Though Season 1 of Transcend is complete, I will be post this "Update" chapter every now and then to remind viewers that this still exists lol and that I have updated something pertaining to the story (usually the Wiki).

Update 6/17: Oh wow, I haven't updated this in a while. Unfortunately guys I have yet to start the next episode. I am currently working two jobs now, one of which is essentially full time. I will be getting a third job in a couple weeks. I might not be able to update very often over the rest of summer. And the worst part is that even though I will cut back work once school starts, school will prevent me from updating as consistently as I'd like just as work is right now. I apologize guys, but just know I haven't abandoned this!

Update 5/26:So just a quick little heads up guys, I have outlined the next few chapters so it'll be a lot easier for me to get them out quicker. With 13 episodes left in the season there's still a lot of things to cover. I'll also be updating the Wiki sometime soon so I'll let you guys know when I got that done. Finally, I'll start posting mini-summaries in the next couple chapters to go over what happened in the last few episodes because I'm sure some of you have forgotten after all this time lol. Anyway, thanks for keeping up guys!

Update 5/21:Guess what? Episode 37 is up! Yup, that fast! Enjoy guys! Also, let me know if you guys want me to update the Wiki cause right now it's not a priority but if enough people ask I will.

Update 5/18:For those of you unaware the latest Episode (36) is now up! Really sorry for the wait guys but I'm thrilled to see some of you have read it already. I will try my hardest to keep uploads to no longer than a month long wait but I should be uploading sooner than that. I have already started writing Episode 37 so expect that within a week... maybe lol. Thanks guys!

Update 5/16:Oh wow... over four months and still nothing? Terribly sorry guys but I predicted that I would probably die down around this time... though I didn't think I would go this long without updating. For those of you still keeping up I will try to throw up the new episode in a few days! I'd like to know who's still reading this so if you are please message me letting me know my audience is alive!

Update 1/31: Okay, so for those of you who haven't given up on me I am half way done with Episode 36 and WILL have it uploaded by Sunday. Be aware guys that my uploading pattern will Probably continue to be erratic, occasionally uploading every week, and other times every month. Sorry but my story isn't a very high priority to me as some other things I got going on. That doesn't mean the quality of it will go down and I'll let you guys that you should be excited for events to come!

Update 1/15: Sorry to disappoint guys as I realize it's been a bit over two weeks since the last episode was out. To be quite honest I haven't even found the time to do an outline of Episode 36 until yesterday haha. So now that I actually know what to write about I can hopefully (I say that a lot) get it out by the end of this week... I'm gonna try my hardest guys! The wiki will also be update (also said that a lot) with the exception of the character profiles; that takes forever... Anyway, sorry I haven't said anything in a while guys I just wanted to let you all know what's been going on!

Update 12/29: Just wanted to take the time to say the next episode is out! Huh... I said tomorrow... over a week ago lol. Sorry guys, but I was on a holiday break! :P I will try my hardest to update the wiki and I will let you guys know when I do so. I am actually visiting family at home, which I haven't been here in 4 months! When I get back to my place I will work on it.

Update 12/17:I apologize for the delay guys, but Episode 35 should be out tomorrow! I have been a bit busy with various stuffs so please bare with me. :3 The wiki will also be update along with the new episode, so read the episode before checking out the wiki! Sorry for another lame update, but now that school is over I will have a lot more time to write! :D

Update 12/11: So this update is gonna suck, but I don't wanna leave you guys in the dark. Again, no weekly update this time... :( However, I might get lucky and do a three day late update like last week lol, so there's hope I'll get the newest episode out by the end of the week! Also, I'm slowly getting the wiki updated. Sorry for the wait, it's just a tedious task since there's been such a large amount of information in these last few episodes. Bare with me cause this season is gonna be great!

