Lukas suddenly felt his heart beat even faster. The first images that popped into his head were Courtney and Natalie. He remembered how he was unable to stop her from attacking Silver Blood's leader; he saw their house, torn apart inside; he saw Natalie crying in his arms; and he saw Courtney in her room, staring at the pool of red mercury that covered her bed. He recalled the feel of her warm lips against his, as well as her tears on his face.

Sweat streamed down the side of his face. He was burning up inside even though it was freezing outside. His fists clenched tightly and they even began to tremble slightly. Why… why do I feel weird all of a sudden…?

"Who else did you let down Lukas?! Was there someone else that you hurt like Luna?!"

Please… stop it… Lukas felt his eyes beginning to shimmer. He thought about his childhood friend Nyla next; both she and his best friend Nathan. Syrus… stop it… He didn't understand why he couldn't talk. It was like his body was suddenly shut down; nothing but rage filled it, a kind of rage he had never felt before.

Syrus stopped right in front of Lukas, staring at him doing nothing. He noted the veins on Lukas's neck looked as if they were ready to pop and his muscles were tense. "Well, it's like you always say… When someone fights… someone else gets hurt… right, Lukas?"

Suddenly, there was a burst of Rei-Ki energy that exploded from Lukas in a pillar of light; the light was an unusual color for Lukas's aura; it was a dark red.

Everyone was astonished as Lukas jumped forth grabbing Syrus by his face. He dragged Syrus a few meters before throwing him forward. Syrus twirled in the air before slamming against a tree. "Uh-uhh, so you heard enou… UGH!"

Lukas's foot slammed right into Syrus's stomach, causing blood to fly out of his mouth. The tree behind Syrus leaned back from the force of his kick. Lukas grabbed Syrus by the throat and pinned him up against the tree. Not a sound came out of Lukas's mouth.

Syrus grunted and groaned, trying to move Lukas's hand off his throat, but his grip only tightened. Syrus noticed the look in Lukas's eyes; it was lifeless. "What… what the…"

His eyes were not his; they weren't the bright blue they were supposed to be… they glowed red.

"Lukas!" Luna ran toward the two, suspecting something was wrong. The other team members quickly followed her.

"Damn it…" Syrus coughed out, gasping for air. "L-let go…"

Lukas complied. He threw Syrus onto the ground, face first into the snow. Lukas then jumped onto his back and grabbed Syrus by the head. He lifted it up and then slammed it back down. Lukas repeatedly smashed Syrus's face against the ground, ignoring the pleas of his friends and the groaning from Syrus.

Luna stopped short of the two and saw in horror the look in Lukas's eye. "What's going…?"

"Lukas!" Greg shouted as he ran toward him. "That's enough! You gotta stop!" He pleaded, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Lukas immediately grabbed Greg's arm and swung him over his head and onto the ground, lying in front of Syrus.

"Please, stop Lukas!" Meg now ran toward him, and Hana followed.

Before they could do anything, Lukas stood to his feet and slapped each of the girls out the way. The force from his smack alone was enough to send each girl flying; Meg in one direction rolled around in the snow before coming to a stop and Hana crashed into a tree.

Why is this happening? Lukas… what's happened?! You're the calmest person I know… The girl threw her hands into the air and shouted, "T-transpire." Luna's silver bladed gloves quickly formed on each of her hand. She twirled them around, aiming for Lukas.

Lukas's body was quickly lifted into the air. A string from her Solblade wrapped around each of his limbs, pulling them apart rendering him unable to move. Though not a sound came out of his mouth, he trashed and kicked about trying to get his suspended body back to the ground.

"R-robin! Alexander! Neil! Stop him!" Luna sternly ordered, trying desperately to hold on to Lukas.

"Yes ma'am!" All three members replied in unison. Each of them began to run toward Lukas but suddenly stopped in terror from what they saw.

Lukas turned one of his hands down in the direction of Luna… and in the palm of his hand, there was a bright blue light; it was a sphere of Rei-Ki energy growing and growing in his hand. The energy twirled about rapidly on itself, gradually roaring louder and louder from the increase of energy.

Everyone stared at it in absolute shock. Luna couldn't look away from the ball of energy. She could tell just by looking at it, it was a destructive power. "Lukas…?"

And out of nowhere, the energy exploded out of Lukas's hand ripping through the air with a loud shockwave. The beam of blue Rei-Ki energy headed straight for Luna with incredulous force and speed; so fast, she couldn't help but simply stare as it came rushing for her.


The beam hit something and exploded. Snow and dirt was flung everywhere, and the spot where Luna was standing was shrouded by a thick smoke. The rest of the team waited for it to clear.

As the wind carried the smoke away, it revealed Luna. She was sitting on the ground, her arms out in front of her guarding her head. She realized though she was perfectly fine, and that someone stood in front of her. The girl looked up to see a battered and bruised Syrus standing with his Solblade: a large, double-edge sword with a dark blue blade.

Syrus feebly held his sword in front of him, panting in exhaustion. He slowly collapsed to his knees and then fell into the snow on his face.

Lukas was still suspended in midair by Luna's Solblade. The red glow in his eyes slowly began to fade away and became blue, his natural eye color, again. He couldn't keep them open though; they felt heavy and his vision was blurry. "Luna…"

Author's Note: One question that I'll leave in your mind; what would have happened if Luna and Lukas weren't limited to five minutes? Luna was caught by surprise from Lukas's newly learned attack and was unable to react properly. But based on what you've guys read so far, is it possible Luna is stronger than Lukas? :O Idk, guess you'll find out! Please leave a review telling me what you think about the events of this Episode and thanks for reading guys! Love you all haha.