Hello, reader.

We are the Men in Slacks, or, the M.I.S.

Let us tell you of how we started. Back in the late fourties, a U.F.O. crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The U.S. government called upon the Men in Black to cover it up.

At this point, Canada realized that the U.S. had both the C.I.A., the F.B.I., and the M.I.B. We, however, had no acronym. What would happen if somewhere, a supernatural occurence happened? Who would Canadian conspiracy theorists blame everything on? These questions haunted us.

Eventually, in the early seventies, the legendary Mecha-Beaver plagued this great country. The young Jack Joeson annihilated it, and created the 'everything in Canada is beavers!' Stereotype, effectively rendering the concept of 'Mecha-Beavers' ridiculous.

He was the first Men in Slacks agent, with the help of the Canadian government, he created our great organization, and is the current leader.

We locate, capture, and or destroy anything we don't understand.

Yes, we sound racist, but we're totally not.

Before you ask, we do not wear slacks. That would be ridiculous. It's just a name, people.