Update 12/6: For those of you who haven't seen already, episode 34 is out! Wanted to make this little update to tell you guys about some progress. First, the wiki will be updated soon, it's a pain in the ass but since I love you guys I'm working on it lol. More importantly, I have mapped out the entire plot of Season 2. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that you will get episodes quicker and a much more fluid and connective storyline. :D I have even determined how I'm going to bring Luna back, not saying if she'll be in season 2 or later... Anyway, that's all guys!

Update 12/1: So unfortunately for you guys I decided to take the week off to spend time with the family, so no weekly update this time around! Hopefully I will have episode 34 out by next week. Trying really hard to update faster than I have been over the summer to keep you guys from waiting. On a side note, I will be proofing all the episodes of season 2 so far for any inconsistencies and mistakes. Also, the Wiki will be updated probably along the next episode release. Finally, I have a question for you guys: if you could see a character from Team Mariko return, other than Luna (because she will obviously be coming back), who would it be? I would like to know which of Lukas's old teammates you all like the most as I may have plans for one or two of the old members in the future. Please choose one of the senior members (Syrus, Robin, Alexander, and Greg, I think that's all of them, can't really remember... :3). Thanks a lot guys!

Update 11/22: Just to give you guys a heads up, I have written Episode 33! I am ahead of schedule so you won't have to wait a month for this one! I will release the episode on the 25th of Monday sometime (a week after last update). The Wiki will also be fully updated in all categories when the new Episode is out. Look forward to faster updates from now on! :D

Update 11/16: I know I said Episode 32 was suppose to be out a few days ago and I apologize it's not, but it is near completion so at least you won't have to wait a month. The kinda-problem I ran into was that there are two separate scenes for the Episode (one about Lukas the other about someone else). They ended up being too long so I am taking the scene about someone else and pushing that back to Episode 33. Meaning I am half-way done writing Episode 32 and 33. :D Sooo, yeah there's that. Now I just have to finish the other half of 32 which I am hoping will be done by tomorrow. Just wanted to let you guys know!

Update 11/6: Alright, so as promised I've been tweaking out the Wiki for errors and updates. Character Profiles is completely up to date. New characters added will have a {NEW} in bold lettering next to their name, making it easier for you guys to see who are the latest characters. Also, I added "Class" to personal info on each character as we are now starting to see more of Gun-Force and some of the Royal Family. Exciting! :D Age is the only thing I'm having a problem with... Right now, I have "(Currently)" next to the age of characters who have been a younger age before in the story, but are now of that age. For example, Lukas's age is 19 (Currently), meaning he was 18 before. I need to find a better way of showing when characters turn different ages, maybe through their DOB or something but for now thats what it is. And finally, Episode 32 is near completion! No need to wait a whole month this time!

Update 11/3: Wiki is up to date with all new information as of Episode 31! Again, if you haven't read up to the latest Episode, I would highly suggest staying away from the wiki until you do so unless you enjoy spoilers. The Characters, Rei-Ki, Episode List, and a few other minor update to others have been made with all the latest info we've gotten from the story! Just so you guys are aware, I have already started writing the next Episode and it should be out by the end of the week! :D Look forward to it!

Update 11/2: Episode 31 is freaking finally out! Two weeks shy of hitting the ridiculous two month mark. -_- Anyway, I will tweak the wiki a bit, including update for Rei-Ki, Summaries, and hopefully Characters! As a special treat, I'm going to try my hardest to put out Episode 32 in a record breaking one week! Well, I've done update in less than a week before, but this will be special since I haven't in forever! Be on the look out guys! :D

Update 10/17: Soooo I'm sure you all can see that a month has passed since my previous update, however, I have yet to upload the new Episode. I'm sorry guys but I have a good excuse! One word: Pokemon. xD Lol if you didn't know I am a huge Pokemon fan and recently got my hands on a 3DS and then Pokemon Y the day it came out. So as you can guess, pretty much everything else was placed on hold for my Pokemons. That, and I still work all the time and have school. I'm gonna be honest with you all; I have yet to start writing Episode 31. :( But fret not! It actually only takes a few days for me to actually finish an Episode, the problem is actually finding time to start writing lol. I am hoping to have the Episode out by next week and my hope is that I can maybe get back into bimonthly updates instead making you guys wait 30+ days. Sorry for all the waiting, I know a lot of people have either lost interest because of the update time or forget about this series so I want to thank those of you so much who stick with the story! As I've said many times already the reason I continue this is for you all to enjoy it! :)

Update 9/17: For those of you who haven't read it, Episode 30 is out! I'll update the Wiki in a few more Episodes cause that's when stuff gets serious. :D I'm also going to go back over the last few Episodes and kinda tweak some details.

Update 9/12: Woot, almost done with Episode 30! I have a few more days til I meet the one month update mark, so it should be out shortly! Though I dislike monthly updates, it's easier for me to do. Sorry for the wait guys but I'm just about finished! 20 more Episodes til season 2 is over... kill me... lol

Update 8/28: Just so you guys are aware, I will officially be posting new Episodes on a monthly basis. As much as I would like to go back to my consistent weekly updates, I am now way too busy to do so. I have started school at the university and I will be working night shifts (from about 11 to 4 in the morning) to pay for my tuition lol. I'm going to finish this story if it kills me, but it just might take some time. Every now and again I might update earlier but overall, don't expect the next Episode to come out until 30 days after the last update. Sorry for the hassle guys, hope you stick with the story til it's over!

Update 8/16: Alright, Episode 29 is finally up! Once again, apologize about the wait everyone! I'm starting to realize that having these gaps between chapter releases is causing people to forget a lot of information they read. I mean, it's been a few months since Season 2 started and we're only four Episodes in. I have updated the Wiki and added a "Timeline" section. Summaries of the last few Episode have also been added so check it out!

Update 8/14: Okay, so I am nearly done with the next Episode. Only a few pages left... however, I seem to have ran into a little issue regarding consistency. As embarrassed as it is, even I have forgotten a few details regarding events from Lukas's past lol. I am skimming through the story very quickly and I am making a timeline as I go along which will be posted on the Wiki eventually. Sorry about this guys, but there's so much detail in the world I made that sometimes even I need to refresh my memory about it!

Update 8/1: So much for bimonthly updates... I will hopefully have Episode 29 out by the end of next week guys! Sorry, but I'm actually moving into my own place so it's been hectic. Unfortunately school starts up only shortly afterward so I don't know if I'll be able to put out stories as fast as I used to. I'm not gonna leave you all hanging though! I do plan on seeing this through til the end!

Update: 7/19: To add on from yesterday's update the three Episodes of Season 2 have also been proofread. This story is near perfect in terms of grammar, punctuation, and plot consistency! I really advice you give it a re-read for fun while waiting for new Episodes; it'll refresh your memory and you'll pick up on things you didn't notice the first time around!

Update: 7/18: For those of you who enjoy rereading (which I suggest you do cause it's fun!) I have proofread and edited Season 1. Heavy editing for the first ten Episodes or so, mainly just proofed the last half. Also I will be working on expanding the Wiki as well, cause there are a few things left oFf from the end of the Season.

Update: 6/30: Episode 28 is now out! Looks like I'm on schedule to keep up this bimonthly thing. Go read it now!

Update 6/19: The Characters section has finally been added to the wiki! Go check it out guys! Again, spoilers only for Season 1 stuff; there are no characters that were introduced in Season 2.

Update 6/17: Really sorry about the ridiculously long wait guys, but go to the second season cause Episode 27 is out! I'm going to try my best to complete Character profiles on the wiki and stick to a schedule when it comes to updates, probably update every two weeks.

Update 6/16: Hey guys! I am really REALLY sorry about the near two month hiatus. :( It's just my interests have been redirected elsewhere and with full time work I barely ever feel like writing. But am back in business! I have work for a few hours but I promise (I'll actually keep it this time lol) that the next Episode of Season 2 will be posted by tonight! Thanks so much for the support guys, I wouldn't be able to do it without you guys!